Monday, December 3, 2007


Here's a theory someone came up with on a forum...... Hit the tables hard at the end and start of each month. Everyone's just been payed and are eager to part with their monthly salary!...... Why the fook have i never thought of this before. It must make perfect sense.
So, can we now say that the optimum time to play is the 1st weekend after payday between 9pm and 3am? Could this be the formula to guaranteed success? Unfortunately i couldn't play Fri or Sat this week. Played yesterday though and am much happier with my game and my results. Started at $400nl and left with $1k from 3 hours after losing a buyin early on. Moved up a little later on with a $600nl table (left with small profit) and a $1000nl (left with $1k profit after 3 hrs play. So all in all a good nights work. Apart from the ECOOP #3 i entered and bust out out in 1st 100 to flopped quads :-(
Hopefully this start to December can continue.
Question............ lets start thinking about this early..........
When, over the festive period, can we expect to see fantastic overlays? Surely there's gonna be some great juicy mtt's on offer. Maybe xmas day? xmas eve? NY eve? etc etc?
Also, there's gonna be some heavy drinkers wanting to chance their luck at the cash tables. I reckon these will start the Thu before xmas and last until after the new year...


Saturday, December 1, 2007

$92k into $82k in just 5 days..... oops

The last week has been gruesome. For sure the worst week i've ever had. Everything was going wrong. The coolers i've been getting are beyond my belief. The following happened in a 40 minute spell the other night.....

got it in on a 248 flop with 44 Clown takes $800 pot with A8

Got it in with KT on a 9J3Q board clown takes $1000 pot with a rivered FH

Got it in with KK on a T3K8 board (2 spades) Clown takes $800 pot with flush.
The above is just a snippet of a 5 day spell. I reckon i won 2 decent pots in the 5 days and lost around 20! Scarey shit!

This was followed by a horrid night on Thu where i was stuck about $2k. I stupidly then sat at $2k NL and lost a buyin very 1st hand when a psycho raised preflop, i called with AJ, J high flop it all went in and he flipped pocket kings for a $4k pot. That nearly tipped me over the edge lol. I spent the next 30 mins just staring at the screen.

So... all in all..... i'm stuck about $10k this week alone. Bet you don't feel so bad now Amatay? hehe :-) Amazingly though i'm still about $4k up for the month which has just cheered me up 500%. I was sure i'd be down a load. Was starting to worry about my game and TBH, my game has been real bad lately. Think i've plugged the holes though and am playing only NL $400 to get some confidence back before moving up again. Today went well with a $500 profit just playing ABC poker. I need to get back to making constant substainable wins rather than the big wins followed by big losses.

Anyways, enough waffle from me. Lets all start December with a positive outlook and see if we can't catch a netfull. GL at the table all.

PS....I'm starting my positive December by deleting my previous post about that plum. Why i was letting him get to me i have no idea. Onwards and upwards...... Tally Ho!!!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lookout WSOP!

Woohoo!! (i love it when my posts start this way.)

Had such a good day. Drove down and collected my car today and i'm well chuffed with it. I'ts got a cup holder and everything! Made it back at 19:45 just in time to play a 9 man sng on Fulltilt. I've been playing in the Hendon Mob league for the last 15 weeks and managed to come 12th. This entitled me to play in tonights SNG for a $4k Vegas package for next years WSOP. $1k flight, $1k hotel, $500 spending and entry into $1500 tourney. I only went and won it! :-) Am chuffed to bits. I think that was my most meaningful/important win to date. I'll have to start practicing my chip tricks now and buy a ridonkulous pair of shades. I suppose i ought to link the mob up too. What a great bunch they are :-)

Cash tables also pretty good since last post. Just crept over the $92k mark and edging towards the $100k landmark.

Happy days :-)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Running Good

I've just bought a car! I've never bought a car in this country before and am quite excited. It's an Audi A4 2.0 FSI SE. It's not new but is still real nice. Thank you to all the fish out there for making this possible :-))))) Maybe next year i can afford that R8 :-) I was really torn between cars when i was looking. Part of me really wanted something sporty as i've never owned a car with any oomph. Then i had to think about golf clubs and got all sensible. Was close to buying a mazda RX8 as they look real nice. Also had my eyes on a classic shape Audi cabrio V6 but i was too late :-( Aah well, i don't suppose i have any need for a pulling car anymore. I pick my A4 up on Tuesday and can't wait :-)

Been running real well this week. Think i've played only 4 sessions and have been $1000 - £2500 up in each session. Just played an hour before updating blog and made a nice $1400. Made another sick sick call earlier too. Another uber aggressive psycho sat to my left and i limp with A5 to his BB. He makes his standard 5xraise and i call. He bets out aggressive on flop and turn then pushes allin on the river for $600 more. The board is 57Q9Q and i call with A5........ he had nowt! hehe $1600 pot! happy days.

Going out on the piss proppa tonight. Paddy's birthday bash. I expect it to get rather messy.
Haven't properly updated my figures since getting my hard drive back. I must get round to it. Running total is now $88,500
Good luck at the tables all. Thanks for reading x

Friday, November 2, 2007

LOL Updateaments

Can't believe my last update was Hull Fair. Am such a lazy arse. I can't even remember what's happened between then and now. At least i'm not dead after my bird incident.
This weeks been a bit mentalist to say the least. Monday was easily my worst ever day and i was stuck for around $4.5k. Most of this being donated to 1 player whilst 2 tabling $5/$10. Every every every single time i hit a flop or got dealt a premium hand, this guy was waiting with a better hand or an outdraw. I've never run so bad. Have spent the rest of the week trying to regroup and had made probably about $2k of it back and then yesterday happened. I don't think that i ran great but i was making some sick sick reads and playing what i thought was close to perfect poker. Was much happier with myself too. If Monday had happened a year ago i would have probably spent a fortnight coming off tilt and dropping another $5k along the way. Nowadays i handle beats and losses much better. They are basically inevitable. No point holding a grudge against anybody either. Just make notes on bad play and smile sweetly :) I still sound off occasionally when i get a real donk calling my pot bet after turn with their gutshot but that's all it is..... a quick release...... these donks are good for me :)
Anyways, back to yesterday. I think i made the sickest/stupidest/greatest play in history lol. It went something like this........

$1000nl - 3 seated - Stack sizes hero $2000 villain $1600 - Villain is uber aggressive - Dealt to Hero Ac9c - Villain raises to $40 Hero calls - Flop 7c Td ks Villain bets $50 Hero Calls - Turn 7c Td Ks (As) Villain bets $300 Hero Calls - River 7c Td Ks As (2d) Villain bets $1200 and is allin Hero calls (heart in mouth!) Villain turns over Js8s Hero wins $3200 with a pair of aces

I didn't even think about the all in call. I don't think i could have stopped myself if i'd wanted to lol. My right finger seemed to have a mind of it's own for that split second....... good right index finger! :-) That hand ($1600) along with others made me $5k yesterday in around 3 hours, 2 tabling $5/$10. Back on track!

My hard drive arrived yesterday along with my files on dvd. Gotta spend the rest of the day transferring them to my new hard drive. Hope they're all there. I've then got to fill in the gaps as my poker figures ceased about 6 weeks ago. I reckon on having 7-15 hours work ahead of me
to update to present day. Deep joy! :( I best go and get cracked on....

Thanks for reading. Will update with a figurey based entry when i've done. Rough profit $78.5k but i've completely lost track of days played. Must be 140 odd by now.

note to self: Sx2+P+FT+BF+66k 20-nov

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Birds

WTF was going on when i woke up this morning? A sparrow was circling the room FFS! If that wasn't fooked up enough, the door was closed shut and so was the window! That's some creepy shit! Spent ages catching the little fella and released him safely back into the wild. Yay!

Doesn't a bird in the house mean impending death? Well that's a bit of a bugger aint it. Don't usually believe that kind of stuff but the fact that it flew through a solid glass window to get into my room is slightly worrying.

Have no idea why i played HU this afternoon for $1k. Was easy money as my opponant was VERY tight aggressive and was folding 99.999999% preflop. He only raised 2 hands in the hour and guess who got involved in both of them? Yes that's right....... what a clown i am!

Off to Hull Fair tonight. It's the biggest travelling fair in Europe and is full of scum, swindlers & greasy chips. It's a tradition though so it's gotta be done. Our lass wants to bash some frogs on the head and win a teddy! Anything involving giving the French a seeing to is fine by me! No doubt the air rifle on tin can alley will backfire, killing me instantly, as per Mr Sparrows prediction.

Back tomorrow with a bit of luck.........


Gonna take the rent boys advice. No more Napoleons for me. What a shit show tonight was. Everyone screaming and shouting in a £10 rebuy. My table was like a chimps tea party. Some loud mouth woman really getting on me tits calling with any 2 cards. Any decent raises being called by an average of 5 players....... they all call for the value of course because they know there will be loads of callers. WTF? 4 Hands tonight in the 1st hour where i smashed the flop, bet it max, and was outdrawn by some numpty with bottom pair. Think i spent close to £100 lol. 48 players and the prizepool made £ lmao. Suffice to say i didn't cash.........

Until i got home.......

Actually came home pretty pissed off and dropped $1400 in just under an hour. Kept my head though and in the next hour i had somehow made $1800. That's a $3200 swing lol :-) Phew!
Add that to the $800 i managed to win on a 2-1 shot this afternoon at Leicester and it's been a good day afterall.

Total profit $71k+ though i'm still waiting for my hard drive stats.
Happy days :-)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Small mtt win

Played in cafe solo at PP today and took it down for $350. Not bad for a $20 buyin i suppose.
My local Gala is holding a live game tonight so am gonna give it a bash. Says £25 entry on website but dunno if this correct, is it a rebuy? Is it a freezeout? Turn up and find out i suppose.
GL at the tables.

