Thursday, May 24, 2007

Day 41

I haven't touched a cash table so far today. Have actually ventured into mtt land at Pacific. Haven't really played mtt's for over a month as the suckouts were driving me insane. Actually quite enjoyed today though and made 2 final tables out of 4. Not a massive amount of cash but more than enough to pay for my WSOP satellite tonight. I think it's helped my game too as i'm able to play looser and more aggressively in mtt's without worrying too much about busting out. There's a big diffrence between busting out of a $10 mtt and busting out of a $600nl table. Gonna continue playing mtt's in the future to keep my eye in and start to enjoy the game again. Until the suckouts reappear that is :-) Have also qualified for the UK Open qualifier tonight at Pacific. I satellited my way to the $80 seat for i think $3 or $4. Why they are both timed to start at the same time beats me. Pacific really need to get their act together not just with their qualifiers but the whole company image. Don't get me started on that though, we could be here all night! Will be back later with an update of the above 2 games and any cash i may play.
Well not entirely to plan. Made it through to the WSOP qualifier tomorrow (Fri) which i'm happy with. My performance in the UK Open qualifier made me mad though. I played 2.5 hrs of solid poker and was sat with 11k in chips on the final table. I lost my concentration for 1 hand and blew up. I smelt someone having a stab at the pot so raised and got called. I only had A high and the had a hand. Checked to river but was crippled and down to less than 4k which lasted another 4 hands. Why did i try a stupid move? The blinds were only 300/600 so i had plenty of time. Really angry with myself. Went out in 8th :-(
Cash tables not much better. Was up and down like a yoyo. Nothing to show from today apart from my WSOP chance so i hope i can make good use of it.

Previous balance $23,795
Todays profit $9 It all helps i suppose lol
Todays balance $23,804
Total profit $23,404

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