Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day 52

Back on the tables tonight. Only for a couple of hours though. Am bored tbh. As amatay says in his blog i've lost that oomph. Really enjoyed the Pacific Poker forum freeroll tonight though. Were only playing for $12 but the level of play and the banter was top class. Played 2 tables of $3/6 after that for 2 hours and made a tidy profit. I just aint getting the buzz like i used to though. I don't think it's to do with the winnings as i could quite happily stick to this level and continue making money. Maybe the game is just numbing my brain. I think i've got to stick to set times and give myself more non poker playing time off. Maybe if i set myself 2 days off a week and actually do something with my time like getting out of this apt.
Spoke to my girlfriend who's still in the UK tonight and i think that's gettin me down as much as anything. We have all these plans that are dependant on things happening out of our control. My bosses boat selling, an apartment coming available for us, Getting the OK to aquire a restaurant here, her house selling etc etc etc. I'm hopeful that this week will sort some of this stuff out but we just have to wait and see. I know i'm having a bit of a rant but it's sooooooo frustrating. Maybe i'll look back on this post next week and smile :)
Anyways, as you say hon...... things WILL work out! Patience :)

Previous balance $37,851
Todays profit $1,129
Todays balance $38,980
Total profit $38,580


Ben Nicholson said...

U sad bastard. Go and find some charity work instaed of wallowing in your own filth!!!!

Cottlad said...

Oi Nicholson....... Shut It!!! :-)
And i'll have you know i shower once a week whether i need it or not!