Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 22

I love Sundays. I've got a book to finish, 3 DVD's to watch, some sleep to catch up on, and some poker to play. There is Pizza and beer in the fridge for later and the sun is shining :-) Going to nip for a Sunday roast 1st though then it's time to qualify for the 75k gtd at pacific.
I am Mr. Angry despite a profit for the day. Qualified for the 75k without any problems and was trundling along nicely. Just over 3500 at 1st break and the rock of the table. 1 1/2 hrs in i get AA..... at last...... a hand!!. I'm in mid position and 1 before me raises to 700. I reraise to 1300. All fold to original raiser who pushes allin. Woohoo!!!! Showdown time and he flips AJo..... woohoo (why did he re-re-raise with that shite?) Flop TTK..... oh eck........ turn 7...... :-)..... River fookin Q. Not as if i didn't know it was coming. I dunno why i bother with these shite mtt's. 1 1/2 hours completely wasted by a lucky donk. Only played for 45 minutes this afternoon on sky but made a nice profit so the day is not completely wasted. Severe laptop problems mean i can't open pokerfriendsreunited or skypoker so i'm off to the pub. Good luck all pokerfriends still in the game.

Previous balance $19,628
Todays profit $638
Todays balance $20,266
Total profit $19,866

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 21

Yay it's Saturday. Boo i gotta hangover. Time to make a full English i think!

Not a bad day. Seen some amazingly bad play tonight which nearly sent me over the edge lol. Finding it easier and easier not tilting playing here as there are so many situations where you could tilt, you seem to get accustomed to it. Time's flown by and it's 04:15 already. Time to call it a night.

Previous balance $18,653
Todays profit $975
Todays balance $19,628
Total profit $19,228

Week 3 profit $2,514

Day 20

Just a quick post on Fridays games.

Previous balance $18,218
Todays profit $435
Todays balance $18,653
Total Profit $18,253

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day 19

Just got in after a manic day. I know it sounds cliche but i've been scrubbing the decks all day. Arrrgggghhhhh Jimlad!!! Gonna ache like hell tomorrow. Time for a game me thinks. Not for long though as i'm determined to get an early night tonight.
What a horrific evening. I couldn't do anything right at all. I flopped 4 sets which were all cracked. KK once...cracked. AA once.....cracked!!! gruesome stuff. I've lost a fair wedge tonight but have no idea how it wasn't even more. The above 6 hands did me for about $1200 alone. Am not the happiest chappy at the moment but i suppose i can't grumble too much after the run i've had. Variance?..... God i hate that word!!! lol. Off to cry myself to sleep. Goodnight!

Previous balance $19,084
Todays profit $(866) :-((((((
Todays balance $18,218
Total profit $17,818

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 18

Started late today. Have been playing too much lately and have started to become a poker zombie lol. Picked up the mouse at 22:15 tonight and am currently 3 tabling 2/4 games. Doing ok at the moment. Nothing amazing but we should break $18k balance if not profit.
Finished my book at last. The tailor of Panama by Le Carre. What a grind it was. I spent a lot of time in Panama a couple of years ago so it was at least intresting to read about some of the places i'd been to or seen.... including the embassy and the 'Pavo Real' which was a British boozer that sold fish n chips in newspaper :-) Back shortly with totals.....
Turned into a very nice day indeed :-) Played the 3 x 2/4 tables for 2 hours only and left with approx $400 profit, then watched a movie before a quick half hour on a 3/6 table which i entered with $400 and left with a sweet $1100 :-) Got through the 19k barrier. Next one's the biggy!

Previous balance $17,980
Todays profit $1,104
Todays balance $19,084
Total profit $18,684

Day 17

Not the best of days but a late spurt saved a big loss. I wasn't in the mood at all for poker earlier and shouldn't have been playing. Stopped just before i tilted big and rented 3 movies... snakes on a plane (corny but funny), A film about a guy who needs to keep his heart racing to stay alive (non stop) and the Scorcese gangster film with Jack Nicholson (excellent) Not sure of the name of the last 2 as the titles are in Spanish lol. Anyways, after that 5 hour break i was in a better frame of mind and won back my earlier losses.

