Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's me Again

Blimey, nearly a year since i logged on to this ghey blog. I promised myself i would kickstart this thing and try and update at least once a week so here goes..... although we go to Portugal for 10 days tomorrow so maybe not quite every week just yet.

I've got a beatiful daughter called Millie since my last entry. She's almost 6 months old already but i'll bore you with more of her another time.

Poker has been fairly shite tbh over the past few months. I've been struggling due to trying to completely revamp my game when i should have just changed 1 or 2 things very slowly. I went from being a fairly nitty player into trying to emulate the Cardrunner lagtards which resulted in me pissing and spewing money left right and centre. More of that in future posts also as i think lots of you can learn a great deal from my utter stupidity.

So anyway, i've gone back to being a nit for a while and hopefully things are beginning to get back on track. My theory side is still strong, i just gotta listen to my own advice now and again.... /big sigh.

Anyways, long day tomorrow so for now i'll say tata and start this thing up again when i get back.