Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 69

I am well and trully gobsmacked. Am sat here numb after that sesh. I said i wouldn't play today and i really wish i never. Have had to walk away for fear of ubertilt. I felt good today and was playing well. Made $800 earlier but my last 2 hands leave me completely speachless (altho still able to type.) We had an utter utter utter DONK at a $1000nl table who was obviously pissed or severely retarded or both. 1st hand I double him up to $800 with my AA losing against his 33 (allin preflop!)
Very next hand i get TT (now bear in mind i never raise with nothing.) I raise to $100 and the donkey calls. Flop 336. I bet $200 donkey calls. Turn 8. I push for $500 and he calls. River K and he flips QKo. I thought i was seeing things. Good job that wasn't a live game!

Previous balance $42,328
Todays profit -$642
Todays balance $41,686
Total profit $41,286 Fooking Gutted!

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