Sunday, July 1, 2007

Day 71

Day 71 in the big brother house. Cottlad has been doing nothing in particular all day. At least the beard has gon. I was starting to resemble Frankie Wilde in both looks and mentality lol.
Have done my best to sat into the 75k at pacific tonight to no avail. Spent $40 trying to qualify for a $70 tourny lol. Gave up in the end and i'm not buying in. Will try the sky $24k instead.
Why is it that whenever i nip for a packet of fags i end up spending 50 euros? Always the same..... go for fags, see supermarket, nip in for nothing in particular, then walk out with 4 bags of shopping! I think i may have some sort of compulsive disorder lol. My shopping consisted of:
2 bags haribo, 1 giant toblerone, 2 bags tortilla crisps, 1 bottle wine, 3 tubes mentos, 1 tin chicken curry, tabasco sauce, salami, pate, 2 pot noodles and a tub of cream cheese. Never shop when hungry. I now feel utterly sick! Anyways i'll stop wittering now, crack some wine, and throw my hook in.
Not a bad evening, started poorly but a nice result in the end...

Previous balance $43,668
Todays profit $610
Todays balance $44,278
Total profit $43,878

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