Sunday, December 14, 2008

APT Manila Package!!

Had a good week on the cash tables which was topped off by an mtt win last night. I had qualified for a $270 seat for $20 earlier in the week and the field ended up being 44 last night for a $6,000 package to Manila to play in the Asian Poker Tour Jan 2009. There was almost 2 packages on offer but the prizepool was just short which meant that 2nd-20th got their $$$'s back. Once the bubble popped i was freerolling really as i was guaranteed $270 for my $20 investment. With 8 left I lost a 88 v QK which crippled me and left me on 2000 chips. After working my way back up to 20k by playing like a maniac I settled down and played well. Then i lost an AIPF 77 v Q7 which nearly tilted me when 2 Queens came down. Built my way back up playing pretty agro and got a decent 3-1 chiplead HU. Lost another flip to get back level and then got dealt 77 again. It all went in preflop and he flipped QK. Flop again contained 2 Queens... WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!? I had just drawn back my throwing hand (which contained my wireless mouse) when a 7 blipped the turn! Woot for 2 outers...... so rigged lol!
So anyways, i now have a $6k package which is $2700 seat + expenses. Anybody want to make me a sensible offer? Could do with the cash to add to my roll tbh. Especially as the boiler at the house i rent out has just gone bang which is gonna cost me £500 best case and over £1k worst case. Poor tenants must be freezing their nads of at the mo.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Spent the whole week analyzing my game and plugging leaks. Seem to be going round in circles somewhat. I'm happy with my preflop play now but my postflop play needs a little improvement i think. Made a 4 table, 200nl video and have posted it on PFU in order to get some useful criticism. Will definitely be making some more videos now i've got the hang of things with Camtasia. Will also edit the next one down so there's not as much inane waffle and boring hands.
Dropped a few hundred on ipoker this week after a couple of crappy sessions. Seem to be fighting back a little in the last couple of days though and am raking plenty at the moment and the bonus for this month will be very timely.
Congrats to Cheesies who's had a sicko month of November. Achievements too numerous to list but was capped by a 20k gtd victory last night. Also idi0..... another sicko who won another 20k gtd earlier in the week. PFU seems to be going great this month.... long may it continue.

My god what a boring post that was......
Can i save it with a funny vid i wonder?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Been Fishing!

Ahoy there landlubbers! Things are looking up.... at last!! Thank fook for that i hear you say! About time he stopped whinging ffs!! Well, i've had a decent week after slapping myself around the face a few times. Talk about a rut ffs..... You know when you're watching some utter moronic garbage on the TV at 3AM after a night out on the piss. You tend to stare open mouthed at the telly focussing about 3 yards behind it..... wondering why the fook you don't go to bed....? Well, that's been my poker game for a while now. I slipped into playing 20/15/1 before realizing what a tit i was and seeking some help..... that worked for a few days and i tightened up to play somewhere around 16/14/3 and felt much happier....... then i realized i'd slipped back to playing 18/14/1.5....... wtf?...... i'm supposed to be doing this for a living ffs? Pass me the dunse cap!

So, this week i spent a lot of time looking over my PT figures and plugging huge leaks. My bb/100 rate for $1/$2 had slipped to less than 2 over 35k hands after being around 4.5 over 20k hands.......Anyways, after a lot of studying and a few hours on cardrunners i've spent the last 2 days playing a different style and things are going really well. Yeah i know i've run pretty well but i'm back making decisions again instead of autofolding/playing just my cards v board.

Sunday I played the 250k satellite $40 rebuy event for a $300 seat. Got the seat without any rebuys or addon. So then played the 250k at ipoker and was looking to go really deep until i lost a standard flip and got knocked out 43rd for $1k. Quite happy with that ROI.
Yesterday i played the 15k rebuy at ipoker and managed to go deep after no rebuys and 1 addon. Cost $50 and i got 3rd for $1500.
Yesterday and today i've played 600 hands of $1/2 and made $1000. I've run pretty well to be fair but still, i'm so much happier with the way i'm playing and am enjoying playing again. iPoker roll up to £5k so may have a sniff at $2/$4 this week and see what occurrs.

Enough of all this upbeatednessization..... Saturday i went down to Birmingham to play in the Sky UK Poker Tour at the Broadway. It was only a £50 event and i went down to see one of the Sky guys (didn't show) and a couple of other poker chums. Great to meet Wayne and his missus and also Chris who somehow came 2nd! Have no idea ho as he was plastered lol. WP mate!
My exit was odd to say the least. We started on a fairly weak table with 4 decent players and 3-4 donks. Come the 1st break and all the donks were gone leaving the rest of us with around double starting stacks. After the break we go repopulated by decent players and things got tricky. 1 of these guys was really talkative to put it politely. He really couldn't stop talking for 5 seconds..... Within a few hands he'd run AA into KK twice and after arriving shortstacked had got to about 9k....... anyways, the dealer is shuffling and he's making a huge thing about telling the entire table how he's UTG and his book says he should limp with aces.... i mean he made a massive show of this even telling passers by.... The dealer deals and sure enough he limps UTG and it's folded to me in the cutoff... i look down and see KK and raise about 4x.... folded to UTG who shoves (he was auto shoving a lot) and i titter to myself as i call :-) He flips AA!! WTF?
That left me with less than 2k and i was done for a few hands later. I suppose they were using the Sky Online RNG for this live tourney!

Found this video on Youtube and it reminds me of Sky poker back in the day when it was swarming with fish..... those were the days...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

12 Weeks!!!!

Wow..... am a bit numb at the moment. Today we went for a 12 week scan and all is well. We are expecting a baby on 13th May 2009 :-)

Monday, October 13, 2008

I iZ 1 Dumm FisH

WTF have i been doing recently? No really..... WTF??? I've been playing like a complete fookwit tbh. How i didn't realize sooner is still baffling me now but at least i realized whilst i still had something that resembles a bankroll left. Sky still seems to be dishing out horrific beats to ALL of the regulars there. If any regular, normally winning Sky player is not currently getting bashed about then please reply in this post. Anyways, i've been concentrating on bIg slIck (ipoker) and have been doing pretty well playing 50c/$1 and half stacking $1/$2. I took my £50 starting deposit and what with rakeback equivalent bonus and running good i managed to get my roll there to a little over £2k in a little under 2 months. Was well chuffed with that tbh as the 1st few weeks was spent trying to build enough to play with and was slow going. The last 10 days or so have been pretty gruesome though and i knew it was because my game had gone to shit and was not down to suckouts/coolers. Looking at my PT stats i had somehow slipped to playing 23/12/1.5 :s I enlisted the help of a stats expert who really knows his stuff and he had a look at my PT stats and PokerEV graphs and came to pretty much the same conclusion as me....... i was playing like a muppet!! Even before the last 10 days or so i wasn't playing very well but i was running good at ipoker which always helps. Anyways, we came up with an action plan and things are hopefully back on track. I'm feeling good about my game for the 1st time in a few months tbh. Can now hopefully put the last 3 months behind me and move on and start earning some $$$'s again.

