Friday, July 25, 2008

Anyone Wanna Hear A Bad Beat Story?

Ya just can't believe some peoples play. It's as if they are completely unaware of what the game entails. I hate bad-beat stories but this is funny (or not)
This has gotta be in my top 5 i reckon......
The table is full of habitual limping/calling donks. Villain UTG is a complete muppet!

$3/$6 6 max with stacks $400-900 6 sat.
Villain has $400 and i have $400
limp, i raise to $24 with A5s, fold, fold, fold, BB calls, Limper calls.
Flop AJ5 rainbow
Check, check, I bet $50, fold, villain raises to $150 i call. (99% sure i'm way ahead ere.)
Turn AJ5(9)
Villain bets $150, i call
River AJ59(7)
Villain shoves rest in (about $80), I call
Villain shows 86o and wins a $800+ pot!
Gotta laugh innit!
I finish the day £31 up after an 8hr+ grind :S

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Lied! my last post when i said the car was almost fixed. Got the parts and replaced them only to find the damn thing still mis-firing. Had a garage look at it yesterday and they just called me with some great news.......
Best case scenario....... bad valve...... £750
Worst case scenario.....New head...... £1600
Am utterly fooked off right now. How can a supposedly solid reliable car need this work after only 75k miles? I drive it proper steady too :S I've got no choice i suppose other than get the thing fixed. Just hope i can have a decent run at poker to pay for it.
Pokers been going OK with the last 4 days winning ones averaging $800/day. I suppose that's paid for the car in the worst case scenario but i'm still not happy.
How the fook can these fookwits....... and when i say fookwits i mean someone who plugs a computer into a car then changes any parts that aren't working properly...... justify charging £40/hour. I mean WTF is going on in the world when a parts fitter is earning £300/day? Oh i forgot to add the juice they put on top of parts also! I gotta stop this rant before i tilt myself lol.

Right. Back to the poker...... relax!

Huuuuuuge congrats to idi0 from PFU who took down the FTP 40k last night for $15k :-) WP mate....... Fix me car for me? TYTY


Monday, July 21, 2008

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder!

I still feel sick :-( What a bloody marvelous night Friday was though. There ended up being about 14 of us out on the town all pretending we could still drink like 25 year olds. We started off sensible enough in our local pubs at 7.30 but it started getting silly when we hit the city. Our 1st 3 pubs in quick succession involved 1) Flaming Absinthes and pints of snakebite & black 2) Pints of Old Peculiar 3) Double whisky with a Schnapps Shooter. It's all a bit fuzzy after that but i think everyone kept going until at least 2am.

Fook me did i feel ruff Saturday morning! I had to look in the mirror to see if some joker had lobotomised me in the night.
Got up at 10.30 but that was just wishful thinking so went back to bed until 1.30pm. I had to force myself out of bed then as i had to go and pick the boat up. A bacon butty and cuppa tea went some way to curing me but i still felt like death.
Anyways, got the boat picked up and put in her new home then drove down the coast to see work in progress on a similar boat. It was at this point the friggin car broke down. My own fault as i didn't change all the coil packs the other month when the 1st one went. So, i couldn't get back home and had to spend another night in Hull. Not a very happy wife as she'd planned a really nice meal for when i got home..... oops. Spent a couple of hours playing poker instead for a $1k profit which is a decent result considering the day i'd had and how i felt at the time.

Anyways, the boat is sorted, the car is all but fixed and apart from feeling sea-sick i'm back up to 65% health! :-) Happy days!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Somebody please make it stop!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

LOL Boataments!

Greetings! WTF am i doing? I seem to have bought a boat! Well myself, my Dad and my Step Dad in-law have. It's a Microplus 501 and we'll use it for fishing out of sunny Bridlington whenever we get any decent weather. That should give me a year or two to do the thing up! It's not quite what i've been used to over the last few years but hopefully she'll float and will give us at least 1 afternoons entertainment per year. The pic isn't our boat but is the same type. I pick ours up tomorrow. We are still to decide a name for her so any suggestions welcome. The shortlist so far: SEVEN DEUCE, SHARKBAIT, BAD BEAT, SUITED ACES, ANNAMARIE, GUTSHOT.
Poker's been up and down the last week or two. Swings have been bigger than i wanted but the action lately seems to have been crazy. My last 8 days have been -450, -500, +1800, +70, -4, +840, -1260, +960. Thats a 735 swing average per day. That's 91 big bets or nearly 2 buyins. Considering i'm only playing 2 tables per day for about 3-4 hours it's just too much. Only a very small sample i suppose. Anyways, i'm babbling....... STFU Shaun.

Going out with the boys tonight for the 1st time since my wedding in March!!!! It's not that i haven't wanted to or been allowed to (lol) but just haven't had the time. What with Vegas, other weddings, Silverstone, Honeymoon, parent visiting etc etc it's just impossible to get a free weekend. Doesn't help by living an hour and a half away from the drinking action....... which by the way i'm quite thankful for hehe. Anyways, there's close to a dozen middle aged warriors on the pop tonight acting like 19 year olds. Anna hit the nail on the head last night..... ' you lot are like kids when you all go out.... why can't you just drink normal drinks? Why is it that you act like you've never tasted alcohol before, never seen girls before, and never heard music before. You're 36 ffs not 17!!!' haha i think she's absolutely right...... So boys, who's round is it 1st for the sambuca afterburners?

