Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 84 - 50k post

Quite a milestone post tonight. 50k barrier has been broken and i'm chuffed to bits :)))))

Took down a small Pacific forum game tonight. Only 13 runners but it buys my place into the bootcamp qualifier on Saturday. No doubt i'll come 2nd again!

Played up and down at cash tonight. Mostly leaving about even after 2-3 hours. Sat at a $800nl table and was taking some flak. AA beaten by TT then a horrible hand with AK saw me with only $120 left. I switched to tilting maniac mode and left with $1150 soon after :-)

Previous balance $49,867

Todays profit $550

Todays balance $50,417

Total profit $50,017


Cheesies said...

very nice work matey!

Dremeber said...

Whooh great results.