Had another article published in this months Inside Poker. Am fairly happy with it but again, it's so difficult to convey points accross when you only have 1500 words to work with. Not only that, I don't think much of playing poker is 'standard' anymore so one mans line in any given scenario can be completely different to anothers and both can be correct. Just sent another peice in about playing OOP so hopefully that one will go to print before crimbo.

So i'll be spending the rest of the month grinding 4-5 tables at ipoker. Hopefully the next week or 2 will go to plan and i can move up to fullstacking $1/2 but i would want £2.5k before i considered that. Until then i'm thrashing about in 50c/$1. Current roll at ipoker is £1.8k.

Huge congrats to idi0!!! He only went and PFU'd the Brawl for $75k!!! Amazing!! :-)

Also, thanks again to Mark for helping me with my game!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Good, The Bad, And The Fugly!

The Good:
Big Slick roll is improving and i'm managing to multi table more without losing as much value as i used to. This comes with practice i suppose but also better PT stats as i've been mining every hour of the day i'm not playing...... that's about 40 minutes lately lol. I've been playing too much tbh and i'm tired. Am really trying to build a decent roll as quickly as possible though and once i have sufficient funds i will maybe slow down a little. I'm still for the moment though only playing 50c/$1 & $1/$2 both with $100 stacks. I've drifted away from the mtt's again. They were a very nice change of scenary for a while but i don't think they suit my game as well as 6max cash so i'll reserve the mtt's for when i need a change.
So, the £50 i deposited in Big Slick last month is now £1500 and i'm running at just over 7PTBB's/100 which isn't spectacular but is certainly acceptable.

The Bad:

How fooked up is Sky Poker right now? I've actually stopped playing there for a while after taking a quite frankly unbelievable amount of beats, coolers, suckouts....... My graph is horrific. I just wish i could somehow make an +/-EV chart. It's so hard to log hands there though as the software is really bad and the hand histories are non existant. After consistantly winning a decent amount for more than 15 months straight, the last 2 months have been break even apart from my Primo FT. I really don't know what to do as i still feel i'm playing OK there but 2 months of staleness may suggest otherwise. There just aren't enough players playing there any more, not that there ever was...... it just seems that every single table is full of regulars with maybe 1 or 2 fish split between the 4 tables that are usually at £1/£2 or above. Anyways, i'm concentrating on ipoker for the time being and if all continues well i'll withdraw all my roll from sky and kick it into touch.

The Fugly:

My Sky profit chart for the last 4 months. Without the Primo FT on about day 62, my profit is the same as it was 47 playing days ago....... I run bad! :-(

Don't forget about the Big Slick deal above. If you currently play ipoker network and don't get 30%+ rakeback equivalent then let me know and we'll sort you out. Better that 30% in your pocket than theirs!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back And Primed!

Well i can certainly recommend that to anyone. A week spent lazing on beaches, eating good food, in good company with good wine. Not a cardroom or laptop in sight!
Got back on Saturday evening but didn't actually see a hand of poker until Monday. I just didn't want the holiday to stop tbh. When i did eventually get round to playing i felt refreshed and ready to go. I was actually enjoying this stupid game if i'm completely honest.
Spent most of my day at bIg slIck playing 50c/$1 6max and a couple of mtt's thrown in trying to build my roll there. Managed to make 4 buyins playing cash and also cashed in both of the mtt's. The 2nd one was the $15k gtd rebuy which i final tabled. My exit hand was AIPF with QQ from MP that was called by AK from the SB. It would have given me the chiplead had it held but a flopped ace scuppered my plans and kicked me out in 7th for $666. Oh well...... as Amafish has been saying of late..... that decent mtt win is close..... i can smell it!!!
Congrats to Sheep who won the PFU Session last night. I just can't seem to get started in that stupid game. I tend to try and pull off some silly moves that eventually get called. I'm stuck on 13.5 points after 9 games lol...... think the leader has about 408! Luckbox! :D
My local cardroom has just started its 'End Of Summer Festival' and tonight is the £10 unlimited rebuy! Bingo Bingo gogogogogo!!!! Cheeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiips Pleeeeeeaaaasse!!!!! Should be good for a giggle........ i'm taking £70 and when it's gone it's gone!!! Honest!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Off On Hols

Well that's all last nights profit gone, and more, to an incredible series of 1, 2 & 3 outers. Off to Portugal for a week and not taking me laptop. Seriously sick of this game atm.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Feel Goooooooood!!!

Thanks for the comments in the last entry. You're right...... i've been a miserable git the last few weeks. Even when i've been winning i've felt bad about my game and my results. The reason is simple.... Until the last 3 days of August i was down $400 and facing my 1st ever losing month after 16 months of decent profits. Pretty scarey stuff when the bills need paying but the roll isn't increasing. The last 3 days of the month really saved my sanity though helped by the Primo FT and my September total was $4.5k. Not fantastic but a mile away from where it could have been.
Tonight is the 1st time in a long long time where i feel i've run decent. Top pairs with decent kickers were being called by worse hands and not raised......flopped sets were paid...... i even flopped a couple of straights that got paid pretty well. I just feel i was getting a bit more respect and combine that with running good and you have a happy Cottlad. I've not had the happy, fluffy feeling in my chest when it comes to poker for ages and with luck, it's back! Made a great start to September tonight and am already +$1.3k by playing 1/2 & 2/4 6max by playing for just a few hours. Most of my time has been spent trying to get my roll increased at BiG SLiCK without much luck. Roll there stands at $700.

Got an article coming up in Inside Poker about playing overpairs. It's due to be in Octobers edition. Let me know what you think if you read it.
Been reading a great blog recently by One Angry Kid. I'm sure he's me in a parallel universe. Maybe everyone turns into Victor Meldrew with age? Scares the bejeezoos outa me i tells ya. Have a read

Portugal on Saturday. Yipeee! Fooked if i know what my body will do when it sees even daylight, never mind 40 degrees of sunshine!


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Strange Week

I have no idea what's been going on with the poker of late. I just can't seem to get in, and then stay in the groove. I've taken my BiG SLiCK roll up from £50 - 950 and then back down to £700 in the last 2 weeks and my other accounts have been stagnent. Every time i make a couple of buyins and think things are on the up, i lose a couple of buyins + change to coolers and suckouts. It's been really ugly. Ya know, them hands where you're waiting for that muppet sat to yr right to make that 1 mistake......... you pick up AK and a full buyin ends up going in on a Axx flop, he flips Ace rag and rivers his rag. Happening time and time again..... 2 and 3 outers galore. Have really doubted myself lately tbh but i just keep telling myself the money is consistently going in ahead and things must change soon. Fook me..... i wish i could spend Sklansky $$$'s......... I'd be so far up this month it's untrue :S

Took the boat out last Friday and it performed remarkably well to be fair. We had a couple of hours fishing and caught 30 odd fish between the 3 of us. All mackerel & whiting, the majority of which we let go. Just need a towbar on me car now and i'll be all set.

A bit of good news at last........ I entered the Sky Primo bingo allin donkament tonight. it's £25k gtd and i have a real good record in this one. It's monthly and i forget about it nearly every month. The 4 previous ones i entered resulted in 2 FT's. Anyways, i final tabled again tonight and got 4th place for £1750..... a very timely boost to the bankroll! :D Maybe that ease in pressure is what i need to turn the corner.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Deeper Still......

