Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lookout WSOP!

Woohoo!! (i love it when my posts start this way.)

Had such a good day. Drove down and collected my car today and i'm well chuffed with it. I'ts got a cup holder and everything! Made it back at 19:45 just in time to play a 9 man sng on Fulltilt. I've been playing in the Hendon Mob league for the last 15 weeks and managed to come 12th. This entitled me to play in tonights SNG for a $4k Vegas package for next years WSOP. $1k flight, $1k hotel, $500 spending and entry into $1500 tourney. I only went and won it! :-) Am chuffed to bits. I think that was my most meaningful/important win to date. I'll have to start practicing my chip tricks now and buy a ridonkulous pair of shades. I suppose i ought to link the mob up too. What a great bunch they are :-)

Cash tables also pretty good since last post. Just crept over the $92k mark and edging towards the $100k landmark.

Happy days :-)


Amatay said...

Fair fucking play m8, a cup holder, that is genius!!! Oh well done on making it to the wsop too you fish.

Puffet said...

Crazy prize, congrats on the win. Surely a wild experience, and with most expenses paid it should be a blast.

All the best