Monday, July 2, 2007

Day 72

Mister Incredible is due to run again tonight in the 7.10 at Windsor. I don't have as much confidence in him as last time and there probably isn't much value in the current 11/4 available. 5/1 or better would be worth a punt but i may have just a few quid in a reverse forecast with the favourite. I can't help but feel they may run him easy at this price and await a better race/price for his next win attempt. The following is an email i got off the trainer....
The race looks to have a clear favourite in Mafaheem who should be odds on for the race, so really the rest are almost running for 2nd/3rd place. I guess 5/1 or better would be worth betting e/w or betting exchanges/tote for place only, though i would be looking for 8/1 to make a profit from a personal betting point of view. Mister I looks around 3rd or 4th best if handicap but his run the other day puts him in with a great chance.
What to do? (sigh)

Well he finished 4th and out of the places. He had a bad run really getting badly hampered half way through and doing well not to fall. He's due to run again on Wednesday if he's in shape so more to follow.
Lost a few on the geegee's.......won a few at poker :)

Previous balance $44,278
Todays profit $14
Todays balance $44,292
Total profit $43,892

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