Just played 2 rebuy $5k GTD donkaments at ipoker. Really enjoying playing there at the moment. The mtt standard seems to be soooooo poor. It must be if i'm regularly making FT's! lol.
1st one was a $7 rebuy and i was always there or there abouts. Major hand was when 3 left. AIPF my QQ v his AJ and he spikes an A to double up. Can't blame the shove but was a sick hand which would have given me the win i'm sure. I finished 2nd for $850 so can't complain too much. Cheesies got 4th. A good showing from PFU!! :-)

2nd one was a $10 rebuy and again i made the final table. Was doing OK until i picked up KK.....

No Limit Holdem Tournament
$5,000 GP Rebuy Buy-In: $10+$1
8 players
Converted at

UTG RippThePot (97832)
UTG+1 MartinL (107377)
MP1 bouque0808 (51693)
MP2 Bobby291 (126612)
CO Jackovich (187684)
BTN AnnaLies (57985)
SB whyme1 (85097)
BB avemaria (191719)

Blinds: 5000/10000

Pre-flop: (15000, 8 players)
2 folds, bouque0808 raises to 20000, 2 folds, AnnaLies goes all-in 57985, 2 folds, bouque0808 goes all-in 31693

Flop: (124678, 2 players)

Turn: (124678, 2 players)

River: (124678, 2 players)

Final Pot: 124678
bouque0808 shows:
AnnaLies shows:

bouque0808 wins 118386 ( won +66693 )
AnnaLies wins 6292 ( lost -51693 )

Horrid beat that was. I finished 8th for $177 but was/am pretty gutted tbh.

That mtt win is so close..... i can smell it!

Late edit>....... I played another mtt tonight ($6k gtd) and made it fairly deep. Ended up 14th out of 220 odd. Went out by another suckout and felt pretty steamy so entered a $10 PLO tourny to let some steam off. Started pushing every hand and kept hitting the nuts so slowed down a bit and played it proppa lol. Only 70 odd started but i manage another FT and got 3rd for about $100.
A decent day then with 3 FT's out of 5! 2/235, 8/275, X/300, 14/220, 3/70.
Did OK on the cash too. That means my Big Slick roll has increased from $100 - $1700 in the space of a week playing mainly mtt's :-) They seem sooooo soft/tight/weak etc etc etc. Maybe i'll ditch the cash games for a while ;) Plus i've already got enough points for a polo shirt!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting Deeper

Man i must be close to a decent mtt win soon. I keep getting deep in a huge percentage of the tournies i'm entering at the moment but just can't seem to close the deal. Just final tabled the $7.5k GTD at ipoker for 7th place after being chipleader for most of the tournament up until about 14 left. My exit hand was a disgusting AQ v AQ! :-(
Was also going well in the 250k at ipoker earlier tonight and was top 20 all the way through to just after the 2nd break. I then got crippled by an uber donk playing 33 who called an allin checkraise on the flop with 33 ffs....... he had an underpair to the board! He spikes a 3 on the turn and i don't improve. I'd not long before doubled this donkey up when he called a turn push with AT for all of his chips, he had no pair, no draw...... he wasn't even close to being pot committed. It was as if he was playing to lose his chips as quickly as possible.... Just checked the tournament and he came 6th for 12.5k ffs! Where's the justice?
Anyways, at least i know i'm back to playing good poker. Quite enjoying playing a few donkaments for a change but the beats and suckouts don't half hurt after giving your all for 3 hours+
Cash games still not going fantastically.... made a $20 loss today :S

Got the boat ready for launching today but didn't have time to get her in the water. Hopefully Friday should see us getting the boat wet..... only the outside i sincerely hope!

Friday, August 15, 2008

3 Days of Profit!!!

Thank the Lord! The last 3 days have shown a profit and about time. About $800 in 3 days aint bad considering i've only been playing $1/$2 3 tables at the most. The previous 9 days before that consisted of loss, loss, profit, loss, loss, loss, loss, level, loss! About $2.8k down altogether! It could have been a lot worse i suppose and i certainly aint counting my chickens just yet. The last 3 days profit puts me back to where i was 3 weeks ago. I should have just taken 3 weeks off. It would have been a lot more enjoyable than 3 weeks of coolers! Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Here's my graph for the last 40 days or so. Each vertical value = $4k. I suppose i was running pretty hot before the dip so i can't complain too much.
Have been playing some mtt's lately which have been going OK. I'm regularly getting down to the last 10% but am not having the luck when deep. I could do with a decent win at Big Slick to give me a roll there as the games look pretty soft. I just haven't got the spare money to deposit a decent amount at the moment so will just stick to playing smallish mtt's and hope to score a FT or 2.

Looking forward to our week in Portugal.....3 weeks and counting.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Slowly Slowly

I feel positive. I don't know why, i just do. The poker hasn't got much better but i woke up this morning feeling generally brighter. Maybe the following cheered me up a bit.......

Holy shit Rolf.... WTF were you thinking man? He painted our Queen FFS! LMAO. I dunno if my respect for him has fallen or risen after hearing that. Am a bit numb TBH lol.

Got 4th in a local tourny last night. Only 25 runners though but was a good laugh and i cashed for £90. Bout bloody time!

Righty, i best crack on. I've got an article to scribe for Inside Poker and it needs to be in by the end of the week.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slow Going

It's not getting any easier this poker lark! I've even started playing a few small buyin mtt's to try and stop the rut. Probably not a good idea because i tend to go off the handle a bit when i've played solidly for a few hours then get a bad beat/cooler/suckout to knock me out just before the big money. I remember now why i stopped playing these damned things lol.
On a brighter note, the standard of mtt play at ipoker seems pretty awful tbh. Lots of players wanting to shove any 2 cards early on. Played in a $11 mtt last night with 366 entrants. This was whittled down to 140 by the 1st break! It wasn't even a turbo! lol. As usual, i got down to 18 left (with 10bb's) and shovelled it AIPF with KK v AT & Ax. Obviously the ace flopped and i've just spent over 3 hours playing for a $24 profit..... sigh. Oh well.... at least i know i was playing solid poker. I'll take that as a huge positive after the last few weeks.

Don't forget the Big Slick offer i got available for new signups. See above for details.

Hopefully gonna try and get the boat in the water this weekend. Keep the RNLI on standby!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Poker Is Like Golf

Just been for a golf lesson which was really interesting. My golf game has been really really bad of late so i went to try and get it sorted out. I took a few swings, then went to video my swing, then talked about my swing and state of mind, then hit a few more balls. The points i need to work on were exactly the same points i should be looking at in my poker game.
This is what he told me:
- You're overcomplicating what you're doing. Just get the basics right and the rest will follow.
- More aggression is needed. At the moment you're swinging the club with no punch
- It looks like you've tried changing everything to find the problem. The trouble is, you've succeeded in changing the good things in your swing as well as the bad.
- Don't try too hard. It will come but 1 stage at a time. Don't go hell for leather trying for the perfect golfswing or else you'll come unstuck.