Update..... played at Gala tonight and it was a £10 rebuy. Was crap tbh and there was only 23 turned up. Will stick to Napoleons in the future. I went out for the 2nd live game in succession with AA Grrrr. AA v AQ tonight as opposed to AA v A3. Fookin ridonkulous! I've been reliably informed that the combined percentage of being eliminated both times is less than 1%. Fookin marvelous. That makes me feel much better! lol.

Just finishing the night playing a couple of cash tables. $720 up at mo and will be calling it a night soon.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

100 days and onwards!

Well it's been a funny old month. Still not playing a great deal of poker but what i am playing is still going well. Got back from a week in Portugal last weekend where i didn't play a hand all week. Came back refreshed though and had a fantastic week of poker last week. Think i finished every day with a profit and gave a nice boost to the BR. Made up for getting about £600 worth of stuff nicked outa my luggage somewhere between Faro & Madchester. Feckers!!
Played in a live £20 rebuy last Wednesday which i'm gonna make a regular game i think. The competition are mostly fishy fookwits who haven't got a scooby doo. Came 3rd on 1st attempt and then got proppa unlucky last week when down to about 13 left. Average chips and dealt AA in mid. I reraise this gobby twat from 1200 to 3200 and he calls with A3. I mean ffs..... what could he possibly be beating at this stage? What could he possibly be against that even gives hime a coinflip? 22? Fookwit. Well he catches a 933 flop and the money gets in. Now had he apologized and shook my hand i could have walked out feeling a bit pissed off and agitated. The fact that he shouted his mouth off and braggede at how well he played his hand proppa sent me over the edge. I even kicked my car tyre when i got to the carpark! lol! Anyways, if that's the level of play i'm gonna make it a regular game. Winner usually gets over £700 so not to be sniffed at.

My hard drive on my laptop melted the other day. I knew it was getting well dodgy so at 10am on the Thu i put everything that i wanted saving into a specific folder then took my laptop to me mates so that he could save the folder on an external HD then have a look see what my problem was. Got to his house at 11am and the laptop wouldn't even fire up :-( Looks like i may have lost everything i had on there......BOLLOX!!!!! Why didn't i back stuff up?
All me photo's from my Pacific crossing as well as other trips and basically my whole life, as well as all my music, as well as all my poker statistics....graph/profits/etc etc etc etc. Impossible to recreate. I may have to start again from scratch.
Have sent my HD off to a company that specializes in HD data recovery so hopefully they can do something with it. Back stuff up now guys...... it'll take you 20 mins!!!

Anyways, that'll do for now. Gonna try keep on top of this. I've said that in the past though. Trouble is, because i don't get as much time to play now, i like to spend that time playing and don't get that spare 30mins to update here. Must try harder!

Without my stats i can't really do my figures........
Profit so far after around 115 days a little over $68k

See you at the tables!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 87 - Day 99

13 days of updating to do. Not played a great deal. Even on my 13 playing days out of the last 23 have only been for a few hours. I need to be putting more hours in really but the distractions of being home, nice though they are, don't really give me the time that i used to have in Ibiza.

Played in the GB Poker Tour last week. 100 freezout on Thursday ended in disaster when i reraised from the BB with AJ (this guy was raising my blinds EVERY round!) Rather unfortunately he held King Kong and i was a gonner. Was about 4th in chips at the time.

Fridays was horrible. I still wake up with cold sweats :-( 200 freezout with 111 entered. I am playing some great poker and have worked my stack up steadily to have about 45k with 12 left and sat in 6th place. 11 get paid. Blinds 3000/6000 with 600 ante. 6 at table. Folded round to me in SB with 78 so i push allin to pick up the 13k in the middle. Didn't really want to be called by the BB with AA!!! AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Was so gutted to be leaving right on the bubble in 12th after 7 hours of solid play. What a plonka! Don't regret my steal attempt but i do regret him holding AA lol. Feckin typical innit! Loving the live games again though after 1.5 yrs in Ibiza, and will deffo be playing more in the future.

My graph is still a thing of beauty if i do say so myself. :-)

previous balance $57,265
13 Day Profit $3,456
Todays balance $60,721
Total profit $60,321

note to self: Sx2+P+FT-800+31k

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Blimey, why don't i keep on top of this? Sorry it's been a while. I've got no excuse other than general laziness and the fact i haven't had as much internet time lately. I've had enough though and must try keep this thing in order. Am off now to spend some time on figures. I'm not going to be keeping a running total on this blog anymore due to people not wanting to play me, and also, the fact that i have no other income now and i can't call what i have my current bankroll as i need money to live on too. I'll update figures with new total in next post but will then only mention profits/losses as and when. I will probably keep total of monthly profit/loss.
Anyways, where's that calculator?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 86

Well being back in the UK isn't that bad afterall :-) Staying at my parents for the time being which is a bit of a pain but hopefully that won't be for too long. Hardly played any poker for well over a week but went to a live 10 quid rebuy game last night which was good fun. Came just outside of the money but only spent 20 quid so not too bad. Went again tonight and didn't do very well at all. The format was trully awful. 10 quid gets you 1000 chips with 12/table and blinds at 100/100. Basically a crapshoot. Not much skill involved. Don't think i'll be going back there..... although there was only 59 runners tonight, top 10 paid, winner took over 1,300! Shows how many rebuys there was.
Played 3/6 this afternoon and 5/10 tonight and made a nice profit on both :-)

Previous balance $54,813
Todays profit $2,452
Todays balance $57,265
Total profit $56,865

Note to self Sx2+P+FT-600+25k

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Adios Ibiza

Not played all week and haven't even itched for a game. Had a great week on hols eating and drinking too much. Went to a swanky party last night to mark the 20th anniversary of Madrigal bar and restaurant and also Fairlines Summer Party. Free bar all night saw me get rather squiffy and Anna completely and utterly trashed hehe. Fashion TV were there as well as a whole host of reporters and photographers. I've never seen so much plastic in one place! Was a really good night until the effects of the booze kicked in! Then it just got messy hehe.

Well i sold my prize posession today. My Jeep Wrangler will have a new owner as of Saturday night and i'll be leaving the island with Anna and heading home to the floods and misery. Can't wait ;-) Will actually be nice to get off the island for a while but i know i'm gonna miss the place so much after a week or so (possibly a lot less!) I just hope we can get things sorted at home quickly so we can come back in September or October and find a nice apartment. At least i'm gonna be able to play a few live games again. Gonna be kept really busy when i get home what with looking for a business, sorting my house out, planning a wedding and hopefully fitting some golf and poker in between.

Congrats to Idi0 on your UK Open seat :-))))) Nobody more deserving!

Congrats to Welshy on your $10k victory...... that's the 3rd time! Mucho respecto!

Good luck at the tables all. I'll be back playing next week i hope.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

No poker today

My head just aint up to the job. Went for a Ruby last night and then down the Rock Bar for a few sherberts. Ended up in Pacha at about 3am but i could have been at the Roxy for all i knew. Was slightly pished and really didn't enjoy Pacha at all. Went for coffees to keep me awake and sober me up as i had to take my flatmate and his girlfriend to the airport at 10am. Felt like shit but was ready to go at 10am. They still fannying around at 10:15 and i'm telling them they gonna miss the flight. We leave house at 10:25 and their flight leaves at 11:25! We are 30 minutes from the airport! Anyways, we set off and he says he needs to go to a tabac before the airport. WTF? So we get to the airport about 30 mins before check-in and i'm convinced they missed it so i told him to call me ASAP so i could turn the car around and pick them up. I set off and they call me to say all OK..... whew. I drive the 15 miles home and as i'm pulling up the phone rings...... Oooops we missed the flight afterall...... we were in the wrong queue!......WTF!!!! Are these people fucking donkeys or what? So i drive all the way back to the airport and wait another 45 minutes while they fanny around getting other tickets. Then drive all the way back home. Can you imagine what a good mood i was in after zero sleep and the effects of a major hangover kicking in! Got to bed about 12:45 and i've had about 4 hours kip. Now gotta take them BACK to the feckin airport for 01:00 tomoro am but that's OK cos i pick my fiance up at the same time. What a pair of grade 1 listed numpty fookwits!! Anyways, i've calmed down a bit now. Gonna have a weeks holiday with Anna then i'll be heading back to the UK for a while, probably until Sep or Oct.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 85 - Thank You Queen Scarlet

Get in there! :-)))) Started today playing $800nl and somehow managed to boost up to $3k in about 40 mins (woot!) Left with about $2,800 and went into sports betting for a bet on a little tip i received the other day. Queen Scarlet in the 6.15 at Newmarket. Was only gonna have a tenner each way but as i'd done alright at the poker i decided to have a gamble and sling 100 quid e/w on her. She only romped home at 14-1!!! (Woot!!!) :-) I actually took 10-1 but still can't grumble.

Off out tonight to celebrate at Pacha!

Previous balance $50,417

Todays profit $4,396

Todays balance $54,813

Total profit $54,413

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 84 - 50k post

Quite a milestone post tonight. 50k barrier has been broken and i'm chuffed to bits :)))))

Took down a small Pacific forum game tonight. Only 13 runners but it buys my place into the bootcamp qualifier on Saturday. No doubt i'll come 2nd again!

