Thursday, May 31, 2007

Day 48

Only played for an hour or so tonight. 2 x $3/$6 that went fairly well. Am feeling very loose so am calling it a night before i donk off a stack or 2. Anyways, i'm in the middle of a book that's fairly good. Broken Skin by Stuart Macbride. Someone has just been killed by being buggered by something 5" wide and 14" long!!!! Ouch. Would make your eyes water a bit!

Previous balance $27,180
Todays profit $640
Todays balance $27,820
Total profit $27,420

Onward and upward!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day 47


Apparantly this is 100% genuine! I nearly nmessed my pants just looking at the pic!

Decent night on the $3/$6 tables this evening. A few people have asked me about what bankroll management system i've been using. Well it aint anything special, just the standard thinking really. Only play cash & STT's with max 5% of yr bankroll and only play MTT's with a buyin of no more than 2% of your BR. Of course the odd higher buyin is acceptable depending on mood and who is sitting there. I tend to hunt people that i know are fish and if there is more than 1 sat in a higher limit i may have a nosey. Generally though i stick well within the rules and often play at slightly lower limits as profits often come easier without much risk.
What has probably helped me more is this blog. I find that when i'm publishing my results it's easier to stay professional and stick to my limits. If people are reading this then i don't want to be donking off loads of cash. Makes me look like a twot lol. I feel i just have a more professional overall approach to the game now. Before i could easily take a BR from $100 - 400 - 1000 - 3000 - 1500 - 0 in as many days. Sometimes i would cash out some profit, other times i would lose the lot. I wont ever go back to that craziness.
Another way i help myself is by keeping accurate records. Number of hands, time played, profit per session, profit per level, BB/hr/level etc etc etc. Proper records are invaluable and can improve your game and identify weaknesses. It will also tell you where you are making your most profit (and biggest losses.)
I have around 26000 hands logged since i started this blog but will need another 200k before i get a true reading. Thats approx 40k hands per level.

Emptied my account at Mansion poker today. I just can't seem to cash in the 100k no matter how hard i try. It's still probably the best daily tourny on the net at the moment. $100k gtd for $100 entry. Averages around 450-550 entrants per day so a massive overlay. Maybe i'll sling another grand in there for another 10 buyins. Maybe i wont. We'll see.

You'll be pleased to know that the sunburn isn't hurting as much now but i still can't go out in public just yet for fear of beeing pointed and stared at. Maybe tomorrow :)

Previous balance $26,054
Todays profit $1,126
Todays balance $27,180
Total profit $26,780

Day 46

Spent all day on a friends speedboat today zipping around Ibiza. Sunburnt isn't a word that's strong enough! This all happened yesterday and i'm currently sat with lips that feel like twigs, shoulders that feel like i've been flogged, and a perfect line around my face where my shades were that makes me look like Robbin FFS! I really do look like a complete tool. Why do i insist in wearing sunglesses and no sunscrean? Had a few too many beers as well and was not in any state to play cards upon my return. Did that stop me though? Did it bollox!
It only took me about 20 minutes to lose a considerable amount. At this point i saw sense and stopped. Too tired, too drunk. Most of the money i donked off in 1 hand

Previous balance $26,532
Todays profit -$478
Todays balance $26,054
Total profit $25,654

Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 45

Spent the last couple of days pouring over 25000 hands since i started this blog. Wanted to work out BB/Hr rate at various levels to see where i'm at. Variance explains a fair bit but i'm substaining over 3 x bb/hr at $2/$4 over 13000 hands. Somehow got a slightly negative figure for $4/$8 but my $3/$6 is 9.41bb/Hr over 4000 hands. My $5/$10 is 10.75 bb/hr over 1815 hands & my $10/20 figures are 17.2 bb(big bets)/Hr over only 300 hands.
1 x BB (big bet) = 2 x big blinds in NLHE ie BB in $1/$2 = $4

This is quite encouraging but i know i'll have to log thousands more hands to get a true reading.

Anybody any thoughts about how many hands need to be logged at each level before i get a true average for my game? 10,000/25,000/50,000/100,000? I have no idea tbh but someone has mentioned the figure 40,000. What do you think?