I stood there listening to what he had to say and was thinking...... 'wow, do you want to be my poker coach too?' The above rang so true with how my poker game has been lately. Trying too hard, changing my game, lack of aggression, trying to get too tricky, tilting easily etc etc. Pretty strange to hear all that from a golf coach.

Now i'm hoping my frame of mind is getting more positive. I admit to being pretty low over the last few days but feel generally brighter in myself. I recouped some of yesterdays losses last night and have played a couple of sessions today both resulting in small wins. I know i'm still only 75% but i feel i'm back on the uplslope again. I know i'm still playing too cautiously but at the moment, reducing variance is the key whilst still hopefully making a profit.

A few more winning sessions should see my firing on all cylinders again.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Not a lot of improvement since last post. I've been playing OK but seem to have run into a whole host of donks recently and variance when playing these muppets can be huge. I've lost count of the number of times my money has gone in good and lost over the last week. It's the same old same old...... raise with AK to 6x as yr guaranteed at least 1 caller. Get called by the table fookwit shovefest alliner who calls with A7....... Flop comes A23...... it all goes in and he rivers his magical 7....... then thinks he's the worlds best poker player. Aaaarrrgghhhhhh..... this hand just happened BTW for a $1k pot but is typical of the last week.
Am actually quite sure this has been one of my worst weeks of all-time. 4 losing days out of the last 5 and currently stuck $1k today. Maybe i should just avoid the maniacs for a while and stick to grinding it out on the $2/$4 tables. My mental state really isn't up to playing loose cannons at $3/$6.
I'll spend some time over the next day or 2 watching some cardrunners vids too. That normally sorts me out a bit.
Not a lot else been happening in my world. Got the car back which hit me for £1200 so all in all, a week to be erased from the memory banks.
So..... yet another bad beat post entry in this blog. I promise the next one will be more positive.......

Friday, August 1, 2008


Wow I can still tilt bad. I mean really really bad! I thought the swirling stomach, the throwing of objects, the shouting at the screen, the rush of blood, etc etc was all behind me? Obviously not! I still get annoyed sometimes but haven't gone on monkey tilt for months until now.

It started Wednesday evening when i went to the river, betting the nuts fairly hard, when i got 2 outered by someone who shouldn't have been in the hand. Basically i flopped the nut flush and he's calling (twice) with an underpair to the board. The turn did pair the board (QQ) but i wasn't at all worried about being beat due to the dynamics of the hand (which i won't bore you with. What i will say is that i 3-bet a decent amount pre-flop with AcKc and he wasn't even the original raiser but still calls with 66.) This guy is normally OK (so i thought) and to be honest, his play wasn't completely out of line other than a terrible call pre-flop. It's what the knob typed in chat after he 2 outers the river....... 'TY'! WTF? Do we not play together nearly every day of the week? Have i ever disrespected you like that? Did i not have a right to be amazed at the way the hand panned out? Anyways, stupidly i got annoyed. I mean.... there is not an occassion EVER where i would disrespect a regular after sucking out like this. I would at least have the decency to give an 'UL' or a 'Sry man' in the chat..... or say nothing at all..... Anyways, i'm over it now lol but that's what started my tilt. 10 hands later it was confounded by someone else 2 outering me when i bet the nutz hard through the streets. I was gobsmacked........ 2 in 10 minutes? WTF is going on? I still ended the day up a little after being really dumb and joining a $5/$10 game for a while. Luckily i hit a couple of decent hands.

Then...... yesterday......... I'm grinding away at 2 x $2/$4 tables and have made about $500 when in the space of an hour i get 2-4 outered 4 times! Yes..... 4 fookin times! I quickly went from being +$500 to -$900. The red mist dropped again and i did well to shut down my games without destroying my computer.

So....... Lessons learned. Don't let some prick wind you up so much. Don't play when tired.

I'm feeling a little less tilted right now but am not gonna play for the time being. May play a little tonight when the donks come out. It is payday afterall ;)

PS.... yes i'm fully expecting all regulars to type 'TY' after every pot they take off me now lol..... i hope they do...... it will de-sensitize me :D


Friday, July 25, 2008

Anyone Wanna Hear A Bad Beat Story?

Ya just can't believe some peoples play. It's as if they are completely unaware of what the game entails. I hate bad-beat stories but this is funny (or not)
This has gotta be in my top 5 i reckon......
The table is full of habitual limping/calling donks. Villain UTG is a complete muppet!

$3/$6 6 max with stacks $400-900 6 sat.
Villain has $400 and i have $400
limp, i raise to $24 with A5s, fold, fold, fold, BB calls, Limper calls.
Flop AJ5 rainbow
Check, check, I bet $50, fold, villain raises to $150 i call. (99% sure i'm way ahead ere.)
Turn AJ5(9)
Villain bets $150, i call
River AJ59(7)
Villain shoves rest in (about $80), I call
Villain shows 86o and wins a $800+ pot!
Gotta laugh innit!
I finish the day £31 up after an 8hr+ grind :S

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Lied! my last post when i said the car was almost fixed. Got the parts and replaced them only to find the damn thing still mis-firing. Had a garage look at it yesterday and they just called me with some great news.......
Best case scenario....... bad valve...... £750
Worst case scenario.....New head...... £1600
Am utterly fooked off right now. How can a supposedly solid reliable car need this work after only 75k miles? I drive it proper steady too :S I've got no choice i suppose other than get the thing fixed. Just hope i can have a decent run at poker to pay for it.
Pokers been going OK with the last 4 days winning ones averaging $800/day. I suppose that's paid for the car in the worst case scenario but i'm still not happy.
How the fook can these fookwits....... and when i say fookwits i mean someone who plugs a computer into a car then changes any parts that aren't working properly...... justify charging £40/hour. I mean WTF is going on in the world when a parts fitter is earning £300/day? Oh i forgot to add the juice they put on top of parts also! I gotta stop this rant before i tilt myself lol.

Right. Back to the poker...... relax!

Huuuuuuge congrats to idi0 from PFU who took down the FTP 40k last night for $15k :-) WP mate....... Fix me car for me? TYTY


Monday, July 21, 2008

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder!

I still feel sick :-( What a bloody marvelous night Friday was though. There ended up being about 14 of us out on the town all pretending we could still drink like 25 year olds. We started off sensible enough in our local pubs at 7.30 but it started getting silly when we hit the city. Our 1st 3 pubs in quick succession involved 1) Flaming Absinthes and pints of snakebite & black 2) Pints of Old Peculiar 3) Double whisky with a Schnapps Shooter. It's all a bit fuzzy after that but i think everyone kept going until at least 2am.

Fook me did i feel ruff Saturday morning! I had to look in the mirror to see if some joker had lobotomised me in the night.
Got up at 10.30 but that was just wishful thinking so went back to bed until 1.30pm. I had to force myself out of bed then as i had to go and pick the boat up. A bacon butty and cuppa tea went some way to curing me but i still felt like death.
Anyways, got the boat picked up and put in her new home then drove down the coast to see work in progress on a similar boat. It was at this point the friggin car broke down. My own fault as i didn't change all the coil packs the other month when the 1st one went. So, i couldn't get back home and had to spend another night in Hull. Not a very happy wife as she'd planned a really nice meal for when i got home..... oops. Spent a couple of hours playing poker instead for a $1k profit which is a decent result considering the day i'd had and how i felt at the time.

