Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Birds

WTF was going on when i woke up this morning? A sparrow was circling the room FFS! If that wasn't fooked up enough, the door was closed shut and so was the window! That's some creepy shit! Spent ages catching the little fella and released him safely back into the wild. Yay!

Doesn't a bird in the house mean impending death? Well that's a bit of a bugger aint it. Don't usually believe that kind of stuff but the fact that it flew through a solid glass window to get into my room is slightly worrying.

Have no idea why i played HU this afternoon for $1k. Was easy money as my opponant was VERY tight aggressive and was folding 99.999999% preflop. He only raised 2 hands in the hour and guess who got involved in both of them? Yes that's right....... what a clown i am!

Off to Hull Fair tonight. It's the biggest travelling fair in Europe and is full of scum, swindlers & greasy chips. It's a tradition though so it's gotta be done. Our lass wants to bash some frogs on the head and win a teddy! Anything involving giving the French a seeing to is fine by me! No doubt the air rifle on tin can alley will backfire, killing me instantly, as per Mr Sparrows prediction.

Back tomorrow with a bit of luck.........


Amatay said...

stop on with your analysis mate, wp. No updates recently??

Spunksock said...

Update your blog, its a good read ;-)