Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Good, The Bad, And The Fugly!

The Good:
Big Slick roll is improving and i'm managing to multi table more without losing as much value as i used to. This comes with practice i suppose but also better PT stats as i've been mining every hour of the day i'm not playing...... that's about 40 minutes lately lol. I've been playing too much tbh and i'm tired. Am really trying to build a decent roll as quickly as possible though and once i have sufficient funds i will maybe slow down a little. I'm still for the moment though only playing 50c/$1 & $1/$2 both with $100 stacks. I've drifted away from the mtt's again. They were a very nice change of scenary for a while but i don't think they suit my game as well as 6max cash so i'll reserve the mtt's for when i need a change.
So, the £50 i deposited in Big Slick last month is now £1500 and i'm running at just over 7PTBB's/100 which isn't spectacular but is certainly acceptable.

The Bad:

How fooked up is Sky Poker right now? I've actually stopped playing there for a while after taking a quite frankly unbelievable amount of beats, coolers, suckouts....... My graph is horrific. I just wish i could somehow make an +/-EV chart. It's so hard to log hands there though as the software is really bad and the hand histories are non existant. After consistantly winning a decent amount for more than 15 months straight, the last 2 months have been break even apart from my Primo FT. I really don't know what to do as i still feel i'm playing OK there but 2 months of staleness may suggest otherwise. There just aren't enough players playing there any more, not that there ever was...... it just seems that every single table is full of regulars with maybe 1 or 2 fish split between the 4 tables that are usually at £1/£2 or above. Anyways, i'm concentrating on ipoker for the time being and if all continues well i'll withdraw all my roll from sky and kick it into touch.

The Fugly:

My Sky profit chart for the last 4 months. Without the Primo FT on about day 62, my profit is the same as it was 47 playing days ago....... I run bad! :-(

Don't forget about the Big Slick deal above. If you currently play ipoker network and don't get 30%+ rakeback equivalent then let me know and we'll sort you out. Better that 30% in your pocket than theirs!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back And Primed!

Well i can certainly recommend that to anyone. A week spent lazing on beaches, eating good food, in good company with good wine. Not a cardroom or laptop in sight!
Got back on Saturday evening but didn't actually see a hand of poker until Monday. I just didn't want the holiday to stop tbh. When i did eventually get round to playing i felt refreshed and ready to go. I was actually enjoying this stupid game if i'm completely honest.
Spent most of my day at bIg slIck playing 50c/$1 6max and a couple of mtt's thrown in trying to build my roll there. Managed to make 4 buyins playing cash and also cashed in both of the mtt's. The 2nd one was the $15k gtd rebuy which i final tabled. My exit hand was AIPF with QQ from MP that was called by AK from the SB. It would have given me the chiplead had it held but a flopped ace scuppered my plans and kicked me out in 7th for $666. Oh well...... as Amafish has been saying of late..... that decent mtt win is close..... i can smell it!!!
Congrats to Sheep who won the PFU Session last night. I just can't seem to get started in that stupid game. I tend to try and pull off some silly moves that eventually get called. I'm stuck on 13.5 points after 9 games lol...... think the leader has about 408! Luckbox! :D
My local cardroom has just started its 'End Of Summer Festival' and tonight is the £10 unlimited rebuy! Bingo Bingo gogogogogo!!!! Cheeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiips Pleeeeeeaaaasse!!!!! Should be good for a giggle........ i'm taking £70 and when it's gone it's gone!!! Honest!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Off On Hols

Well that's all last nights profit gone, and more, to an incredible series of 1, 2 & 3 outers. Off to Portugal for a week and not taking me laptop. Seriously sick of this game atm.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Feel Goooooooood!!!

Thanks for the comments in the last entry. You're right...... i've been a miserable git the last few weeks. Even when i've been winning i've felt bad about my game and my results. The reason is simple.... Until the last 3 days of August i was down $400 and facing my 1st ever losing month after 16 months of decent profits. Pretty scarey stuff when the bills need paying but the roll isn't increasing. The last 3 days of the month really saved my sanity though helped by the Primo FT and my September total was $4.5k. Not fantastic but a mile away from where it could have been.
Tonight is the 1st time in a long long time where i feel i've run decent. Top pairs with decent kickers were being called by worse hands and not raised......flopped sets were paid...... i even flopped a couple of straights that got paid pretty well. I just feel i was getting a bit more respect and combine that with running good and you have a happy Cottlad. I've not had the happy, fluffy feeling in my chest when it comes to poker for ages and with luck, it's back! Made a great start to September tonight and am already +$1.3k by playing 1/2 & 2/4 6max by playing for just a few hours. Most of my time has been spent trying to get my roll increased at BiG SLiCK without much luck. Roll there stands at $700.

Got an article coming up in Inside Poker about playing overpairs. It's due to be in Octobers edition. Let me know what you think if you read it.
Been reading a great blog recently by One Angry Kid. I'm sure he's me in a parallel universe. Maybe everyone turns into Victor Meldrew with age? Scares the bejeezoos outa me i tells ya. Have a read http://oneangrykid1.blogspot.com/

Portugal on Saturday. Yipeee! Fooked if i know what my body will do when it sees even daylight, never mind 40 degrees of sunshine!