Anyways, the boat is sorted, the car is all but fixed and apart from feeling sea-sick i'm back up to 65% health! :-) Happy days!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Somebody please make it stop!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

LOL Boataments!

Greetings! WTF am i doing? I seem to have bought a boat! Well myself, my Dad and my Step Dad in-law have. It's a Microplus 501 and we'll use it for fishing out of sunny Bridlington whenever we get any decent weather. That should give me a year or two to do the thing up! It's not quite what i've been used to over the last few years but hopefully she'll float and will give us at least 1 afternoons entertainment per year. The pic isn't our boat but is the same type. I pick ours up tomorrow. We are still to decide a name for her so any suggestions welcome. The shortlist so far: SEVEN DEUCE, SHARKBAIT, BAD BEAT, SUITED ACES, ANNAMARIE, GUTSHOT.
Poker's been up and down the last week or two. Swings have been bigger than i wanted but the action lately seems to have been crazy. My last 8 days have been -450, -500, +1800, +70, -4, +840, -1260, +960. Thats a 735 swing average per day. That's 91 big bets or nearly 2 buyins. Considering i'm only playing 2 tables per day for about 3-4 hours it's just too much. Only a very small sample i suppose. Anyways, i'm babbling....... STFU Shaun.

Going out with the boys tonight for the 1st time since my wedding in March!!!! It's not that i haven't wanted to or been allowed to (lol) but just haven't had the time. What with Vegas, other weddings, Silverstone, Honeymoon, parent visiting etc etc it's just impossible to get a free weekend. Doesn't help by living an hour and a half away from the drinking action....... which by the way i'm quite thankful for hehe. Anyways, there's close to a dozen middle aged warriors on the pop tonight acting like 19 year olds. Anna hit the nail on the head last night..... ' you lot are like kids when you all go out.... why can't you just drink normal drinks? Why is it that you act like you've never tasted alcohol before, never seen girls before, and never heard music before. You're 36 ffs not 17!!!' haha i think she's absolutely right...... So boys, who's round is it 1st for the sambuca afterburners?

Here are a few pics of a previous social occassion..... Come to a nice BBQ they said...... :s

Rich swimming in the carp pond
Agent Smith has had enough
Full bottle of JD for Martin!

Oh dear, it's gonna get messy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Coolers, cold decks and suckouts. Sounds like a great name for a movie i may make one day. I spent most of my day occupied with the above and worked really really hard to keep my head above the water. Was just so frustrating 3 tabling 3/6 3/6 2/4 and being met by really really bad players who just seemed to hit endlessley. I left 1 donk sat with 2200 on 3/6 and he would religiously limp call a 5x preflop raise with any ace. He just never got caught out and always seemed to hit. I think i must have played for 9 hours today and until the final 30 minutes i have been in the red all day. Never really down a lot but always -$100 to -$400. The last half hour saw me eventually hitting some cards and going on a bit of a rush that put me +$400 for the day. With my other tables already closed i was UTG on my final 3/6 table and was dealt AsKs. It was my final hand of the night. So..... i raise to 20, MP calls, BB repops it to 100. I should maybe have just passed and shut it down (then again that would be uber nitty) but this player is fairly gung ho and only had about $400 stack................ so, i call, MP folds and we see a flop.....
Flop comes down 26K rainbow....... i'm still not sure i like it........... he bets 120...... i call.
Turn 26K (J) he bets $50............ i'm already well committed and hope this is weak so shove the rest in over the top.
River is a blank and he flips KK :-( He takes down an $800+ pot which is fair enough. I think he played it well and really think the only way out for me is pre-flop when he puts in a big 3-bet. Anyone else and i may consider folding but this guy could easily be JJ QQ AK AQ.

So..... after 9 hours of play today i'm -$2 which is a loss of just over 22c/hour (sigh)
Better than it could have been i suppose so can't grumble.

As you can see i've re-designed my blog. I think it looks better but i'm having to find red piccies so it all matches lol.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lewis Hamilton FTW!

Just got back from an amazing long weekend at Silverstone. My wedding present from my wife were Platinum weekend passes for the British Grand Prix.... how lucky am I?!!! We got there on Thursday afternoon and after bemused looks from other campers, finally got our new tent up after about an hour. It was still a bit wonky but looked like it would at least keep us dry. Practice and qualifying were amazing. The weather was mixed but it wasn't too bad....... until Sunday! It was like a day in February instead of midsummer. We were sat in a covered stadium at Copse but because we had front-row seats and a strong head-wind we got battered by icey rain for most of the day. Was bloody freezing but had an awesome time. Definitely booking for next year. The atmosphere was unreal and the noise when Lewis passed the chequered flag was deafening.

Have been so busy what with Vegas and Silverstone that i've hardly played any poker since the middle of June. I have to put that right so will be hammering it for a while. I'm gonna have another go at qualifying for some live UK games too just to mix things up a bit.

Can't really discuss much poker as i haven't really played much. I played a little bit more in Vegas after my last post with mixed results. I got dealt AA twice the whole time i was there, Firstly in a Caesars tournament where i raised preflop and it all went in on the flop after i flop top set, only to see him turn over a flopped broadway straight :-( No help and i'm busto. The other time i got them was in a $5/$10 cash game on a crazy table. One of my targets was a crazy gambler who liked to see flops and bet draws hard. I look down at AA and am happy that he raises before me to $40. I make it $100 to go and he calls. We see a flop of J73 and he checks to me. I bet $150 into $215 and he pushes me allin. I have $700 behind and i'm sure i'm beat. I um and arr for a minute or two and the guy to my right is sighing 'Call!' to me whilst eating his burger. He's not even in the hand but is really trying to give me a read. I was honestly about to fold the hand before this happened but took this as a sign that the other guy had been pushing like this for a while and was probably weak or maybe had TPGK or overpair. That along with my original thoughts that this guy was a gambler led me into umming and arring for another 2 minutes before eventually making an unhappy call. He flips J7 for 2 pair and after no help, i muck my aces face down, stand up, and leave........ very annoyed with myself. I don't blame the guy with the burger, it was my own stupid fault. He could easily have 2 pair or trips. I should have listened to the check-raise and folded. If he open shoves i'm instacalling all day long but the C-raise should have waved the big red flag in my face...... It did to be fair...... i just didn't listen.
That was my one and only forray into $5/$10 whilst out there. I definitely think i could beat the game but it was a little above my available roll so the one shot was enough for me.

My flight left at 3pm on Tuesday so i entered the Goldcoasts $20 tournament which started at 10am. The average age was 113 and the skill level was terrible. There were a few decent players but at least half the field were complete donks. Anyways, i took it down for my 1st live win which felt pretty good lol. It only paid $300 but that was enough for gifts in the airport and a few beers.

