Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day 47


Apparantly this is 100% genuine! I nearly nmessed my pants just looking at the pic!

Decent night on the $3/$6 tables this evening. A few people have asked me about what bankroll management system i've been using. Well it aint anything special, just the standard thinking really. Only play cash & STT's with max 5% of yr bankroll and only play MTT's with a buyin of no more than 2% of your BR. Of course the odd higher buyin is acceptable depending on mood and who is sitting there. I tend to hunt people that i know are fish and if there is more than 1 sat in a higher limit i may have a nosey. Generally though i stick well within the rules and often play at slightly lower limits as profits often come easier without much risk.
What has probably helped me more is this blog. I find that when i'm publishing my results it's easier to stay professional and stick to my limits. If people are reading this then i don't want to be donking off loads of cash. Makes me look like a twot lol. I feel i just have a more professional overall approach to the game now. Before i could easily take a BR from $100 - 400 - 1000 - 3000 - 1500 - 0 in as many days. Sometimes i would cash out some profit, other times i would lose the lot. I wont ever go back to that craziness.
Another way i help myself is by keeping accurate records. Number of hands, time played, profit per session, profit per level, BB/hr/level etc etc etc. Proper records are invaluable and can improve your game and identify weaknesses. It will also tell you where you are making your most profit (and biggest losses.)
I have around 26000 hands logged since i started this blog but will need another 200k before i get a true reading. Thats approx 40k hands per level.

Emptied my account at Mansion poker today. I just can't seem to cash in the 100k no matter how hard i try. It's still probably the best daily tourny on the net at the moment. $100k gtd for $100 entry. Averages around 450-550 entrants per day so a massive overlay. Maybe i'll sling another grand in there for another 10 buyins. Maybe i wont. We'll see.

You'll be pleased to know that the sunburn isn't hurting as much now but i still can't go out in public just yet for fear of beeing pointed and stared at. Maybe tomorrow :)

Previous balance $26,054
Todays profit $1,126
Todays balance $27,180
Total profit $26,780


Amatay said...

Enjoying ur blog m8, i think im gonna be checking it oot on a regular basis. Thats pic is horrible, u would fucking shit yorself! lol.


nice blog and nice work...
linked u up ;)

Cottlad said...

Cheers Scoopz, Yr linked :)