Played up and down at cash tonight. Mostly leaving about even after 2-3 hours. Sat at a $800nl table and was taking some flak. AA beaten by TT then a horrible hand with AK saw me with only $120 left. I switched to tilting maniac mode and left with $1150 soon after :-)

Previous balance $49,867

Todays profit $550

Todays balance $50,417

Total profit $50,017

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 83

Wow what a night. Managed to get a live feed to the final table and stopped up to watch it. Think i nodded off at about 7am then woke up to catch the heads up. Can't say i was very impressed at all with Yangs play throughout the FT but i couldn't see the hole cards and i suppose he went there 8th in chips with a plan of pure aggression and it worked for him. I think his early prays to God & Jesus put me off the guy to start with but he seemed to chill a bit later in the game. After seeing the end of the tourny and his celebrations and post game interviews i completely change my views. What a nice guy he is. Very humble, very gracious, and a great future ambassador for the sport...... No, i'm not talking about amatay! hehe.
Well done to John Kalmar who made 5th for a nice payday. Still think the AK shove was a bad move though. Ah well, still an incredible performance and another nice guy!

I have my own big game playing tonight at Pacific. For the last 20 weeks we've been playing poker idol where all of the prizepools are put into 1 big pot for a winner takes all tourny which must be spent on a live seat. I was lucky enough to win early on so i got my final seat for around $25. We now have 20 players going into the final with a prizepool of a little under $3,500. It's a winner takes all format but the rest of the finalists are to split 40% of any winnings that the winner makes in the live event. Costa Rica here i come!!!! (i hope!) .......................................
Well that didn't go quite to plan. Unless coming 20th outa 20 was the plan :-( Got screwed on 2 hands and the game was up. Holding AK on a TJQA board and got rivered by a flush. Then holding QKc on a 82K rainbow flop i got outdrawn by KJ....... J turn, J river! Sickness!!!!
The good news is that the prizepool of $3300 went to a very deserving winner. Very well played Peeko2. Best of luck in the live event.

Rescued the evening by a nice couple of quick sessions in $2/$4

Previous balance $48,701
Todays profit $1,166
Todays balance $49,867
Total profit $49,467

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 82

I am unemployed! It's official! The boat has just about been sold so i took her for a last trip to Barcelona on Saturday. Dropped the keys off at the Barcelona office and that's that! Had a great trip over and invited a couple of friends. The weather in Ibiza was pretty shitty and the sea was real lumpy for the 1st hour but then it smoothed out and we had a great passage. I'm gonna miss the boat but i'm also looking forward to a new life without her. No more polishing for me! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!
So, I guess i just became a professional poker player. That sounds so scarey and i never had any plans to turn pro. I suppose it's just happened. I'm still looking for a business with my fiance and that is the goal but if i can keep the money coming in from the tables then all is well. It means i'll be leaving Ibiza in a week or 3 and heading home for a while. I hope there's gonna be something that resembles a summer by the time i get back. We plan to head back out later in the year when apartments are more readily available and they're not charging silly holiday prices. My fiance flies out here on Saturday for a week and i reckon i'll probably leave here on the same flight after we've had a nice holiday. It feels so weird having zero work responsibilities. I can go to the beach without getting a call or having to be somewhere to meet someone. I think i could get used to this :-)

Previous balance $47,584
Todays profit $1,117
Todays balance $48,701
Total profit $48,301

Day 78 - 81

Man i've been blog lazy for the last week. TBH I took a fairly big hit last Monday and i just couldn't be arsed updating. It's no fun when i'm registering a -$1800 figure :-( Lost 3 x $600 buyins fairly quickly and turned the laptop off. Didn't play for a couple of days and needed to get my heed together. Had a few good days since then and am back on track again.
I am now officially a pro poker player! That's some scarey shit! I'll update more on that in my next post. Anyways, i've gotta dig around and collate some stats now........................

Previous balance $47,748
09.07.07 Day 78 -$1720
12.07.07 Day 79 $10
13.07.07 Day 80 $1,160
16.07.07 Day 81 $468
4 day profit -$164
Todays balance $47,584

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Day 77

Oh i've suffered today! Who suggested Jaegerbombs & Sambuca Afterburners? Empire at Privelige went so well last night. Big congrats to JJ & Ally for putting on a top night. The main room in Privelige was dead but Empire rocked! Have hardly touched the poker today and have only played 2 small forum mtt's at Pacific, both of which i somehow managed to win :-) I have no idea how as my brain ceased to function at around 6am today and probably won't start to function again until around 2pm on Tuesday lol. Anyways, am finding this difficult so am off to stare at a wall.

Previous balance $47,670

Todays profit $78

Todays balance $47,748

Total profit $47,348

Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 76

You'll have to excuse any missing e's in this post. Feckin button keeps sticking lol. The guy never turned up to see the boat which has really pissed me off after all the work last week. He's saying he'll send a deposit on Monday though so yet again, i'm waiting on what's gonna happen. Whatever happens i'm outa here at the end of July. Would have been nice to know today though so i can top up the tan then get back to the UK to soak up some rain.
Had a bad start at the tables today losing 2 x $600 buyins. I then entered the UK Open qualifier at Pacific and held JT in my exit hand with a JTT board. Fecker had JJ innit! Nothing i could do there to get away from that :-( Seem to have a trend going atm of losing to a bigger boat!
Now for the good news :-)..... Entrd the $50k Gtd primo for $110. The last 1 i played in i came 3rd for $9000 which accounts for the spike in my graph. Anyways, tonight i came 5th out of 650 for a nice $3200. Wanted to win this soooooo bad and got rivered by the chippo to take me out in 5th. Still, can't grumble. Was in bad shape with 10 left and would have settled for 5th every time.
My mate is headlining at Privelige tomorrow night so have been summoned to support him. Good luck Jean Jack...... av it large mate!

Previous balance $45,792
Todays profit $1,878
Todays balance $47,670
Total profit $47,270

Day 75

Outplayed? Suckered? Got lucky? Whatever it was i should have been reporting another nice profit tonight but for 1 hand. Was doing very nicely and had a good read on 1 particular player. Then this hand happened in $800nl.
I call a 4 x raise on the button from Mr fish.
Flop K99 rainbow
He bets $24 and i raise to $48
Turn Q
He bets $24 and i call
River T
He goes allin and i instacall with my rivered boat TTT99
He flips QQ for the better boat :(
Looking back at the hand i don't think i did a great deal wrong? TBH i didn't think he even had the straight and was trying to bluff me off the pot. He was obviously hoping i made my straight and was looking to earn maximum chips. Well he did lol. It cost me $680 but the weird thing is, that's the 1st time i've lost that amount in a single pot and not felt devastated. Looking back, it may be the 1st time i've lost a pot that size without being outdrawn. He had me beat fair and square and hats off to the guy, he got paid for his hand too. Other tables were slow tonight but i managed to eek back my losses and make a bit of profit on top.
Big day tomorrow. Pleeeeeeeaase buy the boat Mr Italian man!

Previous balance $45,586
Todays profit $206
Todays balance $45,792
Total profit $45,392

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day 74

I feel like i've been lobotomized! I've never been so card dead ever. 2 hours at a $600nl table and only 1 playable hand. Was down to $120 not so long back but a few outrageous bluffs got me back to $400 and as i'm typing this i've just had my 1st nut hand (broadway) that has catapulted me up to $720. Worth the wait then i suppose but it's been hellish slow. Won a nice amount earlier so today has turned out OK (if i stop now ;/)

Got a guy coming to look at the boat on Friday so will be spending tomorrow (today now) polishing and getting it ready. Looks like he'll buy it so i may well be out of a job come Friday! Me mother will have a duckfit if i tell her i'm gonna try poker for a living! lol. Well at least for a couple of months anyway until we find out if this donk in Ibiza is going to rent me his restaurant. If not, we'll be looking at some other places and you're all invited for fish & chips :)

No news yet on Mister Incredibles next race but i'll let ya know when i do.

Previous balance $44,852

Todays profit $734

Todays Balance $45,586

Total profit $45,186

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Day 73

Mister Incredible not running tomorrow. Chepstow waterlogged :(

Previous balance $44,292
Todays profit $560
Todays balance $44,852
Total profit $44,452

Monday, July 2, 2007

Day 72

Mister Incredible is due to run again tonight in the 7.10 at Windsor. I don't have as much confidence in him as last time and there probably isn't much value in the current 11/4 available. 5/1 or better would be worth a punt but i may have just a few quid in a reverse forecast with the favourite. I can't help but feel they may run him easy at this price and await a better race/price for his next win attempt. The following is an email i got off the trainer....
The race looks to have a clear favourite in Mafaheem who should be odds on for the race, so really the rest are almost running for 2nd/3rd place. I guess 5/1 or better would be worth betting e/w or betting exchanges/tote for place only, though i would be looking for 8/1 to make a profit from a personal betting point of view. Mister I looks around 3rd or 4th best if handicap but his run the other day puts him in with a great chance.
What to do? (sigh)

Well he finished 4th and out of the places. He had a bad run really getting badly hampered half way through and doing well not to fall. He's due to run again on Wednesday if he's in shape so more to follow.
Lost a few on the geegee's.......won a few at poker :)

Previous balance $44,278
Todays profit $14
Todays balance $44,292
Total profit $43,892

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Day 71

Day 71 in the big brother house. Cottlad has been doing nothing in particular all day. At least the beard has gon. I was starting to resemble Frankie Wilde in both looks and mentality lol.
Have done my best to sat into the 75k at pacific tonight to no avail. Spent $40 trying to qualify for a $70 tourny lol. Gave up in the end and i'm not buying in. Will try the sky $24k instead.
Why is it that whenever i nip for a packet of fags i end up spending 50 euros? Always the same..... go for fags, see supermarket, nip in for nothing in particular, then walk out with 4 bags of shopping! I think i may have some sort of compulsive disorder lol. My shopping consisted of:
2 bags haribo, 1 giant toblerone, 2 bags tortilla crisps, 1 bottle wine, 3 tubes mentos, 1 tin chicken curry, tabasco sauce, salami, pate, 2 pot noodles and a tub of cream cheese. Never shop when hungry. I now feel utterly sick! Anyways i'll stop wittering now, crack some wine, and throw my hook in.
Not a bad evening, started poorly but a nice result in the end...