So, i'm back at home without too many plans apart from poker for the forseeable future. Time to get that roll back up there. Need to pay for those Silverstone burgers somehow.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Event 31

Well that didn't last long :-( Level 2 and i'm outa there. It was a 6max event and my table was fairly decent. with only 5000 starting chips the blinds were starting to count right from the off. I really didn't want to play too tight but maybe i played a little loose. I got no luck though and was left with just over 1000 chips in level 1 after a flopped flush was beaten by a bigger one. I coulda/shoulda gone bust there maybe but with the blinds now at 50/100 i was in terrible shape. My final hand gave me A8 v TJ with a flop of A9Q. It all went in and the turned K left me drawing dead and eliminated much earlier than i wanted.
The whole experience was awesome though. The Amazon room is huge. The TV table is in the corner and yesterday saw a FT consisting of Negreanu, Hellmuth, Chan, Galfond, Juanda & Benyamine! Really strange to see all these stars and to be playing in the same tournies.

After i was knocked out i sat down to play some 2/5 cash and after 4 hours i left the table $9 down lol.

Met the mob (minus Ram) for a few beers early evening along with 3 other qualifiers, Rob, DJ & Jarrod. Great bunch of guys! Had a few too many then headed back to the Goldcoast to see if there was any cash action.....

Sat at a $1/$2 table and the action was beyond belief. I have honestly never seen anything like it in my life. The average stack was around $500 and the average pot preflop was around $80! WTF?!!!!! One guy was making all of this action...... Ron!! Rocket Ron as he soon came to be known. He was very pissed and very funny. I imagine he would be a half decent player if sober but in his state, he may as well have just burnt his cash. His standard raise was to $27 with any 2 cards and this would generally attract at least 3 calls from hopefuls with better than average cards. It was fookin brutal i tells ya. If anyone dared to raise, The Rocket would just push allin and outdraw your arse with his 65/35 LMAO. I don't think i've ever had such a laugh at the table. The guy was so pissed that everytime he pushed preflop and picked up the blinds ($3) he would tip the dealer $15!! hahaha. It really had to be seen to be believed. There was probably only 1 other decent player (if i'm included) at the table and between us we took a few nice pots and i left with $800 at 3.30am. I had to leave them to it as I was nodding off but would have loved to stay at that table for the rest of my poker career hehe. I just wish i got a picture of The Rocket to show you guys. Just his image would have you laughing hysterically...... especially after i stuck my Full Tilt logo on his shirt. Anyways, will have a look tonight to see if our friend is back. Hell..... i may go down there now to see if they're still playing lol. Notable quotes from the Rocket....... 'Can i say Bitch.....Bitch!' 'Have you got a queen?' (after EVERY flop whether a Q there or not.) 'Don't ever try that again or i'll reraise your ass!' 'Another Heineken would work well!' You really had to be there but the whole table, even the dealers (who were making $50/hr off him alone) were in a constant state of hysterical laughter.

Heading to Binions today to play in a small MTT with Rob. Good luck to DJ & Jarrod who are playing in todays $1500 WSOP event. Take it down guys!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Spinning it up!

Bloody hell it's hot. Arrived in Vegas at noon to be greeted by 38 degrees! It's like being constantly blasted by a hair dryer.
Got checked in to the Goldcoast. Not bad tbh. Rooms nothing special but are spacious, have internet connection and a decent TV. What else do i need?
Nipped across to the Rio and got registered for tomorrows 6max tourny. Saw Raymer and Goldstein playing which was really weird. then headed back to the Goldcoast to chill. Am bloody knackered but it was too early to sleep so i went to the poker room which only had 2/5 limit on offer. No thanks. So what to do? Put $20 into wheel of fortune slots of course :-) Spun that up to $100 and took that to the blackjack (yes i'm being smart with my roll lol) where i turned the $100 into $300! :-) Easy money lol.
Left it at that for the night and have come back to the room to get some rest. It's only 6pm at the moment though (2am UK) so i might play a bit online for an hour or too. Wanna be fully awake for tomorrows excitement though.
More updates to come.


Friday, June 13, 2008

No thanks!

Not a chance i'm falling for this one again. The last Friday 13th i remember playing was right at the start of this blog. I said i wasn't going to play but i gave in and ended up losing $2,400! I think it was my biggest losing day ever! So i'm not going to chance it this time. Yes yes, i know, it's all a load of bollox, but even thinking about it whilst playing will put doubts in my head, especially after getting sucked out on a couple of times. Have had a great fortnight ($9.5k up) so will protect that before my Vegas trip and have a day off.

Took Betty to the vets today. Bless her..... She had to have her booster vaccination. Not a happy kitten at all. We've had a nap on the couch together though and everything seems to be forgotten.

It's my birthday tomorrow so all donations are welcome if you want to buy me a beer. My username is cottlad at FTP ;) Wifey is taking me out to a posh Thai restaurant tonight which i'm well up for. Not had Thai in ages. Bring on the chicken feet! yum yum!

Right, i best go and start packing. Flight leaves early morning on Sunday from Manchester to get to Vegas lunchtime. Will be meeting Joe 'The Elegance' Beevers (namedrop) Sunday evening for a drink and to collect some pennies, then registering for the $2500 6max tourny that starts on Monday. I dunno what i'll be playing after that one..... suppose it depends how i get on. I'll be updating my blog from Vegas though.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Great Day

Am running good at the moment. In the last 12 days, 3 have been losing ones. I've dropped back down to playing 2 to 3 tables max and am finding it much easier to make the correct decisions and reads rather than just playing my hole cards and the board(which is what i find myself doing when trying to play too many tables.) I'm also giving myself more time to assess the situation and extract maximum value from winning hands. Even though i can 4-5 table profitably, i don't think i can get as much value out of that as i can 2 tabling with 100% focus. Yesterday was the best day i've had for a long time ($2.2k) so lets hope i've hit a vein of form just at the right time. I can almost smell that bracelet lol.

Only played for 20 mins so far today as there just aren't any decent games open. Had to drop down to NL$200 to even get a game and am gonna hit and run now for $75 :)

Am trying to get back into golf at the moment. Had a couple of lessons lately which completely destroyed my game but things are just starting to buck up a little. Played at the weekend and shot 90 which is nowhere near where I ideally want to be, but a vast improvement on how things have been going. Maybe the lessons are now starting to pay dividends and I can get my handicap down to 12 or less by the end of summer. I'm off now to thwack another couple of buckets of balls down the driving range. Will be back to the poker later this afty.

This made me smile today. Why can't these sort of things happen more often? Justice in the form of a crushed leg for this vandal as opposed to a tap on the wrist!...............

Help me.... help me..... LMFAO!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Counting Down to WSOP...

I fly out to Vegas on Sunday. I won a $4k package some time ago courtesy of The Hendon Mob. I'm there for a little over a week and i think i'll play event No. 31 on Monday which is a $2500 buyin 6 max tournament. I much prefer the thought of this rather than a full table event as my main game is 6 max when i play day to day. It's not that often i play in 9 or 10 handed games anymore. It's also much more comfortable playing with 6 at a table, especially if you're sat there for hour after hour, which i hope i am! Much more action too......mmmmmmmmmm action!! I am of course fully expecting to come home with a gold bracelet and tales of final table battles with Brunson, Hellmuth and co. You can't blame me for dreaming lol. Saying that, i'm going with every intention of winning the thing, as should everyone else who plays in it!

