Thursday, June 21, 2007


Sorry i've been a lazy arse. Just haven't got round to doing my housework (blog & records) for some time now. I'll be updating today or tomorrow with recent events. I'm posting this today as it was my birthday last week and as a present i got a part share in a racehorse :-) I don't get a cut of winnings or anything and it isn't a classy horse but it has won 3 times and i think it will win again. All previous wins have been on all weather but they are giving him more turf time this year. Anyways, i got a call from the trainer a couple of days ago telling me he's running tonight at Beverley in the 18:30 race. The horses name is MISTER INCREDIBLE. Quite apt really don't you think? ;-) The trainer said that conditions are good as he likes soft ground and they have a great draw. He's racing at his preferred 5f and it's a class 7 race (he normally races class 6.) All in all the trainer sounded very upbeat about it's chances and i think they'll be having a go with him. Jockey has been told to try and get on the rail early.

I've had a few quids e/w on him for a bit of fun (i have to really eh?) and he's currently at 11/2 with skybet. I see Ladbrokes and BetDirect have both reduced their odds to 9/2!

This aint a tip, just a bit of info, so don't blame me when he loses hehe. Good luck if you have a bash :-)
Wow that was exciting. Can't believe i can now add 'winning racehorse owner' to my CV :-)
100 quids e/w was quite sweet too at 11/2 :-)))))))) Hope you got on it?

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Rob said...

Congratulations Mr Dean - all our premonitions about your gambling, alcoholic, debauched future appear to be coming to fruition don't they??

Hope you're well.....played any golf lately??


PS - Did you get my e-mail you ignorant twat?