What i think is that i need to lighten this blog up! Even i'm pig sick of staring at numbers!

Played mainly $3/$6 tonight and took a big hit ($500) early on in the space of 2 hands. I was way ahead in both of them too. Nearly packed in for the night but felt calm enough to carry on for a while. Made it back + more so am glad i stayed :-)

Previous balance $26,210
Todays profit $322
Todays balance $26,532
Total profit $26,132

Day 44

Playin 1.50/3.00 nl all night. It's late. I'm off to me bed

previous balance $25,554
Todays profit $656
Todays balance $26,210
Total profit $25,810

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 43

I've spent 5 hours so far today collating previous hands. I can't get them into pokertracker so i'm having to put each session into a spreadsheet. I want to investigate my bb/hr figures and see where i'm making my best money. Have about 350 sessions to wade through though. Got about 100 done so far. Also wanted my bb/100 hands figure but that would mean counting all my hands seperately and logging them in the relevant level. 43 days = 25,000 hands! I got the 1st 2300 done in about 3 hours but gave up when i realized it would take me about 35 hours to do them all. Will stick with the bb/hr figure. This alone will take me another 6-8 hrs :-(
Couldn't take anymore figures.....should have gone to bed really as not in the mood to play and it showed. Lost a buyin at 2/4 and more or less broke even on other tables. Didn't stay for long as i knew not in the right frame of mind.
Transferred $200 to Mansion today. Their $100k Gtd has been temporarily replaced by a $100 entry.... 8 WSOP seats gtd tourny. Only attracting less than 500 players so a very good layover. Spent $30 trying to satellite in this afternoon and failed so paid the full $100 to enter. Came nowhere. Waste of money. Only got $70 left there now so will have to succeed in a sat for the next 1 or throw a few dollars more in. Am so desperate to play the WSOP this year!!!!

Previous balance $25,870
Todays profit -$316
Todays balance $25,554
Total profit $25,154

Friday, May 25, 2007

Day 42

Must not tilt!ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! For Fooooks Sake!!!!
What is it with the crazy suckouts. Do pokersites pay people just to make stupid bets?
Playing the WSOP qualifier tonight at Pacific. 1 hour in. Not going that well but had 1400 chips and blinds only 25/50. I'm sat in the BB with AA. Phew.... a much needed hand :-) 4 callers to me and i over-raise it slightly to $400. Button calls.... he has 1200 chips.
Flop = T74 Button bets 300, i call.
Turn = 9 Button allin for remaining 500, i call
River = 9 .... Button flips A9!!!!
I'm now left with 215 chips and get dealt Dirty Jacks the very next hand in the SB. Folded to me and i push the rest in. BB calls with 9T. F=78Q T=2 R=6 to make his straight.!!
What a waste of time and money.
Should i go have a look in cash? Fook it..... It's Friday night and the fish should be swimming!

And the fish were swimming like gudduns :D. Nice tidy profit..... and that's before the proper pissheeds arrive. Want to protect tonights profit so gonna cool down with a couple of cheap mtt's. May have a look back in cash later when the proper pissheeds arrive. Depends how i feel.

Previous balance $23,804
Todays profit $2,066
Todays balance $25,870
Total profit $25,479

Woohoo.... passed the 25k milestone. Trumpets please :D

I liiiiiike......... The Spiiiiiiiike

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Day 41

I haven't touched a cash table so far today. Have actually ventured into mtt land at Pacific. Haven't really played mtt's for over a month as the suckouts were driving me insane. Actually quite enjoyed today though and made 2 final tables out of 4. Not a massive amount of cash but more than enough to pay for my WSOP satellite tonight. I think it's helped my game too as i'm able to play looser and more aggressively in mtt's without worrying too much about busting out. There's a big diffrence between busting out of a $10 mtt and busting out of a $600nl table. Gonna continue playing mtt's in the future to keep my eye in and start to enjoy the game again. Until the suckouts reappear that is :-) Have also qualified for the UK Open qualifier tonight at Pacific. I satellited my way to the $80 seat for i think $3 or $4. Why they are both timed to start at the same time beats me. Pacific really need to get their act together not just with their qualifiers but the whole company image. Don't get me started on that though, we could be here all night! Will be back later with an update of the above 2 games and any cash i may play.
Well not entirely to plan. Made it through to the WSOP qualifier tomorrow (Fri) which i'm happy with. My performance in the UK Open qualifier made me mad though. I played 2.5 hrs of solid poker and was sat with 11k in chips on the final table. I lost my concentration for 1 hand and blew up. I smelt someone having a stab at the pot so raised and got called. I only had A high and the had a hand. Checked to river but was crippled and down to less than 4k which lasted another 4 hands. Why did i try a stupid move? The blinds were only 300/600 so i had plenty of time. Really angry with myself. Went out in 8th :-(
Cash tables not much better. Was up and down like a yoyo. Nothing to show from today apart from my WSOP chance so i hope i can make good use of it.

