Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Birds

WTF was going on when i woke up this morning? A sparrow was circling the room FFS! If that wasn't fooked up enough, the door was closed shut and so was the window! That's some creepy shit! Spent ages catching the little fella and released him safely back into the wild. Yay!

Doesn't a bird in the house mean impending death? Well that's a bit of a bugger aint it. Don't usually believe that kind of stuff but the fact that it flew through a solid glass window to get into my room is slightly worrying.

Have no idea why i played HU this afternoon for $1k. Was easy money as my opponant was VERY tight aggressive and was folding 99.999999% preflop. He only raised 2 hands in the hour and guess who got involved in both of them? Yes that's right....... what a clown i am!

Off to Hull Fair tonight. It's the biggest travelling fair in Europe and is full of scum, swindlers & greasy chips. It's a tradition though so it's gotta be done. Our lass wants to bash some frogs on the head and win a teddy! Anything involving giving the French a seeing to is fine by me! No doubt the air rifle on tin can alley will backfire, killing me instantly, as per Mr Sparrows prediction.

Back tomorrow with a bit of luck.........


Gonna take the rent boys advice. No more Napoleons for me. What a shit show tonight was. Everyone screaming and shouting in a £10 rebuy. My table was like a chimps tea party. Some loud mouth woman really getting on me tits calling with any 2 cards. Any decent raises being called by an average of 5 players....... they all call for the value of course because they know there will be loads of callers. WTF? 4 Hands tonight in the 1st hour where i smashed the flop, bet it max, and was outdrawn by some numpty with bottom pair. Think i spent close to £100 lol. 48 players and the prizepool made £ lmao. Suffice to say i didn't cash.........

Until i got home.......

Actually came home pretty pissed off and dropped $1400 in just under an hour. Kept my head though and in the next hour i had somehow made $1800. That's a $3200 swing lol :-) Phew!
Add that to the $800 i managed to win on a 2-1 shot this afternoon at Leicester and it's been a good day afterall.

Total profit $71k+ though i'm still waiting for my hard drive stats.
Happy days :-)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Small mtt win

Played in cafe solo at PP today and took it down for $350. Not bad for a $20 buyin i suppose.
My local Gala is holding a live game tonight so am gonna give it a bash. Says £25 entry on website but dunno if this correct, is it a rebuy? Is it a freezeout? Turn up and find out i suppose.
GL at the tables.

Update..... played at Gala tonight and it was a £10 rebuy. Was crap tbh and there was only 23 turned up. Will stick to Napoleons in the future. I went out for the 2nd live game in succession with AA Grrrr. AA v AQ tonight as opposed to AA v A3. Fookin ridonkulous! I've been reliably informed that the combined percentage of being eliminated both times is less than 1%. Fookin marvelous. That makes me feel much better! lol.

Just finishing the night playing a couple of cash tables. $720 up at mo and will be calling it a night soon.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

100 days and onwards!

Well it's been a funny old month. Still not playing a great deal of poker but what i am playing is still going well. Got back from a week in Portugal last weekend where i didn't play a hand all week. Came back refreshed though and had a fantastic week of poker last week. Think i finished every day with a profit and gave a nice boost to the BR. Made up for getting about £600 worth of stuff nicked outa my luggage somewhere between Faro & Madchester. Feckers!!
Played in a live £20 rebuy last Wednesday which i'm gonna make a regular game i think. The competition are mostly fishy fookwits who haven't got a scooby doo. Came 3rd on 1st attempt and then got proppa unlucky last week when down to about 13 left. Average chips and dealt AA in mid. I reraise this gobby twat from 1200 to 3200 and he calls with A3. I mean ffs..... what could he possibly be beating at this stage? What could he possibly be against that even gives hime a coinflip? 22? Fookwit. Well he catches a 933 flop and the money gets in. Now had he apologized and shook my hand i could have walked out feeling a bit pissed off and agitated. The fact that he shouted his mouth off and braggede at how well he played his hand proppa sent me over the edge. I even kicked my car tyre when i got to the carpark! lol! Anyways, if that's the level of play i'm gonna make it a regular game. Winner usually gets over £700 so not to be sniffed at.

My hard drive on my laptop melted the other day. I knew it was getting well dodgy so at 10am on the Thu i put everything that i wanted saving into a specific folder then took my laptop to me mates so that he could save the folder on an external HD then have a look see what my problem was. Got to his house at 11am and the laptop wouldn't even fire up :-( Looks like i may have lost everything i had on there......BOLLOX!!!!! Why didn't i back stuff up?
All me photo's from my Pacific crossing as well as other trips and basically my whole life, as well as all my music, as well as all my poker statistics....graph/profits/etc etc etc etc. Impossible to recreate. I may have to start again from scratch.
Have sent my HD off to a company that specializes in HD data recovery so hopefully they can do something with it. Back stuff up now guys...... it'll take you 20 mins!!!

Anyways, that'll do for now. Gonna try keep on top of this. I've said that in the past though. Trouble is, because i don't get as much time to play now, i like to spend that time playing and don't get that spare 30mins to update here. Must try harder!

Without my stats i can't really do my figures........
Profit so far after around 115 days a little over $68k

See you at the tables!