Thursday, January 31, 2008


Booked it. Packed it. Fooked off!!

After weeks of umming and ahhing i've booked the honeymoon. 4 nights in Vegas followed by 11 nights in Maui in a honeymoon cottage, then a night in Vegas on the way back. Can't wait. So looking forward to seeing the sun again. It's gonna be weird going to Vegas and not playing poker but i'll get the poker in when i go back in June .... Just booked that also :-) Heading out for a couple of WSOP events on 15th June. Heading back on 24th. Hope i can come back a bracelet winner........ gawd that would be so awesome.

The poker has been going MUCH better. I have no idea what the fook i've been fannying around at since crimbo. Trying to get tricky, poor hand selection, poor table selection, no concentration etc etc etc etc etc etc.............................. I've taken a leaf out of Jones's book and have dropped down to $1/$2. I've turned the telly off. I've started taking notes again. I've got my patience back etc etc etc etc etc/.... Net result is a $2.2k profit in 3 days after a total of about 17 hours (3 tabling.) Everything just feels better. Not even gonna think about moving above 2/4 at all unless i see 'Irishpig' has come back for another bashing lol.

The reason i've moved back down is simply due to reading my own blog. My normal game when i was winning constantly was 1/2 or 2/4. Not 3/6 or 5/10 or higher. I've been such a fookwit. My game suits 2/4max so thats what i should play. My stats should tell me that but having lost most of my stats when my harddrive went pop i haven't updated. I was planning on starting keeping better stats when i eventually have my desktop connected (probably next week.)

There are a lot of huge lessons to be learnt above. Not just for me. Take heed people!

GLA :-)

Monday, January 28, 2008


Having another bad run. Playing marginal hands and trying to conceal biggies. Trouble is, i aint hitting any biggies. Played Saturday and was doing OK until i did something incredibly stupid that slightly tilted me. I'm playing $600nl and wake up with 99 on button. I raise to $20 by highlighting the bet box and typing 20. Trouble is, i didn't delete what was already in there so ended up with 620. I hit 'raise' before i realize what i've done and it raises me allin. This is the 1st time i've done that in around 100k hands at this site. Anyways, i thought i'd probably get away with it as long as someone in the blinds didn't have AA/KK. BB calls and flips AA. Odd's please? LOLOL........absolutely gutted.
Spent the rest of the weekend getting rivered. Not a massive amount down but if i'd won even 40% of my 80% shot's i'd be well up for the weekend. My luck has been trully awful.
Here's an example......... you know who you are lol..........
$1000nl. I raise to $50 in position preflop with QQ.
A very drunk guy calls from blinds.
Flop 469
He bets $100. I raise to $400. he calls.
Turn J
He pushes for $550. I call.
River 3
Hi flips 52 offsuit and rivers his gutshot straight. I'm not moaning at his play here. I'm quite happy with his play. It just highlights the unreal luck i've been having lately when someone bluff pushes over $500 with 5 high, i make the right call and get hammered by a 4 outer.
Apologies if the above not 100% accurate but if it aint, it's there abouts.

Anyways, time to move onward and upward. Hope i can make this week work a little better. Gonna try and stop calling raises with my 64c and get back to ABC's for a while.

GL for the week all. Tallyho!!!!!

edit: It's 10:55 and i've just started........ fooks sake.
$600nl. Full Stack. AA dealt to me.
Raise to $24. 1 caller.
Flop 854
I bet $40 he calls
Turn 2
I bet $100 he calls
River 7
He pushes $150 and i have to call. Of course he has 86 and hits his gutshot straight.

Next hand.
Same guy raises to $30 preflop and i push the rest in (slightly tilty) with AK. He calls and takes down a $600 pot with QKo. I mean.... wtf is going on ere.

Any advice please? Am i playing like a fookwit?

10 minutes into today and i'm $600 down after about 6 hands. Both coming from suckouts.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Iron Man

I am now officially a 'Fitness Fanatic!!!!!'
I didn't actually go swimming today but i did walk 3 miles. OK..... it's nothing special but at least it's a start. Have decided that walking is the way to go for a while at least as it will allow me to get to know Harrogate a bit better. The reason i walked 3 miles today is that the local cardroom is a mile and a half away and i wanted to scope the place out. It was shut! Grrrr. Ah well. Will nip down and join another time. Gonna start upping the walking to 5-10 miles to cover the whole of Harrogate and surrounding area.
Anyways, came back from my stroll and had a real nice afternoon at the tables. Played for about 2 hours only and have just finished up $1200 playing NL$600. Schweeeeeeet. Bout time i had a decent day.
Like Podium Boy, i must work out a schedule between playing/sleeping/exercise/days off etc etc etc. Am also playing when i shouldn't and not taking the thing seriously enough of late. Just haven't had the concentration or been in the 'zone.' Feel better for getting out of the house today though so hopefully things will change.