Previous balance $23,795
Todays profit $9 It all helps i suppose lol
Todays balance $23,804
Total profit $23,404

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Day 40

Well today wasn't going too well to start with. The only tables with players were 2/4 so played 2 tables of that. Suckouts unreal. people calling like $50 into a $75 pot after turn with a gutshot only..... and fookin hitting!!! Was tedious as hell. Lost around $400. At 10pm the other tables started filling up and there were some right maniacs around tonight. Is it a full moon? lol.
Played 3 tables: 2/4, 3/6, & 4/8. After a shaky start i finished up on all 3 and finished the day with a profit.
Unlucky Liverpool. Played well and looked really up for it. Wasn't to be this year :-(
I really should stick to playing 3/6-5/10 between 10pm & 2am only.

Previous balance $23,268
Todays profit $527
Todays balance $23,795
Total profit $23,395

Day 39

Just don't seem to be getting the breaks lately. I need to find out why. Have the sharks arrived at sky? Have i changed my game? Is it just variance? Have the fish learnt their lessons with me? I think maybe all of the above. I'm probably playing a little more passively than i should. Maybe i've just slipped into this or maybe i'm worried too much about losing. I'm also getting bored with 1/2 & 2/4. Maybe i need to take more regular forrays into 5/10 to keep my intrest going. Where does this stop if i get bored with 5/10 though? I can't just step up every time i get bored. I'm also sure that the standard has improved. A month ago i could sit at a table and there would regularly be 4 players with 'donk' or 'atm' in player notes. These players are few and far between now with maybe 1 at a table at any 1 time. Anyways, i have to make a change somewhere so maybe stepping up slightly to 4/8 & 5/10 would work and this is still within my bankroll. The reason i haven't done this sooner is because i was just looking at making a regular steady profit at the 2/4 tables. It's obviously not working. Will spend a few sessions at 5/10 and see how it goes. I think it will tighten up my game and bring better results. Will soon find out. Anyways, the below figures are from yesterdays (Tue) 1/2 sessions which were losing sessions and a little 4/8 which was a winning session.

previous balance $23,435
Todays profit $(167)
Todays balance $23,268
Total profit $22,868

Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 38

Bit of a non-event today. Lost a few quid on cash and won a few quid on an mtt. Early night as have to be up at 07.30!

Previous balance $23,458
Todays profit $(23)
Todays balance $23,435
Total profit $23,035

Day 37

Sunday and i've done it again. Have previously come 2nd twice in the PP bootcamp qualifier where the winner gets a weekend of professional tuition and a shot at an ept seat. 2nd again today after a monumental battle with Welshy. 1 hour of heads up play left me in the runner up spot for the 3rd time. Think i'm destined not to win this seat so i'm giving up now. Was a fantastic game though and much respect to Welshy for the win. Hope you and Idi0 have a great weekend and hopefully 1 of you can get that seat.
Couldn't play any more poker after that battle as my head was in bits lol. Went down to Guarana for the summer opening, got slightly squiffy, then came back for half an hour of 3/6nl which went quite well considering i was slightly pissed ;-)

Previous balance $23,104
Todays profit $354
Todays balance $23,458
Total profit $23,058

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day 36

1st day back at the tables for a few days. The girlfriend's been over to Ibiza so not played a hand all week. It's been fab. Although i did burn in the sun quite badly on the 1st day and am now peeling like a goodun. The weather is really warm now and getting warmer every day. July & August are going to be nightmare months what with the heat and the tourists. It gets so busy here. Hopefully will be able to spend a bit more time in the UK this summer depending on what happens with my job as it looks like the boat may be sold and i would officially become a poker pro...... scarey!!!! Not sure my mother will be too pleased at that thought lol. Still looking for a restaurant here so fingers crossed something will happen soon.
A good day today. was playing $1000nl and found a complete maniac. This guy must have been utterly wasted or mentally unhinged. It's not everyday that you see guys calling preflop allins at this level with 52off! Anyways, will be keeping my eyes peeled for him in the future.

