Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day 46

Spent all day on a friends speedboat today zipping around Ibiza. Sunburnt isn't a word that's strong enough! This all happened yesterday and i'm currently sat with lips that feel like twigs, shoulders that feel like i've been flogged, and a perfect line around my face where my shades were that makes me look like Robbin FFS! I really do look like a complete tool. Why do i insist in wearing sunglesses and no sunscrean? Had a few too many beers as well and was not in any state to play cards upon my return. Did that stop me though? Did it bollox!
It only took me about 20 minutes to lose a considerable amount. At this point i saw sense and stopped. Too tired, too drunk. Most of the money i donked off in 1 hand

Previous balance $26,532
Todays profit -$478
Todays balance $26,054
Total profit $25,654


Amatay said...

Hello m8, is that your BR $25k+?

Cottlad said...

Yup, thats from $400 45 playing days ago. Thats why i mentioned a BR management plan on yr blog. I started mine 45 days ago :)

Amatay said...

WOWSAY. what BR do u use then?