Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 45

Spent the last couple of days pouring over 25000 hands since i started this blog. Wanted to work out BB/Hr rate at various levels to see where i'm at. Variance explains a fair bit but i'm substaining over 3 x bb/hr at $2/$4 over 13000 hands. Somehow got a slightly negative figure for $4/$8 but my $3/$6 is 9.41bb/Hr over 4000 hands. My $5/$10 is 10.75 bb/hr over 1815 hands & my $10/20 figures are 17.2 bb(big bets)/Hr over only 300 hands.
1 x BB (big bet) = 2 x big blinds in NLHE ie BB in $1/$2 = $4

This is quite encouraging but i know i'll have to log thousands more hands to get a true reading.

Anybody any thoughts about how many hands need to be logged at each level before i get a true average for my game? 10,000/25,000/50,000/100,000? I have no idea tbh but someone has mentioned the figure 40,000. What do you think?

What i think is that i need to lighten this blog up! Even i'm pig sick of staring at numbers!

Played mainly $3/$6 tonight and took a big hit ($500) early on in the space of 2 hands. I was way ahead in both of them too. Nearly packed in for the night but felt calm enough to carry on for a while. Made it back + more so am glad i stayed :-)

Previous balance $26,210
Todays profit $322
Todays balance $26,532
Total profit $26,132

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