Previous balance $43,668
Todays profit $610
Todays balance $44,278
Total profit $43,878

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 70

Well i feel better than i did when i packed up last night. Was proppa angry lol. Ah well, gotta think about the long run and not let these donks effect my game i suppose. Just cooking sausage sarnies which i think will be followed by an afternoon around the pool. Maybe i'll put an hour or 2 in later at the tables.
Had a call off the trainer today who says Mister Incredible should deffo be racing on Monday at Windsor. I will get another call over the weekend after entries are finalized and the ground conditions have been assessed. Things are very positive at the moment but i'll await the next call and let you know. Keep em peeled ;)

Well i finish 2day a lot happier than yesterday :-) Was $400 down until 1 hour ago where i met the biggest psycho maniac i've ever seen. Was unreal. 1 hour in $800nl and this guy must have reloaded 7 or 8 times! Was a case of doin a zulu on him...... hold.......hold......hold.......FIRE!!!!
Opened a fulltilt account today also but not played yet. Watched a few of the pro's playing high stakes and it scared the bejesus outa me lol. Think i'll stick to this level for a while.

note to self: 25k -200 + pp + skyx2

Previous balance $41,686
Todays profit $1,982
Todays balance $43,668
Total Profit $43,268

Oooh just realized that's the end of June! I suppose i should tot up my monthlies......

April profit $20,266
May profit $7,554
June profit $15,448

Day 69

I am well and trully gobsmacked. Am sat here numb after that sesh. I said i wouldn't play today and i really wish i never. Have had to walk away for fear of ubertilt. I felt good today and was playing well. Made $800 earlier but my last 2 hands leave me completely speachless (altho still able to type.) We had an utter utter utter DONK at a $1000nl table who was obviously pissed or severely retarded or both. 1st hand I double him up to $800 with my AA losing against his 33 (allin preflop!)
Very next hand i get TT (now bear in mind i never raise with nothing.) I raise to $100 and the donkey calls. Flop 336. I bet $200 donkey calls. Turn 8. I push for $500 and he calls. River K and he flips QKo. I thought i was seeing things. Good job that wasn't a live game!

Previous balance $42,328
Todays profit -$642
Todays balance $41,686
Total profit $41,286 Fooking Gutted!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day 68

What an awful day at the tables. Didn't even really get any big pot bad beats. Just seemed to be frittering cash away. Was bored stiff playing which probably explains a lot. Couple of days off for me i think. Catch some rays while i'm still in Ibiza. Looks like i'm going home at the end of July and this pic shows what i might be going home to. It was taken about 2 miles from my house lol. Hope that's not my brother waiting for a set! hehe. More severe weather warnings forecast for the weekend so with a bit of luck, Hull may be completely washed away and they can start again with a blank canvas :-)))

Previous balance $42,842
Todays profit -$514
Todays balance $42,328
Total profit $41,928

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day 67

Just had an email telling me that MISTER INCREDIBLE is due to run again on Mon July 2nd at Windsor. Think over 6f this time and he'll be stepping up 2 classes to class 5. It will be a tough task for him but not impossible. I should get some news off the trainer later in the week so keep em peeled!

Here's a hand for the poker textbooks for ya:
Playing against a known fookwit fish (cas) $400nl. Can't get history but here it is:
Blinds $2/$4
Dealt to me JJ in the SB
MP raises to $20
Button calls
I reraise to $92
cas in BB calls
MP folds
Button folds
Pot = $224
Flop = 667
I put cas allin for another $100 He instacalls.
Turn = 2 River = Q

Can you guess what he flips to win a $424 pot? No, really, have a real good think. Go through the betting. Pure genius.

Q8o FFS!!!!!! WTF?

Well that finished off a pretty shit day. Have seen some real donktastic play today and i'm stopping before i tilt a stack off. AA cracked twice.... 1 of them allin preflop v 97! Ridonkulous!
Can't complain too much i suppose. These fookwits are my bread and butter. Still hurts when they hit tho.

Previous balance $43,312
Todays profit -$470
Todays balance $42,842
Total profit $42,442

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day 66

Well today is Tuesday and last week was a great week for me. My poker wins and my horse winning pales into insignificance compared to my girlfriend saying yes to my marriage proposal :-))))) I don't think anyone thought i would ever get round to settling down. Neither did i to be honest but i got very lucky indeed by meeting the girl of my dreams. I wanted to wait until i knew things were right and i'd met the right one for me. Now i know i have :-)

The above took a couple of trips to the UK to sort out and i've also been mega busy with the boat. It still hasn't sold yet. The guy who is supposed to be buying it keeps stalling. I just got a call off my boss with some news though and whatever happens i'll be finishing at the end of July which will give me some time in the UK :-) This is why i've not been great at updating this blog. Had my head full for a couple of weeks. Anyways, hope to keep on top of it now.

Well that was a giggle. Just been playing some tables of $400 nl and my last 6 hands against alliners stood up. Think i wiped 8 people out in about 20 mins hehe. Played the pokerroom teamplay $500 FR tonight representing pokerfriends and went out 19/19 oops (blush.) The standard was very poor and i should have altered my game to match really. People calling with anything. My 8x PF raise with JJ did most damage when some numpty flipped 97 and hit a boat! Grrrr. Next round tomorrow.

Thanks for reading

Previous balance $42,442
Todays profit $870
Todays balance $43,312
Total profit $42,912

Day 58 - Day 65

Have been bad with my housekeeping over the past couple of weeks and am spending the day catching up. The below are for cash games only and don't include my horse win or my mtt expenses. All i know is that my current bankroll is correct but to try and work out every day would be a complete nightmare and take forever. Must keep on top of this!!

Previous balance $38,095

balance 10.06.07 $39,032
balance 11.06.07 $38,452
balance 14.06.07 $38,364
balance 18.06.07 $38,578
balance 19.06.07 $39,682
balance 20.06.07 $42,292
balance 21.06.07 $41,226
balance 25.06.07 $42,442

Profit for above 8 playing days $3,410
New balance $42,442
Total profit $42,042

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Sorry i've been a lazy arse. Just haven't got round to doing my housework (blog & records) for some time now. I'll be updating today or tomorrow with recent events. I'm posting this today as it was my birthday last week and as a present i got a part share in a racehorse :-) I don't get a cut of winnings or anything and it isn't a classy horse but it has won 3 times and i think it will win again. All previous wins have been on all weather but they are giving him more turf time this year. Anyways, i got a call from the trainer a couple of days ago telling me he's running tonight at Beverley in the 18:30 race. The horses name is MISTER INCREDIBLE. Quite apt really don't you think? ;-) The trainer said that conditions are good as he likes soft ground and they have a great draw. He's racing at his preferred 5f and it's a class 7 race (he normally races class 6.) All in all the trainer sounded very upbeat about it's chances and i think they'll be having a go with him. Jockey has been told to try and get on the rail early.

I've had a few quids e/w on him for a bit of fun (i have to really eh?) and he's currently at 11/2 with skybet. I see Ladbrokes and BetDirect have both reduced their odds to 9/2!

This aint a tip, just a bit of info, so don't blame me when he loses hehe. Good luck if you have a bash :-)
Wow that was exciting. Can't believe i can now add 'winning racehorse owner' to my CV :-)
100 quids e/w was quite sweet too at 11/2 :-)))))))) Hope you got on it?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day 57

Yay, a day off! No plans as yet for today. I was gonna go and chill at the beach with a book but we have rain today for the 1st time in ages :( There's the $75k Gtd to try for at Pacific tonight and i might have a bash at the $18k Gtd Open as well. Both of them crapshoots TBH but the payout structures aren't too shabby should you hit the money.
GL at the tables all!
Daft day. No sun, no wins, no battenberg cake. For some reason i'm really craving for some.

Previous balance $38,347
Todays profit -$252
Todays balance $38,095
Total profit $37,695

Day 56

Well, the boat has been packed up and emptied. It really looks like this guy will buy the thing on Wednesday but can't be certain until the deposit has been payed. So, looks like on Wednesday i could be out of a job. Yipeee!!! LOL. Heres a piccy just to give you an idea what the boat looks like. It's not a monster compared to the megayachts of today but she's a beautiful boat all the same.

Played the last WSOP qualifier at Pacific tonight and came 22nd i think out of 90 odd :( Barring a miracle it doesn't look like i'll be gracing vegas with my presence this year :( Oh well, plenty of other live events to gun for. Upcoming events WSP Costa Rica, UK Open, WSOP UK, EPT Barcelona. I might even treat myself to a buyin for the Barcelona game if i can't qualify.

Went for my 1st visit to the cash tables for a few days after the WSOP game and did OK although i was only playing $2/$4.

