Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy New Year

Belated but what else do you expect? Hope you all had a great start to 2010. They say the recession is officially over which can only be good news for poker. Let's hope some of the donks have a little more spending money burning a hole in their pockets :) 2010 started pretty well for me after what was a great christmas and new year. last week was especially good having a £3k tourny cash and a +£1.5k week at the cash. Not bad for nitting around at NL£100 & £200 only. Played the Sky Poker Tour in Newcastle early January which didn't go to plan.....out before 1st break :( Made amends at the cash tables though which made the journey worthwhile. Other than that i met some of the other Sky players for a beer and a chinwag then ended up dealing sng's and being bought single malts and red wine until i was about sozzled. Good job they were only £10 sng's and a bit of fun as there were cards flying everywhere. Good giggle though. Have qualified for the next leg in Luton early March and hope to go a little deeper.

Sky's Total Player has started and this week 6 of us (team Ed Giddins) have been grinding the £500 we were given by playing a mixture of sng's mtt's and cash. Monday went OK ending on £582 but had a nightmare yesterday and am now back down to £425 :( Last night tonight to make an impression. 3 of our 6 will get eliminated on Saturday so fingers crossed i can impress tonight and scoop some pots.

I'm organizing another league match for the next 20 weeks for PFU so if you're a member get involved.... we hope to have some major mtt seats as end of league prizes. We also have some weekly spot prizes and bounties on offer thanks to Mr Beevers at The Hendon Mob

Nothing else much happening...... trying to sell my Audi A4 without much luck...... trying to sell the Harrogate house without much luck........ it either needs to sell or I need to raise £50k to re-convert back into 2 flats........ i better get back to the grind!
Oh.... If anyone knows anyone who wants to join Full Tilt please point them to my banner opposite. The full 27% rakeback is available as well as full $600 100% deposit bonus.... i don't think that will be beaten anywhere.