Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 85 - Thank You Queen Scarlet

Get in there! :-)))) Started today playing $800nl and somehow managed to boost up to $3k in about 40 mins (woot!) Left with about $2,800 and went into sports betting for a bet on a little tip i received the other day. Queen Scarlet in the 6.15 at Newmarket. Was only gonna have a tenner each way but as i'd done alright at the poker i decided to have a gamble and sling 100 quid e/w on her. She only romped home at 14-1!!! (Woot!!!) :-) I actually took 10-1 but still can't grumble.

Off out tonight to celebrate at Pacha!

Previous balance $50,417

Todays profit $4,396

Todays balance $54,813

Total profit $54,413

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