Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day 14

I didn't dream it afterall! What an idiot i was when i got home last night. I'm the one supposed to be staying sober and taking money off the drunks!! I consider myself extremely lucky and still don't know how i made over $1500 whilst 3 tabling, covering 1 eye, and still seeing double!!
Feeling a little bit delicate today. Not playing any poker for the time being, will attempt to finish my book instead. Am reading The Tailor Of Panama by Le Carre. It's utter rubbish to be honest with you but i'm too far in now to give up. A mixture of reading and snoozing sounds perfect for the next few hours.

Well the hangover has gone, i've had a nice afternoon of snoozing, and the form continues on the tables for another nice profit.

Previous balance $15,836
Todays profit $1,278
Todays balance $17,114
Profit for the week $6,578
Total profit $16,714

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