Friday, June 4, 2010

Sick Of Painting - Time For A Holiday!

Been a strange month. Really could have done to have knuckled down and played some serious hours at the tables but never seemed to have enough time. I seem to be chasing my own tail around trying to get stuff done and the list of jobs seems to increase. I guess including poker i'm busy for 14 hours every day with the other house taking up a fair chunk of my time. I'm really and utterly fed up with painting now.....ceiling, edging, walls, ceiling, edging, walls, masking, walls, ceiling, edging, omfg i'm going insane!!! Next job is the woodwork..... all of it..... sanding, masking, painting, sanding masking etc etc...... i really should just get someone in and concentrate on the poker i suppose. Will decide how/if i continue when we get back from Portugal. OMG let this holiday happen puuuurleeeaaaasssse! I don't want to see any more volcanic bullshit on the news til we've touched down back in England in 10 days time.

What poker i've actually played hasn't been too bad this last week. Final tabled 3 x 500 player mtt's out of 5 played which can't be bad for about £1,600. Finally got me my gold sharkscope star for Sky mtt's :) Want the platinum by the end of summer so will again concentrate on playing as many mtt's there as i can rather than 1 or 2 per week. It's gotta be hugely +EV for me considering the 6max structure of the games there.
Sadder news is i qualified for 2 WSOP qualifiers at £1,100 each. 1 in 10 got a £10k package with left over cash going to bubble. Well i managed a poor showing in both so looks like my WSOP this year won't happen... anyone wanna stake me? :)

WTG Praz on yr bracelet double-up! Hope the Brits can continue and take a few this year. UL Mr Channing.... sooo close :( Still, quarter of a million may soften the blow somewhat :)

Righty.... Portugal bound....... so long suckers!