Previous balance $17,858
Todays profit $122 ..... didn't expect a profit today after being 4 figures down earlier!!
Todays balance $17,980
Total profit $17,580

Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 16

The start of another week. The weather is amazing here in Ibiza and the island is starting to buzz with the anticipation of the summer season. I had a good week at the tables last week and i hope this week can continue in the same direction. May play the 25k gtd at Pacific this evening although my bankroll there is down to just a few dollars. Am only playing there really for the biggies and the forum tourneys. Which reminds me..... Happy St. Georges day to all you English folk. We have a forum tourney this evening with a scalp on Welshys head!!! I feel like skinning a dragon :-) How is it that we celebrate St Paddy's day just as much as the Oirish but when it comes to our own national day, nothing happens. Most people don't even know when it is! Well it's today! People should be proud of being English..... yes, i said it.... ENGLISH. For 1 day of the year we have our own identity and celebrate our nationality without all the PC bullshit. No doubt i've just labelled myself as a racist lol. Ammeyebovvered?
GL to those who playing today, i'll be at the tables later for a looksy.

Well i could have ended up well down for the day, and i could have ended up well up. As it is i'm up a little. Started the evening badly then saw 3 donks at a 10/20nl table so shoved $1000 in and doubled up and ran lol. Went back laters and lost $500. Shouldn't get greedy!!! Anyways, a positive for the day so not too bad.

Previous balance $17,621
Todays profit $237
Todays balance $17,858
Total profit $17,458

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 15

It's Pacific Pokers 75k Gtd today. Not really intrested in mtt's at the moment but will try and satellite into this just to break up my play a little. Good luck to all at pokerfriendsunited, i'm sure there'll be a decent forum presence as usual.
Today turned out not too badly afterall. I satted into the 75k but finished well out of the money. I played some 2/4 earlier and was a fair bit down. For the last 5 hours i've been grinding grinding grinding at 3 tables of 2/4nl and managed a profit on each. I haven't totted up the figures yet but i'm in profit and after the start to the day i'm amazed.
Quote of the day 'i'm a noob, i know i shouldn't play these stakes but i'm not bothered about losing money, i just enjoy playing!' I was urging this guy to play lower stakes to learn the game but he wasn't having it and lost a wedge. Will keep my eyes peeled for him in the future :-)

Previous balance $17,114
Todays Profit $507
Todays Balance $17,621
Total profit $17,221

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day 14

I didn't dream it afterall! What an idiot i was when i got home last night. I'm the one supposed to be staying sober and taking money off the drunks!! I consider myself extremely lucky and still don't know how i made over $1500 whilst 3 tabling, covering 1 eye, and still seeing double!!
Feeling a little bit delicate today. Not playing any poker for the time being, will attempt to finish my book instead. Am reading The Tailor Of Panama by Le Carre. It's utter rubbish to be honest with you but i'm too far in now to give up. A mixture of reading and snoozing sounds perfect for the next few hours.

Well the hangover has gone, i've had a nice afternoon of snoozing, and the form continues on the tables for another nice profit.

Previous balance $15,836
Todays profit $1,278
Todays balance $17,114
Profit for the week $6,578
Total profit $16,714

Friday, April 20, 2007

Day 13

Thank crunchie it's Friday! Got next to no sleep last night due to cats wailing outside my window all fecking night. Buckets of water did nothing to curtail their awful singing and i'm feeling crabby as hell. Going down the boat to do some work and will probably come home for a siesta later before hitting the tables. Today and tomorrow are my favourite 2 poker playing days and i'm feeling confident of a nice profit. Friday and Saturday being the 2 nights of the week that people go out, get smashed, then stagger home for a game of drunken poker. Have a great weekend y'all.

Well, what a weird evening. At 8pm i got home and was playing..... actually, i don't honestly remember.... i think 1 x 2/4 + 1 x 3/6, Anyways, i lost a bundle. I really could not get a single hand. Looking back over last weekend i thoiught the fri/sat nightmare is happening again. I played until 12pm and lost my whole $600 stake on 1 table and more than half of my $400 stake on the other.... whoops. At midnight i got a call saying 'get your arse out dor a drink!!' So i did, if only to drown my sorrows. Had a good night out and have come back at gone 4am completely smashed. And they say never play poker when drunk.... hehehehe..... i knew i shouldn't but it was such a temptation playing 3 tables whilst covering 1 eye in order to see in single and not double. Silly me!!! Well, i played 1 table 5/10. Joined with 500 left with 1400. 1 x 2/4 joined with 400 left with about 700, 1 x 1/2 joined with 200 left with about 500. The numbers are slightly vague as i've had 1 too many. Have seen sense and called it a night and i think i may actually be slightly up for the day!!! Though god only knows how. Gonna tot up my figures now and then sleep like a baby until i wake up.

