Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day 53

OK Nicholson. I have pictures and i'm not afraid to use them! :-)
Right...... To do something....... The sun is shining, i feel much more positive, and i'm off down the boat to spend the day cleaning the damn thing. Good luck in whatever you're doing today.
This pic btw is my mate Ben on his stag night just before he got changed into his 'stag outfit.' I do believe we should have died, the amount we drank that day. I vaguely remember meeting at 11am for a pint and a fry up but the rest is a bit of a blur......

At the point of not being physically able to drink any more, we took to buying pints and pouring them directly down the toilet!

By special request from the man himself.............

And just to prove they succeeded!


Started off the day very nicely with a 2nd in a 2k Gtd at Pacific for $400. From then on i seemed to lose my marbles completely and donk off a stack or 3. I was playing like a retard TBH. Went out to watch the 2nd half of the footy and cool down. Come on England!!!! Made a bit of my losses back when i got home at cash and got 18th in the 2nd 10k at pacific for $85.

Previous balance $38,980

Todays profit -$544 - am fairly chuffed with that. Could easily have been -1300

Todays balance $38,436

Total profit $38,036

Late edit: CONGRATULATIONS WELSHY from PFU on taking down the 10k at pacific for a nice $2500. Dominated the game from start to finish matey. Get in there! :-)


Ben Nicholson said...

OOOH. I could be quite upset. But seen as I have pychotic tendencies and no shame, I will let it pass. It could have been worse, it could have been a photo of me having me pink knickers ripped off by a gang of mentally ill girls on a hen night down beverley road.
On the gambling front I have backed three horses today and all werre favorites and all lost miserably. I also have a bet on England to beat Estonia 2-0 and Lampard to score the first goal. So all my hopes are resting on the England performance. Christ I'm F****d!!!!!!

Cottlad said...

well you did ask for this.......

Cottlad said...

And anyway..... what the hell are you doing gambling? It's a mugs game!!!

Ben Nicholson said...

You cunt. on't worry I only put a quid on at a time, for a jolly to while away the hours at work. I won't be going bankcrupt or anything. I'm not in your league Blowfish.

Zoe Nicholson II said...

This is Mrs Nicholson - I would like to see the pics of the mentally ill girls ripping off his knickers - far more entertaining!!!! No doubt be seeing you in the next Oceans 13 pic then??!! always did think you resembled George Clooney xx