Friday, November 21, 2008

Spent the whole week analyzing my game and plugging leaks. Seem to be going round in circles somewhat. I'm happy with my preflop play now but my postflop play needs a little improvement i think. Made a 4 table, 200nl video and have posted it on PFU in order to get some useful criticism. Will definitely be making some more videos now i've got the hang of things with Camtasia. Will also edit the next one down so there's not as much inane waffle and boring hands.
Dropped a few hundred on ipoker this week after a couple of crappy sessions. Seem to be fighting back a little in the last couple of days though and am raking plenty at the moment and the bonus for this month will be very timely.
Congrats to Cheesies who's had a sicko month of November. Achievements too numerous to list but was capped by a 20k gtd victory last night. Also idi0..... another sicko who won another 20k gtd earlier in the week. PFU seems to be going great this month.... long may it continue.

My god what a boring post that was......
Can i save it with a funny vid i wonder?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Been Fishing!

Ahoy there landlubbers! Things are looking up.... at last!! Thank fook for that i hear you say! About time he stopped whinging ffs!! Well, i've had a decent week after slapping myself around the face a few times. Talk about a rut ffs..... You know when you're watching some utter moronic garbage on the TV at 3AM after a night out on the piss. You tend to stare open mouthed at the telly focussing about 3 yards behind it..... wondering why the fook you don't go to bed....? Well, that's been my poker game for a while now. I slipped into playing 20/15/1 before realizing what a tit i was and seeking some help..... that worked for a few days and i tightened up to play somewhere around 16/14/3 and felt much happier....... then i realized i'd slipped back to playing 18/14/1.5....... wtf?...... i'm supposed to be doing this for a living ffs? Pass me the dunse cap!

So, this week i spent a lot of time looking over my PT figures and plugging huge leaks. My bb/100 rate for $1/$2 had slipped to less than 2 over 35k hands after being around 4.5 over 20k hands.......Anyways, after a lot of studying and a few hours on cardrunners i've spent the last 2 days playing a different style and things are going really well. Yeah i know i've run pretty well but i'm back making decisions again instead of autofolding/playing just my cards v board.

Sunday I played the 250k satellite $40 rebuy event for a $300 seat. Got the seat without any rebuys or addon. So then played the 250k at ipoker and was looking to go really deep until i lost a standard flip and got knocked out 43rd for $1k. Quite happy with that ROI.
Yesterday i played the 15k rebuy at ipoker and managed to go deep after no rebuys and 1 addon. Cost $50 and i got 3rd for $1500.
Yesterday and today i've played 600 hands of $1/2 and made $1000. I've run pretty well to be fair but still, i'm so much happier with the way i'm playing and am enjoying playing again. iPoker roll up to £5k so may have a sniff at $2/$4 this week and see what occurrs.

Enough of all this upbeatednessization..... Saturday i went down to Birmingham to play in the Sky UK Poker Tour at the Broadway. It was only a £50 event and i went down to see one of the Sky guys (didn't show) and a couple of other poker chums. Great to meet Wayne and his missus and also Chris who somehow came 2nd! Have no idea ho as he was plastered lol. WP mate!
My exit was odd to say the least. We started on a fairly weak table with 4 decent players and 3-4 donks. Come the 1st break and all the donks were gone leaving the rest of us with around double starting stacks. After the break we go repopulated by decent players and things got tricky. 1 of these guys was really talkative to put it politely. He really couldn't stop talking for 5 seconds..... Within a few hands he'd run AA into KK twice and after arriving shortstacked had got to about 9k....... anyways, the dealer is shuffling and he's making a huge thing about telling the entire table how he's UTG and his book says he should limp with aces.... i mean he made a massive show of this even telling passers by.... The dealer deals and sure enough he limps UTG and it's folded to me in the cutoff... i look down and see KK and raise about 4x.... folded to UTG who shoves (he was auto shoving a lot) and i titter to myself as i call :-) He flips AA!! WTF?
That left me with less than 2k and i was done for a few hands later. I suppose they were using the Sky Online RNG for this live tourney!

Found this video on Youtube and it reminds me of Sky poker back in the day when it was swarming with fish..... those were the days...