Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day 66

Well today is Tuesday and last week was a great week for me. My poker wins and my horse winning pales into insignificance compared to my girlfriend saying yes to my marriage proposal :-))))) I don't think anyone thought i would ever get round to settling down. Neither did i to be honest but i got very lucky indeed by meeting the girl of my dreams. I wanted to wait until i knew things were right and i'd met the right one for me. Now i know i have :-)

The above took a couple of trips to the UK to sort out and i've also been mega busy with the boat. It still hasn't sold yet. The guy who is supposed to be buying it keeps stalling. I just got a call off my boss with some news though and whatever happens i'll be finishing at the end of July which will give me some time in the UK :-) This is why i've not been great at updating this blog. Had my head full for a couple of weeks. Anyways, hope to keep on top of it now.

Well that was a giggle. Just been playing some tables of $400 nl and my last 6 hands against alliners stood up. Think i wiped 8 people out in about 20 mins hehe. Played the pokerroom teamplay $500 FR tonight representing pokerfriends and went out 19/19 oops (blush.) The standard was very poor and i should have altered my game to match really. People calling with anything. My 8x PF raise with JJ did most damage when some numpty flipped 97 and hit a boat! Grrrr. Next round tomorrow.

Thanks for reading

Previous balance $42,442
Todays profit $870
Todays balance $43,312
Total profit $42,912


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