Thursday, February 14, 2008


Woot! It seems like i've been grinding up and down for months and months to make that last 5k but tonight i eventually made it to the $100k profit mark :-) Thats from April 2007 starting with $400. All in all i'm more than well chuffed. It's been a bit rocky of late and i hope that i don't have to post this 100k reached ever again. Lets hope i can keep it going and put a cushion between me and the milestone.

I'm just in the process of looking for a new base for my cash games and think i may plump for Pacific again.... yes i know i've slated the place in the past but there just aren't the games available at my current location. Lucky if there's 2 games open per level above $2/$4. So it's either there, Cake, or Bodog. Any recomends greatly appreciated.

Gonna start proper figures again as from now too. Have been lazy since i lost my hard drive and really need to get on top of stats. Put me pokertracker on my new desktop so hopefully things can be a bit more automated rather than having to sum up every session which normally takes 25mins/day.

Anyways.... WD me :-)
Current total $101,500