Friday, November 27, 2009

Need More Time!

Blimey a month has nearly passed. Now I remember why I closed this thing down. Do you ever wonder how the day can be so short? It's probably just me making work for myself and not having any time whatsoever to spare just to sit down and relax. Get up 11am, make tea, check emails/forums etc, make lunch, sit a few minutes with Millie, go to shops, upstairs to check emails, forums, etc.... open tables........ play 4 tables til 5.30pm, make tea (dinner to you suvnas,) sit down to eat 7pmish, watch Eastenders and whatever junk is on the telly until 8.30-9pm, back upstairs..... check emails etc...... open tables........ play until 1.30-3am........ wake up/repeat^ Arrrggggghhhhh!!! I'm back playing at Sky quite a bit (God knows why) which means i can't even type whilst playing as it's browser based and my cursor disappears to active table every 3.2 seconds. I seem to have about 90 mins per day when i'm sat doing nothing and that's downstairs with the missus and Millie. So anyways, that's my excuse for not updating and also why my parents rarely get replies to their emails...... must try harder..... again!

The above hecticness really made for an awesome holiday in Portugal though. OMG what it feels like to wake up and have no pressure to do anything other than relax :) Even the 1st trip flying with Millie wasn't as tilting as i thought it would be. I think we'll be back out there after Christmas for a week, then again in April AGW.

Poker has been mediocre at best lately. Ever since i withdrew a chunk of roll earlier in the year it's been a struggle to make good money again. I went on a bad downswong straight afterwards and suddenly i'm only comfortably rolled to play $1/$2 absolute max. This knocked my confidence and saw me playing more hours and reverting to $100nl +/- just to cut down on some variance. This inevitably led to making less money which means (what with bills and the fact wifey is currently on maternity) that the roll still isn't where i'd like it. It's going in the right direction which is the main thing but i'm still not able to play the stakes i'd like to in order to give the roll a proper boost. I could do with 1 big score to get me back where i want to be so here's hoping i take down the ECOOP this Wednesday.

I haven't played much live which is something else i want to address soon. I really feel my live game is good compared to most of the opposition and i'll be trying to qualify for some live events in the new year. I played the GUKPT Manchester earlier in the year and cashed for £2400 iirc and played a £100 event in Leeds last week versus God who got it allin with me with KK v my QQ on a 7JQ board for the chiplead with 2 tables left. Obv he binked the K and sent me to the rail in a state of shock...... i was tempted to sit down at the cash tables but got a grip of myself just in time and led myself by the collar to the car and drove home, agog, before anymore damage could be done. Donkaments!.

Unfortunately Inside Poker magazine is ceasing to exist after this month. I've really enjoyed writing for them over the last year and a half. Hopefully I may get some work with the magazines stablemate Poker Player. It's a shame as i thought IP was one of the better mags out there and for me, it was a welcome break from playing and of course, provided a little pocket money. Anyways, good luck to all the IP staff in future ventures.

That'll do for today i think. Future posts will probably discuss some hands good and bad and go into some strategy and thought processes.

If anyone fancies backing me live, for tournies or/and cash, please feel free to drop me a line :)

Ciaou 4 now.
Edit...... opened 4 tables up after this post and made 6 buyins in about 650 hands. Maybe writing this blog is linked with running good? Bout bloody time!
PPS..... for Snoops.... have linked up Blackbelt. Will they sponsor me now please? ;) Where's yr blog now?