Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 22

I love Sundays. I've got a book to finish, 3 DVD's to watch, some sleep to catch up on, and some poker to play. There is Pizza and beer in the fridge for later and the sun is shining :-) Going to nip for a Sunday roast 1st though then it's time to qualify for the 75k gtd at pacific.
I am Mr. Angry despite a profit for the day. Qualified for the 75k without any problems and was trundling along nicely. Just over 3500 at 1st break and the rock of the table. 1 1/2 hrs in i get AA..... at last...... a hand!!. I'm in mid position and 1 before me raises to 700. I reraise to 1300. All fold to original raiser who pushes allin. Woohoo!!!! Showdown time and he flips AJo..... woohoo (why did he re-re-raise with that shite?) Flop TTK..... oh eck........ turn 7...... :-)..... River fookin Q. Not as if i didn't know it was coming. I dunno why i bother with these shite mtt's. 1 1/2 hours completely wasted by a lucky donk. Only played for 45 minutes this afternoon on sky but made a nice profit so the day is not completely wasted. Severe laptop problems mean i can't open pokerfriendsreunited or skypoker so i'm off to the pub. Good luck all pokerfriends still in the game.

Previous balance $19,628
Todays profit $638
Todays balance $20,266
Total profit $19,866

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