Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 83

Wow what a night. Managed to get a live feed to the final table and stopped up to watch it. Think i nodded off at about 7am then woke up to catch the heads up. Can't say i was very impressed at all with Yangs play throughout the FT but i couldn't see the hole cards and i suppose he went there 8th in chips with a plan of pure aggression and it worked for him. I think his early prays to God & Jesus put me off the guy to start with but he seemed to chill a bit later in the game. After seeing the end of the tourny and his celebrations and post game interviews i completely change my views. What a nice guy he is. Very humble, very gracious, and a great future ambassador for the sport...... No, i'm not talking about amatay! hehe.
Well done to John Kalmar who made 5th for a nice payday. Still think the AK shove was a bad move though. Ah well, still an incredible performance and another nice guy!

I have my own big game playing tonight at Pacific. For the last 20 weeks we've been playing poker idol where all of the prizepools are put into 1 big pot for a winner takes all tourny which must be spent on a live seat. I was lucky enough to win early on so i got my final seat for around $25. We now have 20 players going into the final with a prizepool of a little under $3,500. It's a winner takes all format but the rest of the finalists are to split 40% of any winnings that the winner makes in the live event. Costa Rica here i come!!!! (i hope!) .......................................
Well that didn't go quite to plan. Unless coming 20th outa 20 was the plan :-( Got screwed on 2 hands and the game was up. Holding AK on a TJQA board and got rivered by a flush. Then holding QKc on a 82K rainbow flop i got outdrawn by KJ....... J turn, J river! Sickness!!!!
The good news is that the prizepool of $3300 went to a very deserving winner. Very well played Peeko2. Best of luck in the live event.

Rescued the evening by a nice couple of quick sessions in $2/$4

Previous balance $48,701
Todays profit $1,166
Todays balance $49,867
Total profit $49,467


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