Previous balance $22,170
Todays profit $934
Todays balance $23,104
Total profit $22,704

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Day 35

As mentioned previously i have a visitor arriving today so i'll be off the poker and probably off the blog for a while. Got loads to do today but she's not arriving til after midnight so i plan to get everything done this afternoon and then play a little tonight before i pick her up.

Played like a tit today. What with yesterdays winnings and the fact i aint going to be playing for a while i played far too loose and aggressive with marginal hands. Silly me. Good luck at the tables. See you soon.
Right, best go pick the lady up or i'll be in bad books.......

Previous balance $22,686
Todays profit $(516)
Todays balance $22,170
Total profit $21,770

Day 34

Pretty good day today. I don't think i got 1 bad beat the whole night and made steady profit off all my tables. Mainly playing 3/6 & 4/8. Poked my nose into PP and played a couple of MTT's without cashing. No surprise there.
This might be my last post for a while as my girlfriend arrives tomorrow for a week :-) I think a break away from the poker will do me good. Actually looking forward to doing something other than call, raise or fold lol.

Previous balance $21,001
Todays profit $1685
Todays balance $22,686
Total profit $22,286

Friday, May 11, 2007

Day 33

Tidy little profit tonight but i was down for most of the night and chased a little for the last hour and run into a table of donks :-)

Previous balance $20,576
Todays profit $425
Todays balance $21,001
Total profit $20,601

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 32

Bit hacked off tonight. Made a $600 profit playing 3 tables then last hand of the night i get stung by a 2 outer on the river to lose a $850 pot and totally wipe out 4 hours of solid play. This game hurts sometimes. Why the fook do they call with these shitty hands? Seem to be getting more and more beats lately.

Previous balance $20,824
Todys profit $(248)
Todays balance $20,576
Total profit $20,176

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Day 31

Just a quick post tonight. Decent profit today, early night for me.

Previous balance $20,232
Todays profit $592
Todays balance $20,824
Total profit $20,424

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day 30

Only played an hour or 2 today. Spent time sorting out my laptop and it's officially clean!! Woohoo at last. Not much going on at the 2/4 tables so dropped down to $1/$2. Not a bad profit for the time invested and level played. May stay at this level for a while to try and avoid the big swings

Previous balance $19,902
Todays profit $330
Todays balance $20,232
Total profit $19,832

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Day 29

Sunday again already! Blimey, that week went quick. Might try and qualify cheaply for the 75k later at pacific and may play some global qualifiers. I really want to get to a major live game this year.
Well that was a pretty good day. Qualified for the 75k for $3 but didnt do any good in it.
Had a break after 4 hours of satelliting and found 4 very young kittens in the garden. Bless em. Had a bit of a play with them but mummy wasn't too chuffed when she turned up. A saucer of milk for them all changed that though and we are now all best friends :-)
Then played the Sky Open $18k gtd. Came 14th for about $150 with AKd running into AA for the chip lead :-( Congratulations to pokerfriends united's Cryptic3 who won it for a cool $5k.
Then moved onto the cash tables for a while and didn't do too badly.

Previous balance $19,134
Todays profit $768
Todays balance $19,902
Total profit $19,502

Day 28

Another very frustrating day. Played the Barcelona qualifier at Pacific and came 10th. Played the sky open $7000 Gtd and came 11th. Then moved on to cash and run in to my bogey hand yet again. The odds on this must be astronomical. KK in the hole and flop trip kings. Bet it hard and get re-raised. Opponant yet again makes runner runner to fill his straight on the river. Thats 3 times this week i've held trip kings, been absolutely miles ahead, and lost a big pot on the river to a complete donk. Nothing i can do about it i suppose. I don't think i played the hand badly.

