Saturday, July 21, 2007

No poker today

My head just aint up to the job. Went for a Ruby last night and then down the Rock Bar for a few sherberts. Ended up in Pacha at about 3am but i could have been at the Roxy for all i knew. Was slightly pished and really didn't enjoy Pacha at all. Went for coffees to keep me awake and sober me up as i had to take my flatmate and his girlfriend to the airport at 10am. Felt like shit but was ready to go at 10am. They still fannying around at 10:15 and i'm telling them they gonna miss the flight. We leave house at 10:25 and their flight leaves at 11:25! We are 30 minutes from the airport! Anyways, we set off and he says he needs to go to a tabac before the airport. WTF? So we get to the airport about 30 mins before check-in and i'm convinced they missed it so i told him to call me ASAP so i could turn the car around and pick them up. I set off and they call me to say all OK..... whew. I drive the 15 miles home and as i'm pulling up the phone rings...... Oooops we missed the flight afterall...... we were in the wrong queue!......WTF!!!! Are these people fucking donkeys or what? So i drive all the way back to the airport and wait another 45 minutes while they fanny around getting other tickets. Then drive all the way back home. Can you imagine what a good mood i was in after zero sleep and the effects of a major hangover kicking in! Got to bed about 12:45 and i've had about 4 hours kip. Now gotta take them BACK to the feckin airport for 01:00 tomoro am but that's OK cos i pick my fiance up at the same time. What a pair of grade 1 listed numpty fookwits!! Anyways, i've calmed down a bit now. Gonna have a weeks holiday with Anna then i'll be heading back to the UK for a while, probably until Sep or Oct.


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