Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Gonna take the rent boys advice. No more Napoleons for me. What a shit show tonight was. Everyone screaming and shouting in a £10 rebuy. My table was like a chimps tea party. Some loud mouth woman really getting on me tits calling with any 2 cards. Any decent raises being called by an average of 5 players....... they all call for the value of course because they know there will be loads of callers. WTF? 4 Hands tonight in the 1st hour where i smashed the flop, bet it max, and was outdrawn by some numpty with bottom pair. Think i spent close to £100 lol. 48 players and the prizepool made £ lmao. Suffice to say i didn't cash.........

Until i got home.......

Actually came home pretty pissed off and dropped $1400 in just under an hour. Kept my head though and in the next hour i had somehow made $1800. That's a $3200 swing lol :-) Phew!
Add that to the $800 i managed to win on a 2-1 shot this afternoon at Leicester and it's been a good day afterall.

Total profit $71k+ though i'm still waiting for my hard drive stats.
Happy days :-)


Kirby the German Roofer said...

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR Captain Jack Sparrow. Us roofers dont come cheap. A good rooofers worth their weight in gold. Give me the measurements and details of what needs doing on your roof etc and ill check verify if the quotes in the right region for you or if your being had.

Oh yea, ill also need to do this, your sort code, bank account number, verification code, expiry date, name on card, your mothers maiden name and copies of your passport, birth certificate and most recent bank statement and utility bill.



Kirby the German Roofer said...

u want me to hav a word with the lads, see if i can get u an invite??