Only 1 terrible beat today by a player who should bloody well know better..........
Oh fook it, i'm not gonna bore you all with BB stories.

So, at 6pm i'm $1600 away from the magic figure.

Oh...... can someone tell me why, after i post an entry, it doesn't update for hours and hours? It used to be instant?

Bad Mood Today

Dunno what's put me in such a grump today. I've won about $1k tonight and still feel pissed off. I feel like i need to kick the shit out of a punchbag for an hour or two. Either that or smoke a pack of reds. Been 5.5 months since i gave up now. Still get urges but i'll never smoke again. Would be so easy though.

I've deffo gotta go swimming or running or something tomorrow. I must get active instead of sitting at home eating chocolate. I'm becoming a tubby fooka which aint good.

Can't get my graph working in that nice steady uphill walk that i've had since April. Deffo less fish swimming in the pools. Either that or my game is getting a lot worse. I had hoped my next post would be the $100k celebration but i just can't seem to crack it. Still another 3k to go.

Lost a $1000 hand yesterday and had to laugh like fook afterwards. Fair play...........

6 handed. Me button. Him BB. 500 each. Blinds 3/6
Folded to me. I raise to $18 with 88. BB calls.
Flop 844 :)
He checks. I check.
Turn 844(7)
He Checks. I check (hope he hits the river teehee :-))))
River 8447(A)
He goes allin for 500 and i instacall.

He only goes and flips 44! FFS!!!! lmao. was funny. Good luck to him, he played me like a fish hehe.
Sx2 + others + 70.8


Friday, January 18, 2008

Cashout Blues

Why is it? I'm playing what i consider very good poker this week. Up to Wednesday morning i had 13/17 winning sessions Somewhere near 10 buyins to the good. Wed morning i cash out 20% of my current roll at this site. Since then i've had 10/12 LOSING sessions. Somewhere near 5 buyins down I'm sure i haven't changed my game. I've been completely card dead. When i do limp in or pick up a semi decent starting hand i'm outdrawn every time. My str8 outdrawn after money goes in to a flush. My flush outdrawn after money goes in to a boat etc etc. Time after time Last night i needed a change so opened up another client where i had $400. I've played and won in 5 sessions and my roll there is now $2k. I ask ya....... wtf? Is it really just variance? I know this has come up sooooo many times in the past and this is a bit of a rant, but why does it constantly come up? Aliens DO exist! Diana WAS murdered! Amatay IS a fish!

Anyways, gonna stay away from the cashout site for a while until my doomswitch has been reset. Might even have a pop at a few donkaments for a change.

Maybe Sunday will change my luck. We are having our bands read (whatever that means) so i'll be attending church and praying to God for a nice streak of luck. Wonder if I can tempt the vicar into a backroom cashgame after the service? hehe.

Still can't reach the magical 100k figure. Seems this last 10k is proving to be a bit tricky. Current profit $96k. Hopefully i'll be there (and not lower) by the end of the month.

I didn't make it to Brighton. A bit too far to travel really. Hopefully i can get to one of the more northerly legs. GL Gliterbabe who's made it to day 2. Take it down!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Yeah yeah, i know i'm a bit late. Better late than never though innit! Been grinding away for the last month trying to rebuild my roll after losing that 10k in a short spell. Happily i've made that back in December with a little bit on top so all is well in my little world :-)

I hardly played a hand over christmas as i never had any time really. The only time i really did want to play i couldn't get a signal and settled for about 10 minutes of $2/$4. Back into the groove now to a certain extent but will be easier once i have my new system connected to the tinternet. I've just been out and bought a decent spec PC, 2 x 22" monitors and a printer from PC world for 666 quids. Great offer imo. Dual core 2.2ghz with 2g ram. Haven't been able to play yet though as i wont have tinternet service until the end of the month. Will probably plug in my mobile dongle modem thingymebob to test it out soon though. I spent the first 15 minutes just moving the mouse cursor from screen to screen lol. Gawd i'm a saddo.

So, what have i been up to i hear you say? Well i've been upto this..........

Xmas - cooked xmas dinner for mine and fiance's parents. Great success! :-) Fiance bought me a Wii for xmas prezzy. Great success! :-) Spent a couple of nights between xmas and NY in the Lake District with my girl. Had a spa bath and a hot-tub. Even managed a 4 hour walk on 1 of the days - Great Success! :-) NYeve went to a restaurant with friends and got hammered. Not as hammered as the girls though who ended up pretty comatoze. NY day was a bit messy to say the least - Great success! :-)

The wedding's creeping up quickly and most of the planning has been finalized now. Last major job is to book a band which i'm off to do right now - I hope Led Zep are free on Easter Monday!

Hope you all have a happy and healthy new year. Good luck at the tables.

PS..... anyone playing the GUKPT in Brighton next week? Think i may be attending.