Monday, October 8, 2007

Small mtt win

Played in cafe solo at PP today and took it down for $350. Not bad for a $20 buyin i suppose.
My local Gala is holding a live game tonight so am gonna give it a bash. Says £25 entry on website but dunno if this correct, is it a rebuy? Is it a freezeout? Turn up and find out i suppose.
GL at the tables.

Update..... played at Gala tonight and it was a £10 rebuy. Was crap tbh and there was only 23 turned up. Will stick to Napoleons in the future. I went out for the 2nd live game in succession with AA Grrrr. AA v AQ tonight as opposed to AA v A3. Fookin ridonkulous! I've been reliably informed that the combined percentage of being eliminated both times is less than 1%. Fookin marvelous. That makes me feel much better! lol.

Just finishing the night playing a couple of cash tables. $720 up at mo and will be calling it a night soon.


PokerRentBoy said...

I wouldnt bother with Napoleons either if I were you. In terms of hourly rate, you cant expect to make anywhere near what you will on the internet. However, its OK for a jolly. I would treat it as a night out more than anything else.

I was a regular winner for about 2 years but havent been much since I got into the bigger online games.

I went a couple of times this year just to get myself back into the 'live' frame of mind before a trip to Vegas. Many of the same players were there from years before, making the same mistakes they made before. It was quite embarrassing actually.

Cottlad said...

yeah the quality is pretty poor. I go for the Craic really, not to make money. Good to keep up a bit of live practice too. I usually make more when i get home than i do at the casino lol