Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day 19

Just got in after a manic day. I know it sounds cliche but i've been scrubbing the decks all day. Arrrgggghhhhh Jimlad!!! Gonna ache like hell tomorrow. Time for a game me thinks. Not for long though as i'm determined to get an early night tonight.
What a horrific evening. I couldn't do anything right at all. I flopped 4 sets which were all cracked. KK once...cracked. AA once.....cracked!!! gruesome stuff. I've lost a fair wedge tonight but have no idea how it wasn't even more. The above 6 hands did me for about $1200 alone. Am not the happiest chappy at the moment but i suppose i can't grumble too much after the run i've had. Variance?..... God i hate that word!!! lol. Off to cry myself to sleep. Goodnight!

Previous balance $19,084
Todays profit $(866) :-((((((
Todays balance $18,218
Total profit $17,818

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