Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 82

I am unemployed! It's official! The boat has just about been sold so i took her for a last trip to Barcelona on Saturday. Dropped the keys off at the Barcelona office and that's that! Had a great trip over and invited a couple of friends. The weather in Ibiza was pretty shitty and the sea was real lumpy for the 1st hour but then it smoothed out and we had a great passage. I'm gonna miss the boat but i'm also looking forward to a new life without her. No more polishing for me! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!
So, I guess i just became a professional poker player. That sounds so scarey and i never had any plans to turn pro. I suppose it's just happened. I'm still looking for a business with my fiance and that is the goal but if i can keep the money coming in from the tables then all is well. It means i'll be leaving Ibiza in a week or 3 and heading home for a while. I hope there's gonna be something that resembles a summer by the time i get back. We plan to head back out later in the year when apartments are more readily available and they're not charging silly holiday prices. My fiance flies out here on Saturday for a week and i reckon i'll probably leave here on the same flight after we've had a nice holiday. It feels so weird having zero work responsibilities. I can go to the beach without getting a call or having to be somewhere to meet someone. I think i could get used to this :-)

Previous balance $47,584
Todays profit $1,117
Todays balance $48,701
Total profit $48,301


Kirby the German Roofer said...

Amatays cousin here. long time reader first time poster here.

Any chance of a link swap, im doing some great traffic.

Amatay said...

looooooool this geezer aint my cousin, check my blog. Good luck on going full time btw mate. You earn a shit load of dosh anyway it seems so you should be fine

Cottlad said...

Erm Kirby, make a blog mate and i may link you. Even though you seem to be German! :p

Cottlad said...

You wish he was your cousin! I think your his hero! He loves you!

Kirby the German Roofer said...

u call this a blog? pull your fist out you pig trot.

Cottlad said...

OK.... i hate being called a pig trot..... You're linked!