Previous balance $38,072
Todays profit $275
Todays balance $38,347
Total profit $37,947

Day 55

Day 55 = Friday 8th.
Played very little and didn't even look at a cash table. Was doing well in a UK Open qualifier when down to the last 6. Only winner got a seat. Was joint chipleader when got dealt KK in the BB. Other chippo was UTG and raised. I reraised and he called. Flopski 59T rainbow. I bet, he goes over the top and i call for a monster pot and a double chip lead. He flips JJ and catches another J on the river! AAARRGGGHHHHHHHH 3 and a half fooking hours wasted. That was one of the most difficult to take beats i have ever faced as i was playing so well and really fancied it. A friend got heads up with the same guy who who eventually won the thing. The final hand saw him suckout again catching his 2 outer on the river to make his set. UL Begg :(

Previous balance $38,209
Todays profit -$137
Todays balance $38,072
Total balance $37,672

Friday, June 8, 2007

Day 54

Down a tad tonight. Tired, will update tomorrow....
Ooops, sorry i'm late. Have been mega busy since Friday getting the boat ready for a client who was supposed to be arriving yesterday. He not coming til Wednesday now so i gotta do the same thing all over again. I really shouldn't be hoping he buys it as that would put me out of a job but i think my time in this job has run it's course now and it would be nice to get back and spend some time in the UK over summer.
Anyways, Have to trawl through any games i've played now and try and come up with some figures.........

Previous balance $38,436
Todays profit -$227
Todays balance $38,209
Total profit $37,809

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day 53

OK Nicholson. I have pictures and i'm not afraid to use them! :-)
Right...... To do something....... The sun is shining, i feel much more positive, and i'm off down the boat to spend the day cleaning the damn thing. Good luck in whatever you're doing today.
This pic btw is my mate Ben on his stag night just before he got changed into his 'stag outfit.' I do believe we should have died, the amount we drank that day. I vaguely remember meeting at 11am for a pint and a fry up but the rest is a bit of a blur......

At the point of not being physically able to drink any more, we took to buying pints and pouring them directly down the toilet!

By special request from the man himself.............

And just to prove they succeeded!


Started off the day very nicely with a 2nd in a 2k Gtd at Pacific for $400. From then on i seemed to lose my marbles completely and donk off a stack or 3. I was playing like a retard TBH. Went out to watch the 2nd half of the footy and cool down. Come on England!!!! Made a bit of my losses back when i got home at cash and got 18th in the 2nd 10k at pacific for $85.

Previous balance $38,980

Todays profit -$544 - am fairly chuffed with that. Could easily have been -1300

Todays balance $38,436

Total profit $38,036

Late edit: CONGRATULATIONS WELSHY from PFU on taking down the 10k at pacific for a nice $2500. Dominated the game from start to finish matey. Get in there! :-)

Day 52

Back on the tables tonight. Only for a couple of hours though. Am bored tbh. As amatay says in his blog i've lost that oomph. Really enjoyed the Pacific Poker forum freeroll tonight though. Were only playing for $12 but the level of play and the banter was top class. Played 2 tables of $3/6 after that for 2 hours and made a tidy profit. I just aint getting the buzz like i used to though. I don't think it's to do with the winnings as i could quite happily stick to this level and continue making money. Maybe the game is just numbing my brain. I think i've got to stick to set times and give myself more non poker playing time off. Maybe if i set myself 2 days off a week and actually do something with my time like getting out of this apt.
Spoke to my girlfriend who's still in the UK tonight and i think that's gettin me down as much as anything. We have all these plans that are dependant on things happening out of our control. My bosses boat selling, an apartment coming available for us, Getting the OK to aquire a restaurant here, her house selling etc etc etc. I'm hopeful that this week will sort some of this stuff out but we just have to wait and see. I know i'm having a bit of a rant but it's sooooooo frustrating. Maybe i'll look back on this post next week and smile :)
Anyways, as you say hon...... things WILL work out! Patience :)

Previous balance $37,851
Todays profit $1,129
Todays balance $38,980
Total profit $38,580

Monday, June 4, 2007

Day 51

Didn't touch poker yesterday (Sun) at all. Instead got up late morning, met some friends, had a few drinkies then headed to Space! Got there at 3pm ish and went through til 3am today. That's a 15 hour sesh! Feel like a zombie today. Just trenched a full english which has improved things slightly but i still fancy a few hours kip. Maybe i'll have a look at the tables this evening.

Hardly played again today. Been in a grump tbh. Lack of sleep + hangover + constant disconnections at Pacific = Unhappy me. Played the 25k there and got to see 3 hands in 30 mins. Hope i get my $38 buyin back. at least i got a bonus of $135 from the global promotion so finished up on the day.

Previous balance $37,791
Todays profit $60
Total balance $37,851
Total profit $37,451

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Day 50

A nice site to find more blogs and/or advertise your own:

Hardly played at all today. Played a 1 in 3 sat at pacific for the wsop but took 3 consecutive beats by the same player and busted out. Played a little cash at pacific and won but was really too tired to play so i called it a night early.
Tomorrow is the Space opening party. Should be a giggle.

Previous balance $37,824
Todays profit -$33
Todays balance $37,791
Total profit $37,391

Day 49

WOOOHOOO!!!! :-) Check out the spike!!!!

What a great day. I satted into the Primo final at sky a few weeks ago for $48. The final was tonight. $220 buyin $100k gtd.

Played a good game with a few ups and downs along the way. Had a mini rush 3/4 of the way through that took me from 5,000 - 15,000 chips that set me up for a money finish.

Got a bit of luck with about 10 players left that again put me right back in it. Think i hit a flopped FH....... which was nice. Anyways, finished 3rd for $9,000. Really wanted the win for $25k but i can't grumble with 3rd. The hand that put me out was A5 for me on the button. I had 90k chips v 150k & 220k. I pushed allin from the button and found AJ in the BB :-( Ah well. A good nights work non the less.
Oh PS...... had a decent afternoon on the cash tables too :)

Previous balance $27,820
Todays profit $10,004
Todays balance $37,824
Total profit $37,424

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Day 48

Only played for an hour or so tonight. 2 x $3/$6 that went fairly well. Am feeling very loose so am calling it a night before i donk off a stack or 2. Anyways, i'm in the middle of a book that's fairly good. Broken Skin by Stuart Macbride. Someone has just been killed by being buggered by something 5" wide and 14" long!!!! Ouch. Would make your eyes water a bit!

Previous balance $27,180
Todays profit $640
Todays balance $27,820
Total profit $27,420

Onward and upward!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day 47


Apparantly this is 100% genuine! I nearly nmessed my pants just looking at the pic!

Decent night on the $3/$6 tables this evening. A few people have asked me about what bankroll management system i've been using. Well it aint anything special, just the standard thinking really. Only play cash & STT's with max 5% of yr bankroll and only play MTT's with a buyin of no more than 2% of your BR. Of course the odd higher buyin is acceptable depending on mood and who is sitting there. I tend to hunt people that i know are fish and if there is more than 1 sat in a higher limit i may have a nosey. Generally though i stick well within the rules and often play at slightly lower limits as profits often come easier without much risk.
What has probably helped me more is this blog. I find that when i'm publishing my results it's easier to stay professional and stick to my limits. If people are reading this then i don't want to be donking off loads of cash. Makes me look like a twot lol. I feel i just have a more professional overall approach to the game now. Before i could easily take a BR from $100 - 400 - 1000 - 3000 - 1500 - 0 in as many days. Sometimes i would cash out some profit, other times i would lose the lot. I wont ever go back to that craziness.
Another way i help myself is by keeping accurate records. Number of hands, time played, profit per session, profit per level, BB/hr/level etc etc etc. Proper records are invaluable and can improve your game and identify weaknesses. It will also tell you where you are making your most profit (and biggest losses.)
I have around 26000 hands logged since i started this blog but will need another 200k before i get a true reading. Thats approx 40k hands per level.

Emptied my account at Mansion poker today. I just can't seem to cash in the 100k no matter how hard i try. It's still probably the best daily tourny on the net at the moment. $100k gtd for $100 entry. Averages around 450-550 entrants per day so a massive overlay. Maybe i'll sling another grand in there for another 10 buyins. Maybe i wont. We'll see.

You'll be pleased to know that the sunburn isn't hurting as much now but i still can't go out in public just yet for fear of beeing pointed and stared at. Maybe tomorrow :)

Previous balance $26,054
Todays profit $1,126
Todays balance $27,180
Total profit $26,780

Day 46

Spent all day on a friends speedboat today zipping around Ibiza. Sunburnt isn't a word that's strong enough! This all happened yesterday and i'm currently sat with lips that feel like twigs, shoulders that feel like i've been flogged, and a perfect line around my face where my shades were that makes me look like Robbin FFS! I really do look like a complete tool. Why do i insist in wearing sunglesses and no sunscrean? Had a few too many beers as well and was not in any state to play cards upon my return. Did that stop me though? Did it bollox!
It only took me about 20 minutes to lose a considerable amount. At this point i saw sense and stopped. Too tired, too drunk. Most of the money i donked off in 1 hand

Previous balance $26,532
Todays profit -$478
Todays balance $26,054
Total profit $25,654

Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 45

Spent the last couple of days pouring over 25000 hands since i started this blog. Wanted to work out BB/Hr rate at various levels to see where i'm at. Variance explains a fair bit but i'm substaining over 3 x bb/hr at $2/$4 over 13000 hands. Somehow got a slightly negative figure for $4/$8 but my $3/$6 is 9.41bb/Hr over 4000 hands. My $5/$10 is 10.75 bb/hr over 1815 hands & my $10/20 figures are 17.2 bb(big bets)/Hr over only 300 hands.
1 x BB (big bet) = 2 x big blinds in NLHE ie BB in $1/$2 = $4

This is quite encouraging but i know i'll have to log thousands more hands to get a true reading.

Anybody any thoughts about how many hands need to be logged at each level before i get a true average for my game? 10,000/25,000/50,000/100,000? I have no idea tbh but someone has mentioned the figure 40,000. What do you think?

