Friday, May 25, 2007

Day 42

Must not tilt!ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! For Fooooks Sake!!!!
What is it with the crazy suckouts. Do pokersites pay people just to make stupid bets?
Playing the WSOP qualifier tonight at Pacific. 1 hour in. Not going that well but had 1400 chips and blinds only 25/50. I'm sat in the BB with AA. Phew.... a much needed hand :-) 4 callers to me and i over-raise it slightly to $400. Button calls.... he has 1200 chips.
Flop = T74 Button bets 300, i call.
Turn = 9 Button allin for remaining 500, i call
River = 9 .... Button flips A9!!!!
I'm now left with 215 chips and get dealt Dirty Jacks the very next hand in the SB. Folded to me and i push the rest in. BB calls with 9T. F=78Q T=2 R=6 to make his straight.!!
What a waste of time and money.
Should i go have a look in cash? Fook it..... It's Friday night and the fish should be swimming!

And the fish were swimming like gudduns :D. Nice tidy profit..... and that's before the proper pissheeds arrive. Want to protect tonights profit so gonna cool down with a couple of cheap mtt's. May have a look back in cash later when the proper pissheeds arrive. Depends how i feel.

Previous balance $23,804
Todays profit $2,066
Todays balance $25,870
Total profit $25,479

Woohoo.... passed the 25k milestone. Trumpets please :D

I liiiiiike......... The Spiiiiiiiike

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