Saturday, November 17, 2007

Running Good

I've just bought a car! I've never bought a car in this country before and am quite excited. It's an Audi A4 2.0 FSI SE. It's not new but is still real nice. Thank you to all the fish out there for making this possible :-))))) Maybe next year i can afford that R8 :-) I was really torn between cars when i was looking. Part of me really wanted something sporty as i've never owned a car with any oomph. Then i had to think about golf clubs and got all sensible. Was close to buying a mazda RX8 as they look real nice. Also had my eyes on a classic shape Audi cabrio V6 but i was too late :-( Aah well, i don't suppose i have any need for a pulling car anymore. I pick my A4 up on Tuesday and can't wait :-)

Been running real well this week. Think i've played only 4 sessions and have been $1000 - £2500 up in each session. Just played an hour before updating blog and made a nice $1400. Made another sick sick call earlier too. Another uber aggressive psycho sat to my left and i limp with A5 to his BB. He makes his standard 5xraise and i call. He bets out aggressive on flop and turn then pushes allin on the river for $600 more. The board is 57Q9Q and i call with A5........ he had nowt! hehe $1600 pot! happy days.

Going out on the piss proppa tonight. Paddy's birthday bash. I expect it to get rather messy.
Haven't properly updated my figures since getting my hard drive back. I must get round to it. Running total is now $88,500
Good luck at the tables all. Thanks for reading x


Michael said...

Hi Mate,

Can you drop an email regarding a biz proposal to

Many Thanks


Amatay said...

Its genuine mate. I aint sorted yet but i know other who have. He'll send you £50 if you promote his site