If anyone wants to buy chunks of me i'm on sale. I may play in a $1500 event later in the week if i can get backing for 50% of me ($750 total.) $75 will get you 5% if you're intrested.
If not, i will play a few side event tournies at Binions/Caesars/Venetian etc. What i don't want to do is take another big chunk out of my bankroll and face the prospect of rebuilding it again like i am doing following the wedding.
Anyways, i'll keep you updated on events Stateside. Anyone else heading over that way?


Still alive!

I've had a few people nagging me to update my blog so i thought i would apease them. Can't believe how long it's been.
Since my last post i've.........

Done this...........
Been here.........

And here......................

And got this.............

I married Annamarie on the 24th March. We had a fantastic day and really enjoyed ourselves. Even i enjoyed it! I thought i'd be running about the whole day to be honest making sure everything ran smoothly but there was no need to worry. The day went perfectly (apart from the bride being 30 minutes late!!) The wedding car was late apparantley! hehe. I believe ya! The congregation were kept amused by the organist though, who at one point broke into 'why are we waiting!'
We had a great honeymoon too. We started off in Vegas for 4 nights at the Flamingo including a couple of shows and a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon. La Reve was very spectacular and well worth seeing and the Rat Pack tribute show at the Plaza was entertaining but i would advise taking a hipflask with you as the cocktail service was worse than terrible. We flew from Vegas all the way to the canyon with Sundance. I can't recommend this highly enough for anyone visiting Vegas. Limo from your hotel to the airport followed by a champagne picnic in the canyon itself. Very reasonably priced too for what you get.
We didn't gamble very much at all apart from a little video poker and our main vice........ Wheel.....Of......Fortune slots. How addictive can that get!
I did walk past a few poker rooms, including the Bellagio's, and not once did i fancy playing...... Gawd i'm a crap liar....... Ya just can't on ya honeymoon though can ya! lol.
We left Vegas with a small profit and continued on to Maui. What a beautiful island. We had our own private honeymoon cottage for 10 nights which was just superb. The weather was mostly good apart from the last 3 days which we used to see some sights and for Annamarie to get savaged by dozens of mozzies at one of the many waterfalls.
We then headed back to Vegas for a night at the Bellagio before heading back to the UK the next day. The views from the room can be seen above. Pretty damned amazing!
Been grinding the tables since getting back. Weddings and honeymoons and all the things that go with them seem to add up to unholy amounts of money so i'm now in the process of building my BR cushion back up. The poker is still going well but i won't be posting a running profit anymore, although i may just mention any big wins/losses as well as any significant hands played. It wouldn't be a poker blog without that now would it!
We had a PFU forum meetup a few weekends back at Dusk Til Dawn in Nottingham. Bit of a shame that the place was full of Norwegians for their national championships because the schedule changed significantly and the tournies we wanted to play were no longer running. So, we went down the local Gala on the Friday and played a £20 rebuy donkathon. There were lots of Scandies there too and the action was fairly manic to say the least. None of us made the money.... think i finished about 17th/65 or so. Sat night we all went to DTD and the management were extremely kind in finding us a private table and a dealer so that we could play some SNG's. We had a great night and will definately have to do that again. We'll play a tournament next time so we can all use our new PFU card protectors! :-)
Anyways, that's what i've been doing for the last couple of months. Oh, we also got a kitten which we named Betty. Damned thing loves drawing blood at the moment so having to wear 3 pairs of socks and leather chaps hehe. I never realized they did such smelly poos too. It'll be a sack and a brick and a visit to the canal if she doesn't buck her ideas up! lol. Bless her.
I see Amafish has set himself a crazy SNG challenge and has taken $1.5k of prop bets lol. Oopsadaisy dude. I reckon you could have made it if you'd pulled ya finger out!
Am off to Vegas again next week to play at least 1 WSOP event and a few side tournies. I'll update before i go and also from Vegas. A bracelet or 2 would be nice ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Woot! It seems like i've been grinding up and down for months and months to make that last 5k but tonight i eventually made it to the $100k profit mark :-) Thats from April 2007 starting with $400. All in all i'm more than well chuffed. It's been a bit rocky of late and i hope that i don't have to post this 100k reached ever again. Lets hope i can keep it going and put a cushion between me and the milestone.

I'm just in the process of looking for a new base for my cash games and think i may plump for Pacific again.... yes i know i've slated the place in the past but there just aren't the games available at my current location. Lucky if there's 2 games open per level above $2/$4. So it's either there, Cake, or Bodog. Any recomends greatly appreciated.

Gonna start proper figures again as from now too. Have been lazy since i lost my hard drive and really need to get on top of stats. Put me pokertracker on my new desktop so hopefully things can be a bit more automated rather than having to sum up every session which normally takes 25mins/day.

Anyways.... WD me :-)
Current total $101,500


Thursday, January 31, 2008


Booked it. Packed it. Fooked off!!

After weeks of umming and ahhing i've booked the honeymoon. 4 nights in Vegas followed by 11 nights in Maui in a honeymoon cottage, then a night in Vegas on the way back. Can't wait. So looking forward to seeing the sun again. It's gonna be weird going to Vegas and not playing poker but i'll get the poker in when i go back in June .... Just booked that also :-) Heading out for a couple of WSOP events on 15th June. Heading back on 24th. Hope i can come back a bracelet winner........ gawd that would be so awesome.

The poker has been going MUCH better. I have no idea what the fook i've been fannying around at since crimbo. Trying to get tricky, poor hand selection, poor table selection, no concentration etc etc etc etc etc etc.............................. I've taken a leaf out of Jones's book and have dropped down to $1/$2. I've turned the telly off. I've started taking notes again. I've got my patience back etc etc etc etc etc/.... Net result is a $2.2k profit in 3 days after a total of about 17 hours (3 tabling.) Everything just feels better. Not even gonna think about moving above 2/4 at all unless i see 'Irishpig' has come back for another bashing lol.

The reason i've moved back down is simply due to reading my own blog. My normal game when i was winning constantly was 1/2 or 2/4. Not 3/6 or 5/10 or higher. I've been such a fookwit. My game suits 2/4max so thats what i should play. My stats should tell me that but having lost most of my stats when my harddrive went pop i haven't updated. I was planning on starting keeping better stats when i eventually have my desktop connected (probably next week.)

There are a lot of huge lessons to be learnt above. Not just for me. Take heed people!

GLA :-)

Monday, January 28, 2008


Having another bad run. Playing marginal hands and trying to conceal biggies. Trouble is, i aint hitting any biggies. Played Saturday and was doing OK until i did something incredibly stupid that slightly tilted me. I'm playing $600nl and wake up with 99 on button. I raise to $20 by highlighting the bet box and typing 20. Trouble is, i didn't delete what was already in there so ended up with 620. I hit 'raise' before i realize what i've done and it raises me allin. This is the 1st time i've done that in around 100k hands at this site. Anyways, i thought i'd probably get away with it as long as someone in the blinds didn't have AA/KK. BB calls and flips AA. Odd's please? LOLOL........absolutely gutted.
Spent the rest of the weekend getting rivered. Not a massive amount down but if i'd won even 40% of my 80% shot's i'd be well up for the weekend. My luck has been trully awful.
Here's an example......... you know who you are lol..........
$1000nl. I raise to $50 in position preflop with QQ.
A very drunk guy calls from blinds.
Flop 469
He bets $100. I raise to $400. he calls.
Turn J
He pushes for $550. I call.
River 3
Hi flips 52 offsuit and rivers his gutshot straight. I'm not moaning at his play here. I'm quite happy with his play. It just highlights the unreal luck i've been having lately when someone bluff pushes over $500 with 5 high, i make the right call and get hammered by a 4 outer.
Apologies if the above not 100% accurate but if it aint, it's there abouts.

