Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 37

Sunday and i've done it again. Have previously come 2nd twice in the PP bootcamp qualifier where the winner gets a weekend of professional tuition and a shot at an ept seat. 2nd again today after a monumental battle with Welshy. 1 hour of heads up play left me in the runner up spot for the 3rd time. Think i'm destined not to win this seat so i'm giving up now. Was a fantastic game though and much respect to Welshy for the win. Hope you and Idi0 have a great weekend and hopefully 1 of you can get that seat.
Couldn't play any more poker after that battle as my head was in bits lol. Went down to Guarana for the summer opening, got slightly squiffy, then came back for half an hour of 3/6nl which went quite well considering i was slightly pissed ;-)

Previous balance $23,104
Todays profit $354
Todays balance $23,458
Total profit $23,058

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