Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Day 23

Mixed bag today. Came 4th in the sky open for $488 from a $20 outlay and also got mentioned on the telly hehe :-) Then played some cash and was doing nicely until the worst hand i have ever seen cropped up. I will name and shame Victor at skypoker for making me feel like i do right now. I am numb! OK we are playing $2/$4nl holdem. I joined with $400 and had built it up to $620 over a couple of hours. I get dealt KK in the BB. 3 limpers before me and i raised 6x as the table was showing maniac tendencies. Only Victor calls.
Flop K74 rainbow :-) I bet $40 as the crazy calls are scaring me. Victor calls.
Turn 8. I bet $80 and Victor raises it to $160. What can i put him on here? Well i put him on trips also and am happy to go over the top allin. He calls the rest of his chippies!!!
River 5.
He flips over 46 to take a $1,160 pot. I still can't quite believe what happened in that hand. He calls allin after the turn with bottom pair and a gutshot and hits. Today would have been a very profitable day but it has turned into a fooking shambles. I can usually take a bad beat, especially on sky, but this 1 really really hurt. If i was playing with this clown live i would be sat in the cells right now. This might actually stop me playing for a day or 2 as i feel very very tilty and can't see the feeling disappearing soon. Will see how i feel tomorrow.
Am sick as a parrot! Nite nite

Previous balance $20,266
Todays profit $238 ........... should have been $1,300 grrrrrrr
Todays balance $20,504
Total profit $20,104

Not all bad i suppose. Still finished with a profit and have unbelievably made it to a fifth of the way to a hundred grand in 23 days! Must be doing something right :-) That smile is totally false by the way lol. Am still fuming :\

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