Friday, November 2, 2007

LOL Updateaments

Can't believe my last update was Hull Fair. Am such a lazy arse. I can't even remember what's happened between then and now. At least i'm not dead after my bird incident.
This weeks been a bit mentalist to say the least. Monday was easily my worst ever day and i was stuck for around $4.5k. Most of this being donated to 1 player whilst 2 tabling $5/$10. Every every every single time i hit a flop or got dealt a premium hand, this guy was waiting with a better hand or an outdraw. I've never run so bad. Have spent the rest of the week trying to regroup and had made probably about $2k of it back and then yesterday happened. I don't think that i ran great but i was making some sick sick reads and playing what i thought was close to perfect poker. Was much happier with myself too. If Monday had happened a year ago i would have probably spent a fortnight coming off tilt and dropping another $5k along the way. Nowadays i handle beats and losses much better. They are basically inevitable. No point holding a grudge against anybody either. Just make notes on bad play and smile sweetly :) I still sound off occasionally when i get a real donk calling my pot bet after turn with their gutshot but that's all it is..... a quick release...... these donks are good for me :)
Anyways, back to yesterday. I think i made the sickest/stupidest/greatest play in history lol. It went something like this........

$1000nl - 3 seated - Stack sizes hero $2000 villain $1600 - Villain is uber aggressive - Dealt to Hero Ac9c - Villain raises to $40 Hero calls - Flop 7c Td ks Villain bets $50 Hero Calls - Turn 7c Td Ks (As) Villain bets $300 Hero Calls - River 7c Td Ks As (2d) Villain bets $1200 and is allin Hero calls (heart in mouth!) Villain turns over Js8s Hero wins $3200 with a pair of aces

I didn't even think about the all in call. I don't think i could have stopped myself if i'd wanted to lol. My right finger seemed to have a mind of it's own for that split second....... good right index finger! :-) That hand ($1600) along with others made me $5k yesterday in around 3 hours, 2 tabling $5/$10. Back on track!

My hard drive arrived yesterday along with my files on dvd. Gotta spend the rest of the day transferring them to my new hard drive. Hope they're all there. I've then got to fill in the gaps as my poker figures ceased about 6 weeks ago. I reckon on having 7-15 hours work ahead of me
to update to present day. Deep joy! :( I best go and get cracked on....

Thanks for reading. Will update with a figurey based entry when i've done. Rough profit $78.5k but i've completely lost track of days played. Must be 140 odd by now.

note to self: Sx2+P+FT+BF+66k 20-nov


PokerRentBoy said...

Nice play with the A9 hand.

I made a similar play a while ago against another super-aggressive whilst HU. Planning to call down with AQ high, my river decision was made easier as I hit the Ace too. He 4-barrelled with no-pair/no-draw.

After making a play like that its tough to know how that hand will affect the rest of the HU match. If he continues betting aggressively you dont know if he's on tilt or value-betting the shit out of bottom pair.

Simo123 said...

Love the post title.

BTW, I really think you should be reraising the A9 preflop. If you didn't hit that ace on the turn you would likely lose a $180 pot to a bluff. By reraising preflop you take control of the hand in position and can win unimproved on the flop.

Then again, you're the one playing 5/10 and you're the one that won a $3200 pot there, so feel free to ignore me :D

Amatay said...

Nice work m8 n nice call with the A9 siiik, glgl

Amatay said...

got any good advice btw m8, check my lastest post lol

Puffet said...

Great work on the A9 - would have been hard for me.

Have followed your blog for a while, always entertaining - living the life eh?

I will link you up, feel free to do the same.

All the best