Monday, December 3, 2007


Here's a theory someone came up with on a forum...... Hit the tables hard at the end and start of each month. Everyone's just been payed and are eager to part with their monthly salary!...... Why the fook have i never thought of this before. It must make perfect sense.
So, can we now say that the optimum time to play is the 1st weekend after payday between 9pm and 3am? Could this be the formula to guaranteed success? Unfortunately i couldn't play Fri or Sat this week. Played yesterday though and am much happier with my game and my results. Started at $400nl and left with $1k from 3 hours after losing a buyin early on. Moved up a little later on with a $600nl table (left with small profit) and a $1000nl (left with $1k profit after 3 hrs play. So all in all a good nights work. Apart from the ECOOP #3 i entered and bust out out in 1st 100 to flopped quads :-(
Hopefully this start to December can continue.
Question............ lets start thinking about this early..........
When, over the festive period, can we expect to see fantastic overlays? Surely there's gonna be some great juicy mtt's on offer. Maybe xmas day? xmas eve? NY eve? etc etc?
Also, there's gonna be some heavy drinkers wanting to chance their luck at the cash tables. I reckon these will start the Thu before xmas and last until after the new year...



Ukgatsby said...

Should work till end of month but i once read someone said beginning of year is pants as everyone resolving to cut amount of time played or playing premium hands/bluffing less.

gl gl

Cadmunkey said...

Noticed your comment on Amatays blog about 2 monitors. I've been running a dual setup for a while now. Make sure the computer you are buying has a good enough video card with dual monitor outputs on it (nvidia cards are better than Ati imo). You can then setup both your monitors with the supplied video card drivers that are provided with your card, or downloaded from the net. Job wont take more than 10 mins to do.

Amatay said...

On the computer front errr do wat that fish cadmunkey says, hes pretty clued up. Im a lazy fuck and still aint sorted nothing out yet.
Prolly be a good time to play me over xmas cause i'll be a pissed coount. Having said that anytime anyone plays me atm is a good time because my game sucks cock atm :-)

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Ukgatsby said...

Merry Christmas mate
good luck for 2008

Cottonbud said...

Hey cott its James.. this is my new poker blog link me up m8! good luck and merry xmas :)

Amatay said...

Where u gone fish?

Cadmunkey said...

Busto? ;-)

Cottlad said...

U wish ;)