Previous balance $19,478
Todays profit $(344)
Todays balance $19,134
Total profit $18,734

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Day 27

Not a bad friday. Could have been better as i played the bootcamp qualifier tonight for a $2,000 package to London and a shot at a EPT seat. Came 2nd for the 2nd time :-( Sooooo close. Ah well, maybe next time. Cash tables been ok tho....

Previous balance $18,568
Todays profit $910
Todays balance $19,478
Total profit $19,078

Friday, May 4, 2007

Day 26

Well i promised myself i wouldn't play today after the hammering i've taken recently but i just couldn't resist lol. Think i've got my computer nearly free of viruses so am in a bit happier mood. Thank you so much to Deathryder from PFU for all your assistance. I think we're nearly there :-) Played 2 tables of $2/4 tonight. Nothing spectacular, just ground out a small profit. A profit's a profit though and after yesterday i'm thankful.

Previous balance $18,434
Todays profit $134
Todays balance $18,568
Total profit $18,168

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day 25

Am properly fucked off and that's swearing. I have taken so many bad beats in the last few days i could cry. I've been utterly demolished tonight by hands that are quite frankly unbelievable. I'm raising 5x to $40 preflop and am getting called by T7o. The more i try and raise to get rid of these idiots the more they call and outdraw me with garbage. Think todays been my worst day so far. May not play for a few days. Tilting the fuck outa myself here!

Previous balance $20,110
Todays profit ($1,676)
Todays balance $18,434
Total profit $18,034

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Day 24

Not very happy tonight. Have a computer virus that i can't fix and have been sending steadily more annoyed emails to support for the software i'm using. Not a single reply in 2 days from them. Tearing my hair out here. Put that together with another terrible beat on the tables and i'm not in the best of moods. Flopped KKK yet again tonight and got yet again called to the river by someone chasing a gutshot straight draw. This fookwit didn't even have a pair. He hit his straight on the river to take down an $800 pot. That's the last 3 consecutive days now that i've lost major pots when at least 90% in front going to the river. 1 i can take but 3 days on the trot? My balance should read over $3000 more than it currently does. What are these people thinking ffs? Been pretty card dead for the rest of the night and think today has been a losing day. Didn't enjoy playing 1 bit tonight. Didn't help being pissed off before i started. Roll on tomorrow........

Previous balance $20,504
Todays profit $(394)
Todays balance $20,110
Total profit $19,710

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Day 23

Mixed bag today. Came 4th in the sky open for $488 from a $20 outlay and also got mentioned on the telly hehe :-) Then played some cash and was doing nicely until the worst hand i have ever seen cropped up. I will name and shame Victor at skypoker for making me feel like i do right now. I am numb! OK we are playing $2/$4nl holdem. I joined with $400 and had built it up to $620 over a couple of hours. I get dealt KK in the BB. 3 limpers before me and i raised 6x as the table was showing maniac tendencies. Only Victor calls.
Flop K74 rainbow :-) I bet $40 as the crazy calls are scaring me. Victor calls.
Turn 8. I bet $80 and Victor raises it to $160. What can i put him on here? Well i put him on trips also and am happy to go over the top allin. He calls the rest of his chippies!!!
River 5.
He flips over 46 to take a $1,160 pot. I still can't quite believe what happened in that hand. He calls allin after the turn with bottom pair and a gutshot and hits. Today would have been a very profitable day but it has turned into a fooking shambles. I can usually take a bad beat, especially on sky, but this 1 really really hurt. If i was playing with this clown live i would be sat in the cells right now. This might actually stop me playing for a day or 2 as i feel very very tilty and can't see the feeling disappearing soon. Will see how i feel tomorrow.
Am sick as a parrot! Nite nite

Previous balance $20,266
Todays profit $238 ........... should have been $1,300 grrrrrrr
Todays balance $20,504
Total profit $20,104

Not all bad i suppose. Still finished with a profit and have unbelievably made it to a fifth of the way to a hundred grand in 23 days! Must be doing something right :-) That smile is totally false by the way lol. Am still fuming :\