Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 18

Started late today. Have been playing too much lately and have started to become a poker zombie lol. Picked up the mouse at 22:15 tonight and am currently 3 tabling 2/4 games. Doing ok at the moment. Nothing amazing but we should break $18k balance if not profit.
Finished my book at last. The tailor of Panama by Le Carre. What a grind it was. I spent a lot of time in Panama a couple of years ago so it was at least intresting to read about some of the places i'd been to or seen.... including the embassy and the 'Pavo Real' which was a British boozer that sold fish n chips in newspaper :-) Back shortly with totals.....
Turned into a very nice day indeed :-) Played the 3 x 2/4 tables for 2 hours only and left with approx $400 profit, then watched a movie before a quick half hour on a 3/6 table which i entered with $400 and left with a sweet $1100 :-) Got through the 19k barrier. Next one's the biggy!

Previous balance $17,980
Todays profit $1,104
Todays balance $19,084
Total profit $18,684

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