Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 16

The start of another week. The weather is amazing here in Ibiza and the island is starting to buzz with the anticipation of the summer season. I had a good week at the tables last week and i hope this week can continue in the same direction. May play the 25k gtd at Pacific this evening although my bankroll there is down to just a few dollars. Am only playing there really for the biggies and the forum tourneys. Which reminds me..... Happy St. Georges day to all you English folk. We have a forum tourney this evening with a scalp on Welshys head!!! I feel like skinning a dragon :-) How is it that we celebrate St Paddy's day just as much as the Oirish but when it comes to our own national day, nothing happens. Most people don't even know when it is! Well it's today! People should be proud of being English..... yes, i said it.... ENGLISH. For 1 day of the year we have our own identity and celebrate our nationality without all the PC bullshit. No doubt i've just labelled myself as a racist lol. Ammeyebovvered?
GL to those who playing today, i'll be at the tables later for a looksy.

Well i could have ended up well down for the day, and i could have ended up well up. As it is i'm up a little. Started the evening badly then saw 3 donks at a 10/20nl table so shoved $1000 in and doubled up and ran lol. Went back laters and lost $500. Shouldn't get greedy!!! Anyways, a positive for the day so not too bad.

Previous balance $17,621
Todays profit $237
Todays balance $17,858
Total profit $17,458

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