Thursday, October 30, 2008

12 Weeks!!!!

Wow..... am a bit numb at the moment. Today we went for a 12 week scan and all is well. We are expecting a baby on 13th May 2009 :-)

Monday, October 13, 2008

I iZ 1 Dumm FisH

WTF have i been doing recently? No really..... WTF??? I've been playing like a complete fookwit tbh. How i didn't realize sooner is still baffling me now but at least i realized whilst i still had something that resembles a bankroll left. Sky still seems to be dishing out horrific beats to ALL of the regulars there. If any regular, normally winning Sky player is not currently getting bashed about then please reply in this post. Anyways, i've been concentrating on bIg slIck (ipoker) and have been doing pretty well playing 50c/$1 and half stacking $1/$2. I took my £50 starting deposit and what with rakeback equivalent bonus and running good i managed to get my roll there to a little over £2k in a little under 2 months. Was well chuffed with that tbh as the 1st few weeks was spent trying to build enough to play with and was slow going. The last 10 days or so have been pretty gruesome though and i knew it was because my game had gone to shit and was not down to suckouts/coolers. Looking at my PT stats i had somehow slipped to playing 23/12/1.5 :s I enlisted the help of a stats expert who really knows his stuff and he had a look at my PT stats and PokerEV graphs and came to pretty much the same conclusion as me....... i was playing like a muppet!! Even before the last 10 days or so i wasn't playing very well but i was running good at ipoker which always helps. Anyways, we came up with an action plan and things are hopefully back on track. I'm feeling good about my game for the 1st time in a few months tbh. Can now hopefully put the last 3 months behind me and move on and start earning some $$$'s again.

Had another article published in this months Inside Poker. Am fairly happy with it but again, it's so difficult to convey points accross when you only have 1500 words to work with. Not only that, I don't think much of playing poker is 'standard' anymore so one mans line in any given scenario can be completely different to anothers and both can be correct. Just sent another peice in about playing OOP so hopefully that one will go to print before crimbo.

So i'll be spending the rest of the month grinding 4-5 tables at ipoker. Hopefully the next week or 2 will go to plan and i can move up to fullstacking $1/2 but i would want £2.5k before i considered that. Until then i'm thrashing about in 50c/$1. Current roll at ipoker is £1.8k.

Huge congrats to idi0!!! He only went and PFU'd the Brawl for $75k!!! Amazing!! :-)

Also, thanks again to Mark for helping me with my game!