Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day 56

Well, the boat has been packed up and emptied. It really looks like this guy will buy the thing on Wednesday but can't be certain until the deposit has been payed. So, looks like on Wednesday i could be out of a job. Yipeee!!! LOL. Heres a piccy just to give you an idea what the boat looks like. It's not a monster compared to the megayachts of today but she's a beautiful boat all the same.

Played the last WSOP qualifier at Pacific tonight and came 22nd i think out of 90 odd :( Barring a miracle it doesn't look like i'll be gracing vegas with my presence this year :( Oh well, plenty of other live events to gun for. Upcoming events WSP Costa Rica, UK Open, WSOP UK, EPT Barcelona. I might even treat myself to a buyin for the Barcelona game if i can't qualify.

Went for my 1st visit to the cash tables for a few days after the WSOP game and did OK although i was only playing $2/$4.

Previous balance $38,072
Todays profit $275
Todays balance $38,347
Total profit $37,947

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