Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 17

Not the best of days but a late spurt saved a big loss. I wasn't in the mood at all for poker earlier and shouldn't have been playing. Stopped just before i tilted big and rented 3 movies... snakes on a plane (corny but funny), A film about a guy who needs to keep his heart racing to stay alive (non stop) and the Scorcese gangster film with Jack Nicholson (excellent) Not sure of the name of the last 2 as the titles are in Spanish lol. Anyways, after that 5 hour break i was in a better frame of mind and won back my earlier losses.

Previous balance $17,858
Todays profit $122 ..... didn't expect a profit today after being 4 figures down earlier!!
Todays balance $17,980
Total profit $17,580

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