What i think is that i need to lighten this blog up! Even i'm pig sick of staring at numbers!

Played mainly $3/$6 tonight and took a big hit ($500) early on in the space of 2 hands. I was way ahead in both of them too. Nearly packed in for the night but felt calm enough to carry on for a while. Made it back + more so am glad i stayed :-)

Previous balance $26,210
Todays profit $322
Todays balance $26,532
Total profit $26,132

Day 44

Playin 1.50/3.00 nl all night. It's late. I'm off to me bed

previous balance $25,554
Todays profit $656
Todays balance $26,210
Total profit $25,810

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 43

I've spent 5 hours so far today collating previous hands. I can't get them into pokertracker so i'm having to put each session into a spreadsheet. I want to investigate my bb/hr figures and see where i'm making my best money. Have about 350 sessions to wade through though. Got about 100 done so far. Also wanted my bb/100 hands figure but that would mean counting all my hands seperately and logging them in the relevant level. 43 days = 25,000 hands! I got the 1st 2300 done in about 3 hours but gave up when i realized it would take me about 35 hours to do them all. Will stick with the bb/hr figure. This alone will take me another 6-8 hrs :-(
Couldn't take anymore figures.....should have gone to bed really as not in the mood to play and it showed. Lost a buyin at 2/4 and more or less broke even on other tables. Didn't stay for long as i knew not in the right frame of mind.
Transferred $200 to Mansion today. Their $100k Gtd has been temporarily replaced by a $100 entry.... 8 WSOP seats gtd tourny. Only attracting less than 500 players so a very good layover. Spent $30 trying to satellite in this afternoon and failed so paid the full $100 to enter. Came nowhere. Waste of money. Only got $70 left there now so will have to succeed in a sat for the next 1 or throw a few dollars more in. Am so desperate to play the WSOP this year!!!!

Previous balance $25,870
Todays profit -$316
Todays balance $25,554
Total profit $25,154

Friday, May 25, 2007

Day 42

Must not tilt!ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! For Fooooks Sake!!!!
What is it with the crazy suckouts. Do pokersites pay people just to make stupid bets?
Playing the WSOP qualifier tonight at Pacific. 1 hour in. Not going that well but had 1400 chips and blinds only 25/50. I'm sat in the BB with AA. Phew.... a much needed hand :-) 4 callers to me and i over-raise it slightly to $400. Button calls.... he has 1200 chips.
Flop = T74 Button bets 300, i call.
Turn = 9 Button allin for remaining 500, i call
River = 9 .... Button flips A9!!!!
I'm now left with 215 chips and get dealt Dirty Jacks the very next hand in the SB. Folded to me and i push the rest in. BB calls with 9T. F=78Q T=2 R=6 to make his straight.!!
What a waste of time and money.
Should i go have a look in cash? Fook it..... It's Friday night and the fish should be swimming!

And the fish were swimming like gudduns :D. Nice tidy profit..... and that's before the proper pissheeds arrive. Want to protect tonights profit so gonna cool down with a couple of cheap mtt's. May have a look back in cash later when the proper pissheeds arrive. Depends how i feel.

Previous balance $23,804
Todays profit $2,066
Todays balance $25,870
Total profit $25,479

Woohoo.... passed the 25k milestone. Trumpets please :D

I liiiiiike......... The Spiiiiiiiike

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Day 41

I haven't touched a cash table so far today. Have actually ventured into mtt land at Pacific. Haven't really played mtt's for over a month as the suckouts were driving me insane. Actually quite enjoyed today though and made 2 final tables out of 4. Not a massive amount of cash but more than enough to pay for my WSOP satellite tonight. I think it's helped my game too as i'm able to play looser and more aggressively in mtt's without worrying too much about busting out. There's a big diffrence between busting out of a $10 mtt and busting out of a $600nl table. Gonna continue playing mtt's in the future to keep my eye in and start to enjoy the game again. Until the suckouts reappear that is :-) Have also qualified for the UK Open qualifier tonight at Pacific. I satellited my way to the $80 seat for i think $3 or $4. Why they are both timed to start at the same time beats me. Pacific really need to get their act together not just with their qualifiers but the whole company image. Don't get me started on that though, we could be here all night! Will be back later with an update of the above 2 games and any cash i may play.
Well not entirely to plan. Made it through to the WSOP qualifier tomorrow (Fri) which i'm happy with. My performance in the UK Open qualifier made me mad though. I played 2.5 hrs of solid poker and was sat with 11k in chips on the final table. I lost my concentration for 1 hand and blew up. I smelt someone having a stab at the pot so raised and got called. I only had A high and the had a hand. Checked to river but was crippled and down to less than 4k which lasted another 4 hands. Why did i try a stupid move? The blinds were only 300/600 so i had plenty of time. Really angry with myself. Went out in 8th :-(
Cash tables not much better. Was up and down like a yoyo. Nothing to show from today apart from my WSOP chance so i hope i can make good use of it.

Previous balance $23,795
Todays profit $9 It all helps i suppose lol
Todays balance $23,804
Total profit $23,404

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Day 40

Well today wasn't going too well to start with. The only tables with players were 2/4 so played 2 tables of that. Suckouts unreal. people calling like $50 into a $75 pot after turn with a gutshot only..... and fookin hitting!!! Was tedious as hell. Lost around $400. At 10pm the other tables started filling up and there were some right maniacs around tonight. Is it a full moon? lol.
Played 3 tables: 2/4, 3/6, & 4/8. After a shaky start i finished up on all 3 and finished the day with a profit.
Unlucky Liverpool. Played well and looked really up for it. Wasn't to be this year :-(
I really should stick to playing 3/6-5/10 between 10pm & 2am only.

Previous balance $23,268
Todays profit $527
Todays balance $23,795
Total profit $23,395

Day 39

Just don't seem to be getting the breaks lately. I need to find out why. Have the sharks arrived at sky? Have i changed my game? Is it just variance? Have the fish learnt their lessons with me? I think maybe all of the above. I'm probably playing a little more passively than i should. Maybe i've just slipped into this or maybe i'm worried too much about losing. I'm also getting bored with 1/2 & 2/4. Maybe i need to take more regular forrays into 5/10 to keep my intrest going. Where does this stop if i get bored with 5/10 though? I can't just step up every time i get bored. I'm also sure that the standard has improved. A month ago i could sit at a table and there would regularly be 4 players with 'donk' or 'atm' in player notes. These players are few and far between now with maybe 1 at a table at any 1 time. Anyways, i have to make a change somewhere so maybe stepping up slightly to 4/8 & 5/10 would work and this is still within my bankroll. The reason i haven't done this sooner is because i was just looking at making a regular steady profit at the 2/4 tables. It's obviously not working. Will spend a few sessions at 5/10 and see how it goes. I think it will tighten up my game and bring better results. Will soon find out. Anyways, the below figures are from yesterdays (Tue) 1/2 sessions which were losing sessions and a little 4/8 which was a winning session.

previous balance $23,435
Todays profit $(167)
Todays balance $23,268
Total profit $22,868

Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 38

Bit of a non-event today. Lost a few quid on cash and won a few quid on an mtt. Early night as have to be up at 07.30!

Previous balance $23,458
Todays profit $(23)
Todays balance $23,435
Total profit $23,035

Day 37

Sunday and i've done it again. Have previously come 2nd twice in the PP bootcamp qualifier where the winner gets a weekend of professional tuition and a shot at an ept seat. 2nd again today after a monumental battle with Welshy. 1 hour of heads up play left me in the runner up spot for the 3rd time. Think i'm destined not to win this seat so i'm giving up now. Was a fantastic game though and much respect to Welshy for the win. Hope you and Idi0 have a great weekend and hopefully 1 of you can get that seat.
Couldn't play any more poker after that battle as my head was in bits lol. Went down to Guarana for the summer opening, got slightly squiffy, then came back for half an hour of 3/6nl which went quite well considering i was slightly pissed ;-)

Previous balance $23,104
Todays profit $354
Todays balance $23,458
Total profit $23,058

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day 36

1st day back at the tables for a few days. The girlfriend's been over to Ibiza so not played a hand all week. It's been fab. Although i did burn in the sun quite badly on the 1st day and am now peeling like a goodun. The weather is really warm now and getting warmer every day. July & August are going to be nightmare months what with the heat and the tourists. It gets so busy here. Hopefully will be able to spend a bit more time in the UK this summer depending on what happens with my job as it looks like the boat may be sold and i would officially become a poker pro...... scarey!!!! Not sure my mother will be too pleased at that thought lol. Still looking for a restaurant here so fingers crossed something will happen soon.
A good day today. was playing $1000nl and found a complete maniac. This guy must have been utterly wasted or mentally unhinged. It's not everyday that you see guys calling preflop allins at this level with 52off! Anyways, will be keeping my eyes peeled for him in the future.

Previous balance $22,170
Todays profit $934
Todays balance $23,104
Total profit $22,704

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Day 35

As mentioned previously i have a visitor arriving today so i'll be off the poker and probably off the blog for a while. Got loads to do today but she's not arriving til after midnight so i plan to get everything done this afternoon and then play a little tonight before i pick her up.

Played like a tit today. What with yesterdays winnings and the fact i aint going to be playing for a while i played far too loose and aggressive with marginal hands. Silly me. Good luck at the tables. See you soon.
Right, best go pick the lady up or i'll be in bad books.......

Previous balance $22,686
Todays profit $(516)
Todays balance $22,170
Total profit $21,770

Day 34

Pretty good day today. I don't think i got 1 bad beat the whole night and made steady profit off all my tables. Mainly playing 3/6 & 4/8. Poked my nose into PP and played a couple of MTT's without cashing. No surprise there.
This might be my last post for a while as my girlfriend arrives tomorrow for a week :-) I think a break away from the poker will do me good. Actually looking forward to doing something other than call, raise or fold lol.