Previous balance $15,312
Todays profit $524.... more than slightly up..... am gobsmacked to be honest!!!
Todays Balance $15,836
Total profit $15,436......
Playing when drunk is good!!!! I thought i was gonna report a -$1000 day until i rolled home :-))))) Wehey :-)

Day 12

Well today was a good day. The sun shone and i got a little burnt but as i always say, suntan cream is for wimps!! Started this evening playing 2 tables of 2/4. I sat with $400 on each and left with $0 & $140 about 15 mins later. Bugga :-( Had a bite to eat and a shower and came back refreshed ready to get my money back..... wasn't chasing...honest :-) I played 3 tables of 2/4 and left nicely up on all of them after about 45 minutes, more than making up for the losses earlier. Then watched children of men whilst i waited for the $7000 gtd mtt. Not a bad film. Great effects. The mtt was lost to the usual suckout so i played another 3 tables of 2/4 with some nice success. Sat with $400 at each and played for 1 hour. Left 2 tables with around $900 and the other with around $600 :-) yipeee!!! Have treat myself to half an hour at a 5/10 table before bed. Only sat with $400 just in case ;-) Up to $540 after 10 mins. Will give it another 20 mins and see where we end up. Whatever happens, it's been a nice day :)))
Well that's my 20 mins up and i shouldn't have bothered. Left with $212 from $400 :-(
Still a cracking day though. Think i may have broken the $15k marker.

Previous balance $13,768
Todays Profit $1,544
Todays balance $15,312
Total profit $14,912

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 11

Another beautiful day here. Not even going to play a hand until this evening. Going to take advantage of the sunshine and breath some fresh air. GL at the tables today all.

Well what a great surprise. Been to the boat and nipped somewhere to see if i had any post. There waiting was a parcel from the bestest girlfriend ever ever ever containing a whole range of easter goodies. Easter eggs, mini eggs, hot x buns, easter jelly eggs....... woohoo. Am sat here filling my face with chocolate whilst playing a bit of 1/2 :-))) Back laters with an update.

Well i have no idea how i finished the day up today after suffering 3 of the most gruesome beats i've ever seen. The standard here is so bad you just never know what you're up against. Half of the time your oponent doesnt even know what they have!! Had to explain to someone tonight that a flush beats a straight!! It was a $300 pot!!! More money than sense some people.
Anyways, i've ground out a decent profit tonight and even though the fish are swimming i'm calling it a night as am feeling quite tilty after the beats i took.

Previous balance $12,930
Todays profit $838
New balance $13768
Total profit $13368

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 10

Another gorgeous day here on the White Isle of Ibiza. It was nicknamed the white isle by the Romans due to the salt plains in the south of the island and not for the huge amounts of cocaine that are consumed on the island every year. Direct flights start again in a couple of weeks so the place is going to be buzzing with 'bloody tourists!' Oh well, it's been a great winter.
Not a bad afternoon up to now. Been multitabling 1/2 and am $300 up so far today. Going to make a pot of spaghetti bolognese now and will be back laters for a few more games. Think i'm going to play the sky open again tonight so i'll maybe see you at the FT Dave :)

Well it's been a pretty good evening. The spaghetti bolognese was a great success and i've won a few dollars to boot. I know i should be playing 1/2 but i seem happier in 2/4 for some reason. There seems to be much more action. Played 2/4 tonight and it worked out well. Looking back, most of the profit i've made has been at 2/4 so i may just make that my home from now on. Am currently playing 1/2 10 seater nl table though and the action here is incredible. Will be keeping my eye on this table for the future but for now i'm gonna leave them to it and read a while.

Previous balance $12,082
Todays profit $848
Todays balance $12,930
Total Profit $12,530

Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 9

Summers here yipeeee!!! Ibiza had a great spell of weather a while back buts it's been raining here for the last 2 weeks. Today though is beautiful. Clear blue skies and hot hot hot. I'm a yacht captain so i went to see the boat today and do some work. Have spent most of the day polishing and getting her ready for the season. It's a never ending task. Sounds like a glamarous job being a yacht captain in Ibiza but most of the work is cleaning and polishing. It does have it's good points to though :-) If i knew how to attach a piccy to this page i would post a pic of the boat for you. Maybe i'll look into this later.
Played a quick 45 mins of 1/2 before i left today and ended up levelish. Maybe a couple of dollars up. Yesterday post went to pot...... 'Shouldn't look to be winning $2000 per day' & 'I must stick to 1/2'. Both of these statements were blown away last night. I should be happy that i made a nice profit but i know it's no way to manage bankroll. Daily swings of $2000 are just ridiculous! OK if there positives mind but only a few negatives will have me broke. Todays another day so lets see what happens.
Gonna try and satellite into the Pacific $25k gtd but if not will pay the entry. Might also have another look at the nightly sky mtt to see how the donks are doing :-) Will also play some 1/2 and will let you know how i get on laters.

