Monday, June 4, 2007

Day 51

Didn't touch poker yesterday (Sun) at all. Instead got up late morning, met some friends, had a few drinkies then headed to Space! Got there at 3pm ish and went through til 3am today. That's a 15 hour sesh! Feel like a zombie today. Just trenched a full english which has improved things slightly but i still fancy a few hours kip. Maybe i'll have a look at the tables this evening.

Hardly played again today. Been in a grump tbh. Lack of sleep + hangover + constant disconnections at Pacific = Unhappy me. Played the 25k there and got to see 3 hands in 30 mins. Hope i get my $38 buyin back. at least i got a bonus of $135 from the global promotion so finished up on the day.

Previous balance $37,791
Todays profit $60
Total balance $37,851
Total profit $37,451

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