Previous balance $21,001
Todays profit $1685
Todays balance $22,686
Total profit $22,286

Friday, May 11, 2007

Day 33

Tidy little profit tonight but i was down for most of the night and chased a little for the last hour and run into a table of donks :-)

Previous balance $20,576
Todays profit $425
Todays balance $21,001
Total profit $20,601

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 32

Bit hacked off tonight. Made a $600 profit playing 3 tables then last hand of the night i get stung by a 2 outer on the river to lose a $850 pot and totally wipe out 4 hours of solid play. This game hurts sometimes. Why the fook do they call with these shitty hands? Seem to be getting more and more beats lately.

Previous balance $20,824
Todys profit $(248)
Todays balance $20,576
Total profit $20,176

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Day 31

Just a quick post tonight. Decent profit today, early night for me.

Previous balance $20,232
Todays profit $592
Todays balance $20,824
Total profit $20,424

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day 30

Only played an hour or 2 today. Spent time sorting out my laptop and it's officially clean!! Woohoo at last. Not much going on at the 2/4 tables so dropped down to $1/$2. Not a bad profit for the time invested and level played. May stay at this level for a while to try and avoid the big swings

Previous balance $19,902
Todays profit $330
Todays balance $20,232
Total profit $19,832

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Day 29

Sunday again already! Blimey, that week went quick. Might try and qualify cheaply for the 75k later at pacific and may play some global qualifiers. I really want to get to a major live game this year.
Well that was a pretty good day. Qualified for the 75k for $3 but didnt do any good in it.
Had a break after 4 hours of satelliting and found 4 very young kittens in the garden. Bless em. Had a bit of a play with them but mummy wasn't too chuffed when she turned up. A saucer of milk for them all changed that though and we are now all best friends :-)
Then played the Sky Open $18k gtd. Came 14th for about $150 with AKd running into AA for the chip lead :-( Congratulations to pokerfriends united's Cryptic3 who won it for a cool $5k.
Then moved onto the cash tables for a while and didn't do too badly.

Previous balance $19,134
Todays profit $768
Todays balance $19,902
Total profit $19,502

Day 28

Another very frustrating day. Played the Barcelona qualifier at Pacific and came 10th. Played the sky open $7000 Gtd and came 11th. Then moved on to cash and run in to my bogey hand yet again. The odds on this must be astronomical. KK in the hole and flop trip kings. Bet it hard and get re-raised. Opponant yet again makes runner runner to fill his straight on the river. Thats 3 times this week i've held trip kings, been absolutely miles ahead, and lost a big pot on the river to a complete donk. Nothing i can do about it i suppose. I don't think i played the hand badly.

Previous balance $19,478
Todays profit $(344)
Todays balance $19,134
Total profit $18,734

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Day 27

Not a bad friday. Could have been better as i played the bootcamp qualifier tonight for a $2,000 package to London and a shot at a EPT seat. Came 2nd for the 2nd time :-( Sooooo close. Ah well, maybe next time. Cash tables been ok tho....

Previous balance $18,568
Todays profit $910
Todays balance $19,478
Total profit $19,078

Friday, May 4, 2007

Day 26

Well i promised myself i wouldn't play today after the hammering i've taken recently but i just couldn't resist lol. Think i've got my computer nearly free of viruses so am in a bit happier mood. Thank you so much to Deathryder from PFU for all your assistance. I think we're nearly there :-) Played 2 tables of $2/4 tonight. Nothing spectacular, just ground out a small profit. A profit's a profit though and after yesterday i'm thankful.

Previous balance $18,434
Todays profit $134
Todays balance $18,568
Total profit $18,168

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day 25

Am properly fucked off and that's swearing. I have taken so many bad beats in the last few days i could cry. I've been utterly demolished tonight by hands that are quite frankly unbelievable. I'm raising 5x to $40 preflop and am getting called by T7o. The more i try and raise to get rid of these idiots the more they call and outdraw me with garbage. Think todays been my worst day so far. May not play for a few days. Tilting the fuck outa myself here!

Previous balance $20,110
Todays profit ($1,676)
Todays balance $18,434
Total profit $18,034

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Day 24

Not very happy tonight. Have a computer virus that i can't fix and have been sending steadily more annoyed emails to support for the software i'm using. Not a single reply in 2 days from them. Tearing my hair out here. Put that together with another terrible beat on the tables and i'm not in the best of moods. Flopped KKK yet again tonight and got yet again called to the river by someone chasing a gutshot straight draw. This fookwit didn't even have a pair. He hit his straight on the river to take down an $800 pot. That's the last 3 consecutive days now that i've lost major pots when at least 90% in front going to the river. 1 i can take but 3 days on the trot? My balance should read over $3000 more than it currently does. What are these people thinking ffs? Been pretty card dead for the rest of the night and think today has been a losing day. Didn't enjoy playing 1 bit tonight. Didn't help being pissed off before i started. Roll on tomorrow........

Previous balance $20,504
Todays profit $(394)
Todays balance $20,110
Total profit $19,710

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Day 23

Mixed bag today. Came 4th in the sky open for $488 from a $20 outlay and also got mentioned on the telly hehe :-) Then played some cash and was doing nicely until the worst hand i have ever seen cropped up. I will name and shame Victor at skypoker for making me feel like i do right now. I am numb! OK we are playing $2/$4nl holdem. I joined with $400 and had built it up to $620 over a couple of hours. I get dealt KK in the BB. 3 limpers before me and i raised 6x as the table was showing maniac tendencies. Only Victor calls.
Flop K74 rainbow :-) I bet $40 as the crazy calls are scaring me. Victor calls.
Turn 8. I bet $80 and Victor raises it to $160. What can i put him on here? Well i put him on trips also and am happy to go over the top allin. He calls the rest of his chippies!!!
River 5.
He flips over 46 to take a $1,160 pot. I still can't quite believe what happened in that hand. He calls allin after the turn with bottom pair and a gutshot and hits. Today would have been a very profitable day but it has turned into a fooking shambles. I can usually take a bad beat, especially on sky, but this 1 really really hurt. If i was playing with this clown live i would be sat in the cells right now. This might actually stop me playing for a day or 2 as i feel very very tilty and can't see the feeling disappearing soon. Will see how i feel tomorrow.
Am sick as a parrot! Nite nite

Previous balance $20,266
Todays profit $238 ........... should have been $1,300 grrrrrrr
Todays balance $20,504
Total profit $20,104

Not all bad i suppose. Still finished with a profit and have unbelievably made it to a fifth of the way to a hundred grand in 23 days! Must be doing something right :-) That smile is totally false by the way lol. Am still fuming :\

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 22

I love Sundays. I've got a book to finish, 3 DVD's to watch, some sleep to catch up on, and some poker to play. There is Pizza and beer in the fridge for later and the sun is shining :-) Going to nip for a Sunday roast 1st though then it's time to qualify for the 75k gtd at pacific.
I am Mr. Angry despite a profit for the day. Qualified for the 75k without any problems and was trundling along nicely. Just over 3500 at 1st break and the rock of the table. 1 1/2 hrs in i get AA..... at last...... a hand!!. I'm in mid position and 1 before me raises to 700. I reraise to 1300. All fold to original raiser who pushes allin. Woohoo!!!! Showdown time and he flips AJo..... woohoo (why did he re-re-raise with that shite?) Flop TTK..... oh eck........ turn 7...... :-)..... River fookin Q. Not as if i didn't know it was coming. I dunno why i bother with these shite mtt's. 1 1/2 hours completely wasted by a lucky donk. Only played for 45 minutes this afternoon on sky but made a nice profit so the day is not completely wasted. Severe laptop problems mean i can't open pokerfriendsreunited or skypoker so i'm off to the pub. Good luck all pokerfriends still in the game.

Previous balance $19,628
Todays profit $638
Todays balance $20,266
Total profit $19,866

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 21

Yay it's Saturday. Boo i gotta hangover. Time to make a full English i think!

Not a bad day. Seen some amazingly bad play tonight which nearly sent me over the edge lol. Finding it easier and easier not tilting playing here as there are so many situations where you could tilt, you seem to get accustomed to it. Time's flown by and it's 04:15 already. Time to call it a night.

Previous balance $18,653
Todays profit $975
Todays balance $19,628
Total profit $19,228

Week 3 profit $2,514

Day 20

Just a quick post on Fridays games.

Previous balance $18,218
Todays profit $435
Todays balance $18,653
Total Profit $18,253

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day 19

Just got in after a manic day. I know it sounds cliche but i've been scrubbing the decks all day. Arrrgggghhhhh Jimlad!!! Gonna ache like hell tomorrow. Time for a game me thinks. Not for long though as i'm determined to get an early night tonight.
What a horrific evening. I couldn't do anything right at all. I flopped 4 sets which were all cracked. KK once...cracked. AA once.....cracked!!! gruesome stuff. I've lost a fair wedge tonight but have no idea how it wasn't even more. The above 6 hands did me for about $1200 alone. Am not the happiest chappy at the moment but i suppose i can't grumble too much after the run i've had. Variance?..... God i hate that word!!! lol. Off to cry myself to sleep. Goodnight!