Well the 25k was a shambles :-( Tried 2 satellites unsuccesfully so bought in anyway. Never got a single hand apart from QQ which i had to lay down after the turn. Pushed with remaining chips with A9 and the rest is history :-( Finished 70th in the sky mtt out of the money.
Been grinding away at 2 cash tables for the last 4 hours and came out with a profit on both. Not massive but it's in the right direction. The good thing is i managed to stick to 1/2 all night!!!!
Earlyish night for me as there's more good weather forecast tomorrow and i want to work on the boat as well as working on the tan tomorrow :-)
As i type this i just lost my final hand of the day $200 preflop my QQ v AK :-( Am now slightly negative for the day. Ah well, easy come easy go.

Previous Balance $12,113
Todays Profit $(31)
Todays Balance $12,082
Total profit $11,682

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day 8

Today's Sunday and my 1st true posting day on this blog. Haven't played a hand yet as i've been setting up this blog. My intentions for today are to try and satellite into the Pacific Poker $75k gtd and play some cash. Am going to really try and stick to $1/$2nl today. It's sometimes so tempting to find a fish sat at a higher limit and try and take his money. The trouble is, everyone else at the table is gunning for his money too. Today is the start of my 'self control programme' lol. I must remember that making $2000 per day isn't really viable and if i can aim to make $200 per day things will work out better.
I'll be back later to update todays post. Good luck to all the people from in tonights 75k. I hope 1 of us can take it down.

Qualified for the 75k easily enough through a 1 in 5 $14 + $1. The hard bit has yet to come!

Well it's late now but worth staying up for. The 75k was a shambles for me and i never got started but very well done to the crew. numerous money finishes and congratulations to 007killa on 2nd place for $9300!!!
I played the 18k gtd and the level of play was truly beyond belief. Got knocked out eventually with my AK v some donks K9 grrrr. Then went to console myself on the cash tables were the grind was worth the wait. Played 1 table ($1/$2) with $200 and after 4 hrs left with a little over $400. Was also multitabling a $2.50/$5 and was grinding out a steady profit. After joining with $250 i was up to around $500. Then i got dealt 77 on the button. 1 raise before me so i flat called the $10. Flop 27K. I check and see the remaining 3 players bet out $25. I flat call. Turn Q. BB Bets $50, other 2 players call... i raise to $100. 3 callers. River 2. Checked to me.... I bet $100 and get 3 callers to take down a very very nice pot :-))))) Puts me well into profit for the day and far exceeded my $200 target.

Previous balance $10,136
Profit today $1,977
New balance $12,113

Week 1

As i mentioned, i've been playing for 1 week at with my system. I'm going to keep all figures in dollars as that is the norm for poker sites. some of my sites however use British Pounds and the exchange rate i'm using for ease will be 2 dollars to the pound.
At the start of last week my Bankroll at Pacific was $200 and i deposited $200 into another site giving a total of $400.
Day 1 at other site went very well indeed. I got 3rd in an mtt and won a few dollars on the cash tables. I had increased my total balance to over $2000. This has to be to good to be true right? Well maybe not..... The next few days continued in the same way and by the end of Thursday 12th April my balance stood at $14000!!! Wow!!! Not bad for a $200 outlay :0
I know i'm a decent player but my bankroll management has always let me down. I tend to get this feeling of invincibility and lose a stack in 1 session. I really hope i can keep this together. I cashed out $8000 to stop me going mental at the tables and losing the lot!!
Then Friday the 13th came. Not a good day. I really wasn't in the right frame of mind to play poker and it showed with some of the decissions i made. Couple with this the truly awful cards i was getting dealt and the result was a $2400 loss for the day.
Saturday the 14th i didn't fare much better recording a loss of $1500 ;( A lot more self control is going to be needed here if this is going to work!!

Start Balance $400
Current Balance $10536
Profit for week $10136
Total profit $10136

The story so far

Hi all and welcome to my blog. My name is Shaun but for the purpose of this blog i'll be using my online pokername of cottlad. I'll tell you a little more about myself as this blog progresses. Thanks to TWnike from pokerfriends for inspiring me to start my own. I have been playing poker for about 3 years with varied success and i'm hoping that this blog will help me keep track of my bankroll a bit better. Currently I'm playing on Pacific Poker but am increasingly looking at using other sites. I have recently found sky, pokerroom & pkr and am playing most of my cash games there. I can't go back to the start so this blog commences from my 1st day of a bankroll management system 7th April 2007. It's now the 15th April so i will quickly fill you in on the last week........