Anyways, time to move onward and upward. Hope i can make this week work a little better. Gonna try and stop calling raises with my 64c and get back to ABC's for a while.

GL for the week all. Tallyho!!!!!

edit: It's 10:55 and i've just started........ fooks sake.
$600nl. Full Stack. AA dealt to me.
Raise to $24. 1 caller.
Flop 854
I bet $40 he calls
Turn 2
I bet $100 he calls
River 7
He pushes $150 and i have to call. Of course he has 86 and hits his gutshot straight.

Next hand.
Same guy raises to $30 preflop and i push the rest in (slightly tilty) with AK. He calls and takes down a $600 pot with QKo. I mean.... wtf is going on ere.

Any advice please? Am i playing like a fookwit?

10 minutes into today and i'm $600 down after about 6 hands. Both coming from suckouts.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Iron Man

I am now officially a 'Fitness Fanatic!!!!!'
I didn't actually go swimming today but i did walk 3 miles. OK..... it's nothing special but at least it's a start. Have decided that walking is the way to go for a while at least as it will allow me to get to know Harrogate a bit better. The reason i walked 3 miles today is that the local cardroom is a mile and a half away and i wanted to scope the place out. It was shut! Grrrr. Ah well. Will nip down and join another time. Gonna start upping the walking to 5-10 miles to cover the whole of Harrogate and surrounding area.
Anyways, came back from my stroll and had a real nice afternoon at the tables. Played for about 2 hours only and have just finished up $1200 playing NL$600. Schweeeeeeet. Bout time i had a decent day.
Like Podium Boy, i must work out a schedule between playing/sleeping/exercise/days off etc etc etc. Am also playing when i shouldn't and not taking the thing seriously enough of late. Just haven't had the concentration or been in the 'zone.' Feel better for getting out of the house today though so hopefully things will change.

Only 1 terrible beat today by a player who should bloody well know better..........
Oh fook it, i'm not gonna bore you all with BB stories.

So, at 6pm i'm $1600 away from the magic figure.

Oh...... can someone tell me why, after i post an entry, it doesn't update for hours and hours? It used to be instant?

Bad Mood Today

Dunno what's put me in such a grump today. I've won about $1k tonight and still feel pissed off. I feel like i need to kick the shit out of a punchbag for an hour or two. Either that or smoke a pack of reds. Been 5.5 months since i gave up now. Still get urges but i'll never smoke again. Would be so easy though.

I've deffo gotta go swimming or running or something tomorrow. I must get active instead of sitting at home eating chocolate. I'm becoming a tubby fooka which aint good.

Can't get my graph working in that nice steady uphill walk that i've had since April. Deffo less fish swimming in the pools. Either that or my game is getting a lot worse. I had hoped my next post would be the $100k celebration but i just can't seem to crack it. Still another 3k to go.

Lost a $1000 hand yesterday and had to laugh like fook afterwards. Fair play...........

6 handed. Me button. Him BB. 500 each. Blinds 3/6
Folded to me. I raise to $18 with 88. BB calls.
Flop 844 :)
He checks. I check.
Turn 844(7)
He Checks. I check (hope he hits the river teehee :-))))
River 8447(A)
He goes allin for 500 and i instacall.

He only goes and flips 44! FFS!!!! lmao. was funny. Good luck to him, he played me like a fish hehe.
Sx2 + others + 70.8


Friday, January 18, 2008

Cashout Blues

Why is it? I'm playing what i consider very good poker this week. Up to Wednesday morning i had 13/17 winning sessions Somewhere near 10 buyins to the good. Wed morning i cash out 20% of my current roll at this site. Since then i've had 10/12 LOSING sessions. Somewhere near 5 buyins down I'm sure i haven't changed my game. I've been completely card dead. When i do limp in or pick up a semi decent starting hand i'm outdrawn every time. My str8 outdrawn after money goes in to a flush. My flush outdrawn after money goes in to a boat etc etc. Time after time Last night i needed a change so opened up another client where i had $400. I've played and won in 5 sessions and my roll there is now $2k. I ask ya....... wtf? Is it really just variance? I know this has come up sooooo many times in the past and this is a bit of a rant, but why does it constantly come up? Aliens DO exist! Diana WAS murdered! Amatay IS a fish!

Anyways, gonna stay away from the cashout site for a while until my doomswitch has been reset. Might even have a pop at a few donkaments for a change.

Maybe Sunday will change my luck. We are having our bands read (whatever that means) so i'll be attending church and praying to God for a nice streak of luck. Wonder if I can tempt the vicar into a backroom cashgame after the service? hehe.

Still can't reach the magical 100k figure. Seems this last 10k is proving to be a bit tricky. Current profit $96k. Hopefully i'll be there (and not lower) by the end of the month.

I didn't make it to Brighton. A bit too far to travel really. Hopefully i can get to one of the more northerly legs. GL Gliterbabe who's made it to day 2. Take it down!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Yeah yeah, i know i'm a bit late. Better late than never though innit! Been grinding away for the last month trying to rebuild my roll after losing that 10k in a short spell. Happily i've made that back in December with a little bit on top so all is well in my little world :-)

I hardly played a hand over christmas as i never had any time really. The only time i really did want to play i couldn't get a signal and settled for about 10 minutes of $2/$4. Back into the groove now to a certain extent but will be easier once i have my new system connected to the tinternet. I've just been out and bought a decent spec PC, 2 x 22" monitors and a printer from PC world for 666 quids. Great offer imo. Dual core 2.2ghz with 2g ram. Haven't been able to play yet though as i wont have tinternet service until the end of the month. Will probably plug in my mobile dongle modem thingymebob to test it out soon though. I spent the first 15 minutes just moving the mouse cursor from screen to screen lol. Gawd i'm a saddo.

So, what have i been up to i hear you say? Well i've been upto this..........

Xmas - cooked xmas dinner for mine and fiance's parents. Great success! :-) Fiance bought me a Wii for xmas prezzy. Great success! :-) Spent a couple of nights between xmas and NY in the Lake District with my girl. Had a spa bath and a hot-tub. Even managed a 4 hour walk on 1 of the days - Great Success! :-) NYeve went to a restaurant with friends and got hammered. Not as hammered as the girls though who ended up pretty comatoze. NY day was a bit messy to say the least - Great success! :-)

The wedding's creeping up quickly and most of the planning has been finalized now. Last major job is to book a band which i'm off to do right now - I hope Led Zep are free on Easter Monday!

Hope you all have a happy and healthy new year. Good luck at the tables.

PS..... anyone playing the GUKPT in Brighton next week? Think i may be attending.