Previous balance $19,084
Todays profit $(866) :-((((((
Todays balance $18,218
Total profit $17,818

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 18

Started late today. Have been playing too much lately and have started to become a poker zombie lol. Picked up the mouse at 22:15 tonight and am currently 3 tabling 2/4 games. Doing ok at the moment. Nothing amazing but we should break $18k balance if not profit.
Finished my book at last. The tailor of Panama by Le Carre. What a grind it was. I spent a lot of time in Panama a couple of years ago so it was at least intresting to read about some of the places i'd been to or seen.... including the embassy and the 'Pavo Real' which was a British boozer that sold fish n chips in newspaper :-) Back shortly with totals.....
Turned into a very nice day indeed :-) Played the 3 x 2/4 tables for 2 hours only and left with approx $400 profit, then watched a movie before a quick half hour on a 3/6 table which i entered with $400 and left with a sweet $1100 :-) Got through the 19k barrier. Next one's the biggy!

Previous balance $17,980
Todays profit $1,104
Todays balance $19,084
Total profit $18,684

Day 17

Not the best of days but a late spurt saved a big loss. I wasn't in the mood at all for poker earlier and shouldn't have been playing. Stopped just before i tilted big and rented 3 movies... snakes on a plane (corny but funny), A film about a guy who needs to keep his heart racing to stay alive (non stop) and the Scorcese gangster film with Jack Nicholson (excellent) Not sure of the name of the last 2 as the titles are in Spanish lol. Anyways, after that 5 hour break i was in a better frame of mind and won back my earlier losses.

Previous balance $17,858
Todays profit $122 ..... didn't expect a profit today after being 4 figures down earlier!!
Todays balance $17,980
Total profit $17,580

Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 16

The start of another week. The weather is amazing here in Ibiza and the island is starting to buzz with the anticipation of the summer season. I had a good week at the tables last week and i hope this week can continue in the same direction. May play the 25k gtd at Pacific this evening although my bankroll there is down to just a few dollars. Am only playing there really for the biggies and the forum tourneys. Which reminds me..... Happy St. Georges day to all you English folk. We have a forum tourney this evening with a scalp on Welshys head!!! I feel like skinning a dragon :-) How is it that we celebrate St Paddy's day just as much as the Oirish but when it comes to our own national day, nothing happens. Most people don't even know when it is! Well it's today! People should be proud of being English..... yes, i said it.... ENGLISH. For 1 day of the year we have our own identity and celebrate our nationality without all the PC bullshit. No doubt i've just labelled myself as a racist lol. Ammeyebovvered?
GL to those who playing today, i'll be at the tables later for a looksy.

Well i could have ended up well down for the day, and i could have ended up well up. As it is i'm up a little. Started the evening badly then saw 3 donks at a 10/20nl table so shoved $1000 in and doubled up and ran lol. Went back laters and lost $500. Shouldn't get greedy!!! Anyways, a positive for the day so not too bad.

Previous balance $17,621
Todays profit $237
Todays balance $17,858
Total profit $17,458

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 15

It's Pacific Pokers 75k Gtd today. Not really intrested in mtt's at the moment but will try and satellite into this just to break up my play a little. Good luck to all at pokerfriendsunited, i'm sure there'll be a decent forum presence as usual.
Today turned out not too badly afterall. I satted into the 75k but finished well out of the money. I played some 2/4 earlier and was a fair bit down. For the last 5 hours i've been grinding grinding grinding at 3 tables of 2/4nl and managed a profit on each. I haven't totted up the figures yet but i'm in profit and after the start to the day i'm amazed.
Quote of the day 'i'm a noob, i know i shouldn't play these stakes but i'm not bothered about losing money, i just enjoy playing!' I was urging this guy to play lower stakes to learn the game but he wasn't having it and lost a wedge. Will keep my eyes peeled for him in the future :-)

Previous balance $17,114
Todays Profit $507
Todays Balance $17,621
Total profit $17,221

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day 14

I didn't dream it afterall! What an idiot i was when i got home last night. I'm the one supposed to be staying sober and taking money off the drunks!! I consider myself extremely lucky and still don't know how i made over $1500 whilst 3 tabling, covering 1 eye, and still seeing double!!
Feeling a little bit delicate today. Not playing any poker for the time being, will attempt to finish my book instead. Am reading The Tailor Of Panama by Le Carre. It's utter rubbish to be honest with you but i'm too far in now to give up. A mixture of reading and snoozing sounds perfect for the next few hours.

Well the hangover has gone, i've had a nice afternoon of snoozing, and the form continues on the tables for another nice profit.

Previous balance $15,836
Todays profit $1,278
Todays balance $17,114
Profit for the week $6,578
Total profit $16,714

Friday, April 20, 2007

Day 13

Thank crunchie it's Friday! Got next to no sleep last night due to cats wailing outside my window all fecking night. Buckets of water did nothing to curtail their awful singing and i'm feeling crabby as hell. Going down the boat to do some work and will probably come home for a siesta later before hitting the tables. Today and tomorrow are my favourite 2 poker playing days and i'm feeling confident of a nice profit. Friday and Saturday being the 2 nights of the week that people go out, get smashed, then stagger home for a game of drunken poker. Have a great weekend y'all.

Well, what a weird evening. At 8pm i got home and was playing..... actually, i don't honestly remember.... i think 1 x 2/4 + 1 x 3/6, Anyways, i lost a bundle. I really could not get a single hand. Looking back over last weekend i thoiught the fri/sat nightmare is happening again. I played until 12pm and lost my whole $600 stake on 1 table and more than half of my $400 stake on the other.... whoops. At midnight i got a call saying 'get your arse out dor a drink!!' So i did, if only to drown my sorrows. Had a good night out and have come back at gone 4am completely smashed. And they say never play poker when drunk.... hehehehe..... i knew i shouldn't but it was such a temptation playing 3 tables whilst covering 1 eye in order to see in single and not double. Silly me!!! Well, i played 1 table 5/10. Joined with 500 left with 1400. 1 x 2/4 joined with 400 left with about 700, 1 x 1/2 joined with 200 left with about 500. The numbers are slightly vague as i've had 1 too many. Have seen sense and called it a night and i think i may actually be slightly up for the day!!! Though god only knows how. Gonna tot up my figures now and then sleep like a baby until i wake up.

Previous balance $15,312
Todays profit $524.... more than slightly up..... am gobsmacked to be honest!!!
Todays Balance $15,836
Total profit $15,436......
Playing when drunk is good!!!! I thought i was gonna report a -$1000 day until i rolled home :-))))) Wehey :-)

Day 12

Well today was a good day. The sun shone and i got a little burnt but as i always say, suntan cream is for wimps!! Started this evening playing 2 tables of 2/4. I sat with $400 on each and left with $0 & $140 about 15 mins later. Bugga :-( Had a bite to eat and a shower and came back refreshed ready to get my money back..... wasn't chasing...honest :-) I played 3 tables of 2/4 and left nicely up on all of them after about 45 minutes, more than making up for the losses earlier. Then watched children of men whilst i waited for the $7000 gtd mtt. Not a bad film. Great effects. The mtt was lost to the usual suckout so i played another 3 tables of 2/4 with some nice success. Sat with $400 at each and played for 1 hour. Left 2 tables with around $900 and the other with around $600 :-) yipeee!!! Have treat myself to half an hour at a 5/10 table before bed. Only sat with $400 just in case ;-) Up to $540 after 10 mins. Will give it another 20 mins and see where we end up. Whatever happens, it's been a nice day :)))
Well that's my 20 mins up and i shouldn't have bothered. Left with $212 from $400 :-(
Still a cracking day though. Think i may have broken the $15k marker.

Previous balance $13,768
Todays Profit $1,544
Todays balance $15,312
Total profit $14,912

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 11

Another beautiful day here. Not even going to play a hand until this evening. Going to take advantage of the sunshine and breath some fresh air. GL at the tables today all.

Well what a great surprise. Been to the boat and nipped somewhere to see if i had any post. There waiting was a parcel from the bestest girlfriend ever ever ever containing a whole range of easter goodies. Easter eggs, mini eggs, hot x buns, easter jelly eggs....... woohoo. Am sat here filling my face with chocolate whilst playing a bit of 1/2 :-))) Back laters with an update.

Well i have no idea how i finished the day up today after suffering 3 of the most gruesome beats i've ever seen. The standard here is so bad you just never know what you're up against. Half of the time your oponent doesnt even know what they have!! Had to explain to someone tonight that a flush beats a straight!! It was a $300 pot!!! More money than sense some people.
Anyways, i've ground out a decent profit tonight and even though the fish are swimming i'm calling it a night as am feeling quite tilty after the beats i took.

Previous balance $12,930
Todays profit $838
New balance $13768
Total profit $13368

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 10

Another gorgeous day here on the White Isle of Ibiza. It was nicknamed the white isle by the Romans due to the salt plains in the south of the island and not for the huge amounts of cocaine that are consumed on the island every year. Direct flights start again in a couple of weeks so the place is going to be buzzing with 'bloody tourists!' Oh well, it's been a great winter.
Not a bad afternoon up to now. Been multitabling 1/2 and am $300 up so far today. Going to make a pot of spaghetti bolognese now and will be back laters for a few more games. Think i'm going to play the sky open again tonight so i'll maybe see you at the FT Dave :)

Well it's been a pretty good evening. The spaghetti bolognese was a great success and i've won a few dollars to boot. I know i should be playing 1/2 but i seem happier in 2/4 for some reason. There seems to be much more action. Played 2/4 tonight and it worked out well. Looking back, most of the profit i've made has been at 2/4 so i may just make that my home from now on. Am currently playing 1/2 10 seater nl table though and the action here is incredible. Will be keeping my eye on this table for the future but for now i'm gonna leave them to it and read a while.

Previous balance $12,082
Todays profit $848
Todays balance $12,930
Total Profit $12,530