Here are a few pics of a previous social occassion..... Come to a nice BBQ they said...... :s

Rich swimming in the carp pond
Agent Smith has had enough
Full bottle of JD for Martin!

Oh dear, it's gonna get messy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Coolers, cold decks and suckouts. Sounds like a great name for a movie i may make one day. I spent most of my day occupied with the above and worked really really hard to keep my head above the water. Was just so frustrating 3 tabling 3/6 3/6 2/4 and being met by really really bad players who just seemed to hit endlessley. I left 1 donk sat with 2200 on 3/6 and he would religiously limp call a 5x preflop raise with any ace. He just never got caught out and always seemed to hit. I think i must have played for 9 hours today and until the final 30 minutes i have been in the red all day. Never really down a lot but always -$100 to -$400. The last half hour saw me eventually hitting some cards and going on a bit of a rush that put me +$400 for the day. With my other tables already closed i was UTG on my final 3/6 table and was dealt AsKs. It was my final hand of the night. So..... i raise to 20, MP calls, BB repops it to 100. I should maybe have just passed and shut it down (then again that would be uber nitty) but this player is fairly gung ho and only had about $400 stack................ so, i call, MP folds and we see a flop.....
Flop comes down 26K rainbow....... i'm still not sure i like it........... he bets 120...... i call.
Turn 26K (J) he bets $50............ i'm already well committed and hope this is weak so shove the rest in over the top.
River is a blank and he flips KK :-( He takes down an $800+ pot which is fair enough. I think he played it well and really think the only way out for me is pre-flop when he puts in a big 3-bet. Anyone else and i may consider folding but this guy could easily be JJ QQ AK AQ.

So..... after 9 hours of play today i'm -$2 which is a loss of just over 22c/hour (sigh)
Better than it could have been i suppose so can't grumble.

As you can see i've re-designed my blog. I think it looks better but i'm having to find red piccies so it all matches lol.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lewis Hamilton FTW!

Just got back from an amazing long weekend at Silverstone. My wedding present from my wife were Platinum weekend passes for the British Grand Prix.... how lucky am I?!!! We got there on Thursday afternoon and after bemused looks from other campers, finally got our new tent up after about an hour. It was still a bit wonky but looked like it would at least keep us dry. Practice and qualifying were amazing. The weather was mixed but it wasn't too bad....... until Sunday! It was like a day in February instead of midsummer. We were sat in a covered stadium at Copse but because we had front-row seats and a strong head-wind we got battered by icey rain for most of the day. Was bloody freezing but had an awesome time. Definitely booking for next year. The atmosphere was unreal and the noise when Lewis passed the chequered flag was deafening.

Have been so busy what with Vegas and Silverstone that i've hardly played any poker since the middle of June. I have to put that right so will be hammering it for a while. I'm gonna have another go at qualifying for some live UK games too just to mix things up a bit.

Can't really discuss much poker as i haven't really played much. I played a little bit more in Vegas after my last post with mixed results. I got dealt AA twice the whole time i was there, Firstly in a Caesars tournament where i raised preflop and it all went in on the flop after i flop top set, only to see him turn over a flopped broadway straight :-( No help and i'm busto. The other time i got them was in a $5/$10 cash game on a crazy table. One of my targets was a crazy gambler who liked to see flops and bet draws hard. I look down at AA and am happy that he raises before me to $40. I make it $100 to go and he calls. We see a flop of J73 and he checks to me. I bet $150 into $215 and he pushes me allin. I have $700 behind and i'm sure i'm beat. I um and arr for a minute or two and the guy to my right is sighing 'Call!' to me whilst eating his burger. He's not even in the hand but is really trying to give me a read. I was honestly about to fold the hand before this happened but took this as a sign that the other guy had been pushing like this for a while and was probably weak or maybe had TPGK or overpair. That along with my original thoughts that this guy was a gambler led me into umming and arring for another 2 minutes before eventually making an unhappy call. He flips J7 for 2 pair and after no help, i muck my aces face down, stand up, and leave........ very annoyed with myself. I don't blame the guy with the burger, it was my own stupid fault. He could easily have 2 pair or trips. I should have listened to the check-raise and folded. If he open shoves i'm instacalling all day long but the C-raise should have waved the big red flag in my face...... It did to be fair...... i just didn't listen.
That was my one and only forray into $5/$10 whilst out there. I definitely think i could beat the game but it was a little above my available roll so the one shot was enough for me.

My flight left at 3pm on Tuesday so i entered the Goldcoasts $20 tournament which started at 10am. The average age was 113 and the skill level was terrible. There were a few decent players but at least half the field were complete donks. Anyways, i took it down for my 1st live win which felt pretty good lol. It only paid $300 but that was enough for gifts in the airport and a few beers.

So, i'm back at home without too many plans apart from poker for the forseeable future. Time to get that roll back up there. Need to pay for those Silverstone burgers somehow.