Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Day 24

Not very happy tonight. Have a computer virus that i can't fix and have been sending steadily more annoyed emails to support for the software i'm using. Not a single reply in 2 days from them. Tearing my hair out here. Put that together with another terrible beat on the tables and i'm not in the best of moods. Flopped KKK yet again tonight and got yet again called to the river by someone chasing a gutshot straight draw. This fookwit didn't even have a pair. He hit his straight on the river to take down an $800 pot. That's the last 3 consecutive days now that i've lost major pots when at least 90% in front going to the river. 1 i can take but 3 days on the trot? My balance should read over $3000 more than it currently does. What are these people thinking ffs? Been pretty card dead for the rest of the night and think today has been a losing day. Didn't enjoy playing 1 bit tonight. Didn't help being pissed off before i started. Roll on tomorrow........

Previous balance $20,504
Todays profit $(394)
Todays balance $20,110
Total profit $19,710

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